LittleBigPlanet update: Marvel Arcade Pack available now!

For all you LittleBigPlanet fans who are enjoying Sackboy’s adventures on your PS Vita we are delighted to announce a brand new game add-on: The Marvel – Arcade Pack!

The Marvel – Arcade Pack contains three fantastic new mini-games, each of which will challenge you in very different ways. The level pack also boasts a whole host of new create assets to play with and bring your own creations to life!

But enough of us blabbering away, you can check out all the fantastic content the pack has to offer in the brand new trailer.

Also available – The Marvel Heroes Costumes!
You’re ready to save the world from constant peril but do you look the part of a dashing superhero? Sackboy has a huge collection of over 30 different Marvel Superhero Costumes available on the PlayStation Store featuring such fan-favourites as Spider-Man, Deadpool and Wolverine!

So make sure you’re ready to suit-up in your favourite superhero costume and race to the rescue whenever there’s any nefarious evil-doers threatening the citizens of LittleBigPlanet!

LittleBigPlanet PS Vita: Community Picks
It’s truly an exciting time for LittleBigPlanet PS Vita because not only do we have the Marvel Arcade Pack available now, we also saw the release of our very first batch of Community Picks last week.

LBF Vita Picks Episode 1

LBP Vita Picks Episode 1

This Community Picks hub level contains a selection of great community levels chosen by the great folks over at the fansite, so be sure to jump in and check them out.


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3 Author replies

why the hell do you guys give this to us a 2nd time ? we already have it i finished them all a month ago

Steven Isbell 22 April, 2013 @ 18:23

We’re just really big fans of Marvel and wanted to pay tribute to them with this brand new trailer release that commemorates the exciting characters and adventures that can seen in the Marvel Arcade Pack. :)

Still no adhoc offline multiplayer… :(

supersmith2500 22 April, 2013 @ 17:44

Why advertise this again?


Yea. I’m curious as to why this is posted again after it’s been out a while.

Unless there’s something new we’re missing?


Ahh, that makes sense :)

STeven, A while ago I bought the Sly Cooper and Bentley Costume Pack for LBP2, but there is no Vita version for them, whereas there are Vita versions for Jak/Daxter and Ratchet/Clank.

Are they available or is this an error on my side?

Steven Isbell 22 April, 2013 @ 19:06

There should be the full set of costume entitlements for LittleBigPlanet 2, LittleBigPlanet PS Vita and LittleBigPlanet Karting.

Since we have 100s of costumes, this is something that I will have to triple-check for this particular item that it is working as it should.

Shoot me an email at and I’ll follow up on this. You might want to check if you have access to the LittleBigPlanet Karting version of the costume too.

supersmith2500 22 April, 2013 @ 18:51

Right… But still, no need to post this again though. If I was a blogger and was a fan of Bioshock series, I would upload more Bioshock info due to tribute to that franchise? No. But whatever.

Steven Isbell 22 April, 2013 @ 19:07

This is the place for all things Marvel!

So if anybody wants to tell us about any of their favourite Marvel characters or stories, we would love to hear them! :)

Nightmare966 22 April, 2013 @ 20:08

Hi Steven, I can confirm you that what MaxDieHard says is completely true, the Sly pack is missing from the Store in the Vita section. This should have been the link for it, if I’m not mistaken, and it’s blank:!/cid=EP9000-PCSF00021_00-LBPDLCSUPUCK0001

So it’s completely missing. A few months back the Tron Game pack was missing too for Vita, but it was added after it was noted :D

@MaxDieHard: I guess you might be a bit worried on this, but fear not. After they make available the DLC for Vita (didn0t check Karting, BTW) it will appear for free to you, so you’ll have to manually check for the DLC in the Store.



Guess they’re not hitting the sales target, and I suppose this post was forced onto someone unfortunately. So your anger is a little misplaced. besides, there blog, there free advertising.

Gloom12356776543 22 April, 2013 @ 20:16

I want a Marvel “story” Pack :D

Well I for one am thankful for the reminder, as my son will like this.

But I do agree with Gloom, a story pack would have been even better.

Yes, a story pack would have been good. I bought this and was disappointed with poor mini-games.

+1 Tyringe I was disappointed too.. +1 Gloom,niwrA, etc .. a story pack is very important..


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