PlayStation Home update: City of Flowers

PS Home will briefly be offline from 8.00am GMT on Wednesday 6th February for routine maintenance. Here’s what to expect after the update…

Xi: Continuum
After 47 Days Xi: Continuum came to an end. For those of you who didn’t play along live you can now experience Xi at your own pace. This week also sees the addition of two Locomotion rewards. The first is for all players who complete the introduction level. The second is available to those who continue and reach Day 7. There are also some new items available for purchase:

On Valentine’s day 2013, get together in the Southern Island Hideaway and try the Valentine’s Super Flight with someone special, flying in the sky with the power of love! If the chemistry between the two of you is good, you’ll both receive special rewards only available during the event.

In the City of Flowers Penthouse, begin your luxurious life. In addition to the luxurious dining room, kitchen, and living room, there’s also a spacious bathroom. The wallpaper, time of day, background music and lighting can all be changed. With a bath and Jacuzzi overlooking the city and a spacious balcony, you can live a rich life.

Grace, Elegance, Beauty. Perfect, aristocratic clothes appear in the city of flowers with an elegant design. Also why not try the Magic Umbrella and drift around at your leisure like a fluffy cloud?



Visit the Home Grown Laboratory and check out the new Creature outfits. Now you can be a Troop, Critter, Sonic or Undead with full body animations. Don’t miss the new HGL Mini-Creature companions. Each “Creature Costume” or “Mini-Creature” purchased gives the owner an additional 20 free-pays of HGL if they do not already have access to the game!



Introducing “Go!” – the new range of locomotion items. Go prehistoric with the “VelociRacers”, and surf’s up with the “Billabong – Surfboard & Wave”. Try the flying “Helicopter Beanie”, show off your circus skills with the “Balance Ball”, get abducted by the “Flying Saucer & Tractor Beam”, and the “Astronaut Helmet” is out of this world.



The popular Billabong store has a load of new gear for all you fashion conscious guys and girls. Pick from a range of hats, shorts, hoodies, tops, jackets, dresses and two-part bikini bundles.

PS Talent

PS Home’s top community machinima producers bring us their European debut release with The Shadows Collection. Thinking of making your own Home movies? Check out

Lockwood’s latest collection shows that when you wish upon a star, magical things truly can happen! Introducing the King and Queen of Hearts, the first clothing packs in the new Fairytales collection.

The Gift Shop returns, and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, all you romantics had better check it out!

Atom Republic
Lacking a partner for Valentine’s Day? Fear not, for now you can have your very own Valentine companion who will follow you like a faithful puppy!

Also, head back to the 80s with these fantastic new dance moves, available in the Stuff store.



Konami releases their new line of racing motorcycles. Ride around with your friends in 8 different colours!

Home Tycoon


Get wild in Home Tycoon with three new zoo animal cars this week: the Maroon Giraffe Car, Light Blue Bear Car, and Yellow Bear Car! Ride alongside your favourite zoo animals today!

Los Penguini Brothers


It’s time to hit the slopes from the comfort of your apartment with the Los Penguini Brothers Arcade Cabinet. Play as many times as you want without the need to buy Los Penguini Bros tickets. You can earn the rewards if you missed them in Aurora.

PlayStation Home Arcade Player


Play arcade games on the go with PlayStation Home Arcade on PS Vita. Check out our recent Blog post for full details.

That’s all for now. See you in PlayStation Home!

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