Puppeteer demo is coming soon to PS3!


We’re getting closer and closer to the release of Puppeteer! In preparation for release, I’m happy to announce that a playable demo demonstrating the essence of Puppeteer’s gameplay will be made available in Europe prior to launch. We plan on packing loads of content into the demo, and we hope it will give you a great idea of how the finished game will feel when it hits PlayStation 3 on 11th September.

While we’re on the topic of demos, maybe some of you have heard of Puppeteer’s ‘Rehearsal Edition’, which releases on Japan’s PlayStation Store this week. The Rehearsal Edition is not a traditional game demo but rather a uniquely regional way to introduce the world of Puppeteer.

The brief interactive stage specially designed for this concept gives Japanese gamers a peak behind the curtain at the cast of Puppeteer as they prepare for the ‘big show’. The characters can be seen busily rehearsing while the crew put together the elaborate set pieces to be used in the bunraku – or ‘puppet theatre’ – that serves as the game’s setting.


In order to let Japanese players fully soak in the atmosphere, the wide variety of gameplay actions available in the main game has been limited to just jumping and the scissors mechanic. However, the EU demo will offer a much deeper representation of everything you can expect from the game. Please look forward to it!

We’ll confirm a release date for the demo soon, but in the meantime, please take a look at our recent E3 trailer, offering a taste of the wild adventures that lie in wait for young Kutaro, the star of the show!

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ThreeWallzz 27 June, 2013 @ 19:23

rlly excited for this game,it looks very good as well as has its own unique charm

That’s amazing news! It wil be instant buy for sure!

Looking forward to the ‘full’ demo. The Japanese demo was great, but I was really wanting to try out more of what the game offers. Randomly finding the roll was amazing, since that demo didn’t even need it.

Can’t wait to play the full game. The game feels so good.

Anyone that thinks it’s like LBP should play the demo. Totally different game feel.

DoYouLikeMyID 27 June, 2013 @ 22:42

I’ll definately try out the demo, and I’ll probably buy the game as well. You know, as soon as I finish my backlog of games. (It seems like everyone has a backlog lately…)

zalwelgoedgaan 28 June, 2013 @ 00:08

Also looking forward to the game, but I get the feeling Sony is sending this one out to die (no advertising) like they did with Sly Cooper 4. =/


This looks really interesting. However, its out 2 days before kingdom hearts :-(

I love the conceit of being in a theatre watching a show and it looks beautiful.

Got it pre-ordered for a while now, looking forward to the demo!

CoolRichy008UK 28 June, 2013 @ 11:41

11th september BAD MOVE SONY

gtaV is out 17th september and it will knock this game of the charts lmao

@CoolRichy008UK You think this is aimed at the same market as GTA? Lmao.

Played it :D The Demo is on the Japanese PSN Store now(but it’s all in Japanese the demo) Was cool & looked amazing the Demo but was a very very short Demo :( Hopefully the UK/Europe Demo will be longer??? ;)

Jan Kuczynski 28 June, 2013 @ 13:48

Yes the demo will have completely different content and will be longer – so look out for it!

Good news everyone

GalapagosaraY 28 June, 2013 @ 13:27

Preorderd my copy along with Kingdom Hearts 1.5 ReMIX last week cant wait to finally play a platformer made by a big studio with lovely characters, and not one of those platfromers that are quickly forgettable illed with nickelodeon characters

Jan Kuczynski 28 June, 2013 @ 13:51

Thanks for preordering! It will be a memorable show that’s for sure ;)


Pre-ordered this ages ago, I can’t wait to play it. I think I’ll skip the demo so I can enjoy it fully when its released.

If Puppeteer already lands in September, that demo better be on soonish!

I need me some Puppeteer fix, this looks as adorable as LittleBigPlanet always did!

CaptainDoggie 30 June, 2013 @ 20:09


SoldierAndy 03 July, 2013 @ 19:53

This looks like a awasome ps1 type game;) awasome love this type of game;) keep it upp sony;) cannot wait for the ps4;)

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