Weekend Debate: What’s left on your current-gen bucket list? (update)

The Weekend Debate

UPDATE: Wow. Really busy debate this week! I dread to think how long the combined backlog on display here would take to wipe out. Anyway, without further ado, here are this week’s 10 lucky winners: Nightmare966, TVR-77, Golwar, toxic-inferno, DEKOWOLF, TheGlennsta, Zankes, XisTG, sjecollins and Elisq. Congratulations. Look out for a PM to your account on the official forums.

ORIGINAL STORY: So, by my count, we’ve got seven weeks left until PS4 arrives. Ready? I know I’m not. I’ve got an enormous PS3 backlog to plough through before my shiny new next-gen machine takes up residence beneath my TV. Rayman Legends, GTA5, Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, BEYOND: Two Souls… the list goes on. And that’s before I even consider mopping up trophies on games I’ve already polished off. Quite frankly, it’s scary.

Your debate topic then: what do you still want to do on your PS3 before PS4 arrives?

What games have you got left to finish? Which Platinums do you need to pick up? Is there a title you’re waiting to play – say, Dark Souls 2 – before you dive into next gen? Let us know below.

As a reward for your efforts, I’m going to go and make that backlog even less manageable. I’ve got a super-limited edition media kit for BEYOND: Two Souls to offer to the 10 most entertaining and/or thoughtful responses, featuring a copy of the game, an animation cell and a lavish hardback art book in a deluxe sleeve. Best Weekend Debate giveaway ever? Best Weekend Debate giveaway ever. Good luck!

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turbogeek421 11 October, 2013 @ 5:03 pm   1

I do monthly gaming backlog updates, quite a few games on my list! Thanks Playstation Plus!


Gotta get platinum on GTA V and on Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD. I’m getting the Killzone camera PS4 bundle with 5 launch games but that don’t mean i’ve forgotten my PS3! Final Fantasy X HD Yeah!!!

mannyonthemoon 11 October, 2013 @ 5:06 pm   3

hurm…mainly psplus titles but there is still room for ico, assassins creed brotherhood and yakuza 4!

V00D00CHARL1E 11 October, 2013 @ 5:06 pm   4

I have a huge pile of shame, topped off by Bioshock Infinite and the Assassins Creed games starting from Brotherhood. I really need to finish those before I get AC4 on PS4.

Here the complete list:-

Ni No Kuni
Crysis 3
Yakuza 4
Alice Madness Returns + Alice
Aliens Colonial Marines
Darksiders 2
Dead Island GOTY
Splinter Cell HD
Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow
Splinter Cell Chaos Theory
Splinter Cell Double Agent
Everybodys Golf
Saints Row 2
Medal of Honor Frontline
Retro City Rampage
Beyond Good & Evil
OddWorld Strangers Wrath
Under Siege
Penny Arcade 1
Penny Arcade 2
Deus Ex
Just Cause
3D Dot Game Heros
ICO and SotC Collection

Yes, thats right, Haze and Lair are on there too 🙁

ePiCaL-n00b 11 October, 2013 @ 5:06 pm   5

I Want To Capture The Beyond: Two Souls Story As A Live Playthrough For Youtube And Do It Afew Times!


I actually got round to playing The Puppeteer demo yesterday and I absolutely fell madly in love with it. Just made me sad to think that I’ve had Watch Dogs and Assassin’s Creed 4, and indeed a PS4, on pre-order for most of the year now, yet such an enjoyable and pleasant game like Puppeteer, which is refreshingly original to boot, totally fell under my radar.

Needless to say I’ve ordered it from Amazon for the absolute BARGAIN price of £25, and look forward to immersing myself in it until November 29th. It’s so nice to come away from the end of a console generation and feel so pleasingly enamoured with an orginal, rejuvenating experience amongst all the other hard-hitters like Last of Us and GTA V. Can’t wait to see what the PS4 has six years down the line 🙂

trickydisko 11 October, 2013 @ 5:06 pm   7

I’d like to say Final Fantasy X and X-2 HD, but they’re last-generation games and I’m not sure they’ll be available to play before the PS4 launches!

Jimster-71 11 October, 2013 @ 5:07 pm   8

Since I can’t afford a PS4, I’ll probably be catching up on the games I have missed such as Tomb Raider, Heavy Rain and Rayman Legends. I’m also hoping that the excellent Playstation Plus will continue to provide great titles to keep me busy for a while.


Infamous 2
Resistance 3
Killzone Mercenary
GTA Online
Need for Speed Most Wanted
Okami HD
Batman Arkham City

I don’t think I have enough time….


I can’t wait to pick up Remember Me and Metal Gear Solid: Rising when they come out on PS+ for a start. Then there’s Beyond: Two Souls, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII (when it comes out), Rain and Grand Theft Auto V still to play.

Because of all these, it’s looking like it might be a while before I can justify getting a PS4 and in some ways, there’s nothing worse than having a backlog of films/books/games to get into as you can never find the time. I also figure that there will be a great selection to choose from by the time I do get round to the PS4, upon which time the backlog will start all over again! 😀


I’ve got quite a lot on my list. But Dishonored stands out. I hear wonderfull things about it, even now with the release of the GOTY, but although I have my copy for months now I never got around playing it. It was a matter of finding the right time to dive in, as I can imagine it’s quite an immersive game, but other titles or (worse) work always filled my planning…

I’m picking up a PS4 on launch, so I’m not sure I will get around to Dishonored before that now the holiday season craze has started with a musthave every two weeks or so. But it’s not that my PS3 goes in a box when the PS4 arrives. As I’m moving together with my girlfriend coming december, the plan is to use the PS3 in the living room as casual gaming machine and blu ray player, while the PS4 takes up the game room spot. I’m sure Dishonored will see some action eventually.

That said, isn’t Beyond quite the ideal game to play with your girlfriend in a newly furbished living room?

stevie_aye 11 October, 2013 @ 5:09 pm   12

Just Batman Arkham Origins for me then on to ps4

huffytonge 11 October, 2013 @ 5:09 pm   13

For me im now done. Beyond:Two Souls is the last game i will have bought of this Generation and for my PS3. Giving me three final games to finish before the PS4 is finally released. Beyond, Puppeteer and ofc GTAV which has just sucked up any free gaming time that i have.

Roll on the PS4 now though. Killzone, AC4, Watch Dogs, Theif and all the Indie games my wallet can stretch for.

TheVolloxx- 11 October, 2013 @ 5:09 pm   14

Too many to count , I have over 20 Unplayed games and 20 unfinished , i will never be able to catch up with my backlog 🙁


Well, first of all – thanks to PS+, playing all games that I didn’t have time for earlier is so much easier : )

But I don’t really have a problem with switching to PS4, because, well, I’m not getting rid of my PS3. I still want to play new God of War and Beyond (hatters gonna hat, I love David Cage :P), and Dark Souls 2 next year and new Castlevania. Lots of titles. Oh, god, and Ni No Kuni! I hope it will land in PS+ some time next year.

So many games, now just to find the time…

Even with my PS4 pre-ordered theres no way im done with PS3, i have a ridiculous amount of games still to play, like Puppeteer, BEYOND, Dark souls 2, batman origins…etc. I think i have about 70 games still factory sealed to be played.
Oh and btw, how would we leave PS3 when we keep getting amazing free games on PSPLUS every month? I think i have about 20 games i still need to play that i got FREE on PSPLUS.

So yeah, PS3 will look great right next to its younger brother PS4. Its not going anywhere soon!

Stonesthrow 11 October, 2013 @ 5:12 pm   17

Heh, that’s funny.. Recently I was just saying to my mom, after having finished Beyond, that this was the last real good game that released for me on ps3..
Now it’ll be a painful wait for ps4 although I imagine GTA online will help me through. As for backlog, All stars and LBP karting really deserve some more of my attention, and Bioshock infiniten Hitman and God of war Ascension a second playthrough. Still have to finish Sly cooper and most of Dead space 3 too. And a whole bunch of the PS2 collections I still have to start, but that’s mostly for nostalgia so no rush..


I want to take my PS3 and Vita and bash with them the head of the russian department’s director. Because of that bastard Sony support in Russia is even worse now than in New Zealand, and since we don’t get about half the games anyway, guess I’ll go with Xbox One next time.


I’m actually waiting on my copy of beyond two souls to arrive (probably Monday) and its really hard to avoid all the spoiler images on every game site 🙁

So, in conclusion I don’t need to win but I do need some sort of router add on that filters out anything with the word beyond in it 😛

Is a total bucket list game for me – killzone bundle ps4 preordered baby


After near-enough finishing GTA V, it’s all about Rayman Legends. I hope the franchise continues onto next-gen consoles!

Stonesthrow 11 October, 2013 @ 5:13 pm   21

Oh yea and still gotta get Rain and Puppeteer..

Nightmare966 11 October, 2013 @ 5:14 pm   22

Oh, that’s a long list, let’s see… Since I got my (first) PS3 in 2008, and I didn’t/don’t have much money, over the years there are MANY games I’ve not been able to complete yet, and some I just got. So, as of today, I’ve still to touch (in full game form, because demos are GOOD!)…

-Ratchet and Clank Future (with the exception of QftB).
-Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (good timing on releasing the Collection? Perhaps).
-Rayman Legends

Then the yet to come list (and surely to grow)…:
-Lords of Shadow 2
-AC Liberation HD
-Batman: Arkham Origins (although this one’s fully pre-ordered).

With, if able, Heavy Rain and Beyond. And ACIV being an undecided one.

And that’s because among sales and re-releases I’ve been able to grab this 2013:
-Batman: Arkham Asylum
-Devil May Cry 4 (This was a pending one ever since 2008)

And I’m thankful I was able to do. Thankfully I’ve been able to get all my other titles in time one way or another.

Of course I’m not counting PS Plus here. That’s another whole thing 😛


Batman Arkham Origins has me really excited. New developers, new voice actors and a different villains. Batman has proved himself to be be of the most badass characters in any universe, ever, and experiencing that again is making me drool.

Beyond: Two Souls also looks intriguing. Heavy Rain was such an awesome and unique game, so that is enough of a reason for me to want BTS.

The other titles I still haven’t played that I want to is GOW: Ascension and MGR: Revengeance. Luckily, MGR sorted itself out with ps+ (thanks!), but GOW I have yet to pick up.


I’ve got the PS+ games to try and finish. But as we know that is impossible as new games gets added all the time ;). But I will try to finish Far Cry 3. But as of right now I will be saving my money for PS4 games(still buying psvita games doh)but I think I can survive with PS+.I mean the list just grew with Remember ME and Metal Gear Revengece.


A bucket list for PS3. I really don’t have one; not only because of the (frankly brilliant) PS+ service which has seen my game collection double, or even treble in size – most of which are sat there saying “Daddddyyyyy, play me” – but there are so many quality games coming out soon that I just absolutely NEED to buy/download/play – not least of all Arkham Origins and Arkham Origins: Blackgate, Beyond: Two Souls, and eventually Metal Gear Solid V!!

But if there is (TWO) games that are out currently that I feel I owe it to myself to play, it’s easily “Unfinished Swan” and “Journey”.

I’ve not got around to buying them yet (I will, I promise!) but I am so excited to load them up, and see the beauty and imagination come alive right in front of my eyes. The amount of good things I’ve heard about both games, coupled with the few gameplay clips I’ve watched, make my mouth drool at the prospect.

If they were sugar coated donuts, I’d eat them.

allhailmaximus 11 October, 2013 @ 5:17 pm   26

I have to pretend to be BATMAN in Batman: Arkham Origins. Gotta get V stars as many times as possible in GTA V. Have to continue playing The Last Of Us. Gran Turismo is coming up as well as many more! 7 weeks til I get my PS4, I don’t know how I will find time to play all of these games and socialize, but who needs friends when you have PlayStation!

Alvena123 11 October, 2013 @ 5:17 pm   27

Ow lord, like almost all people here I’d say I have way too many games left to still play-.- It’s all because of that bastard ‘Real Life’ with all it’s responsibilities and that nonsense!
I have a massive amount of ps plus games left and then: Last of Us, Tomb Raider, Dead Island, Cross Edge, Final Fantasy X-2 and some games I bought on psn and haven’t even got around to playing.

Best thing about the backlog is that it has an educational purpose for me! Recently moved from the NL to Finland and there’s a lot of games with Finnish subtitles (makes me replay Uncharted and Sly Cooper regularly). Thanks Sony!!!

P.s. I have also been diagnosed with 100%endites, so clearing my backlog will really take forever ;O (you won’t hear me complain though:))


for me its the last of us.

i have had it sitting since the month after it came out and due to the kids i have just not had the time to immerse myself in it the way i think it deserves, i seem to be getting more time to game so i should hopefully make a start on it soon.

i was going to say gta but im actually going to put that on the backburner for a while due to the fact my ps4 will have watch dogs so i dont want to burn myself out on that style of game.

however i will be happy to make beyond my last platinum before the ps4 launches 😉

I have to get the 3 remaning FarCry3 co-op trophies to get a platinum then finish The Last of us on hard mode, uncharted 2 on hard and crushing, BioShock on the hardest mode and maybe finish the two games my friend gave me to play. Watchdogs looks dope so maybe *fingers crossed* I will buy it. That’s all for this year


My current gen bucket list has a few items on the list, mainly get one last Platinum to round my count up to 30 to give myself a good launch into the PS4 era. There are many PS+ games that I wish to complete as well such as Stealth Inc.

But alas, PS3 will live on for some time after PS4’s arrival so we all have plenty of time to get our lists fully checked off and sorted even after we are busy playing Driveclub 🙂

PARAN0ID_PANDA3 11 October, 2013 @ 5:21 pm   31

Only have kingdom hearts 1.5 to complete (let’s not talk about the amount of games from ps+) but since I’m getting an xbox one next gen I will have kingdom hearts as my last platinum

won2winit 11 October, 2013 @ 5:22 pm   32

I dont have a bucket list of games to complete, its more a skip list many due to PS+ but at least my dark winter nights are sorted


My current gen game takes me all the way back to the last gen! Final Fantasy X is a game which I never got around to play on PS2. So a few years a go I thought I would try and finish it but the HD collection was shown off! So I waited, and waited and waited. But it will be worth it! So 2 generation later and I might tick this one off the bucket list! 😀

megahertz 11 October, 2013 @ 5:27 pm   34

Just sold everything, ps3, all the call of duty games from CoD 4 modern warfare to black ops 2, all the extras that PlayStation brought out for the 3. Total of 15 games. Give up on the gaming larck. Need a lot of convincing to get me back.
I’d say my bucket list needs style,power and a lot of games. But hey that’ll never happen. 😉

almondo84 11 October, 2013 @ 5:32 pm   35

At the moment playing Splinter Cell Blacklist…

infamous 2
Mass Effect 3
Metal Gear Rising
Dead Space 3
Crysis 3

There’s about 10 more in the pile too 🙂


The list of things I need to do before the PS4 is getting ever bigger, I have an insane backlog of games that simply won’t go away, some of them older than others. I’m yet to play any of the Bioshock franchise, despite being recommended by so many, and not forgetting the fact I’ve got Bioshock 2 installed on my HDD. I also want to finally get around to buying and playing Heavy Rain, and hopefully Beyond if I can scrape enough money together. I am also ashamed to say that I’ve yet to play MGS4, which I may have to do taking next months PS+ games into account.
On top of that, I’ve got a huge list of games I’m half way through and would love to get round to finishing. Far Cry 3, Assassins Creed 3, Borderlands 2 and Dragons Dogma to name just a few.
Finally, as a bit of a trophy hoarder, there are a selection of great games I’d just love to get the platinum trophy for, The Last of Us, GTAV and Uncharted 3 should I ever get the chance.
Added to this the time I’ll spend on the ever growing array of Vita games, and remembering that I’ve not even started the addictive looking GTA Online yet, I’m starting to give up hope that I’ll ever check every box on my list, and may have to simply start a fresh at Christmas time.

lianplay_1985 11 October, 2013 @ 5:34 pm   37

Probably want to play some of the #PS3 classics such as God of War 3 and GTA 4/5 as well as Heavy Rain, also to fill my trophies and develop more in higher difficulties

Paquete89 11 October, 2013 @ 5:42 pm   38

This November I’ll have the most important exam in my life and I’ve been studying for it since December (yes, you read that right).One of the biggest sacrificies I had to make was spending a little time a part from my beloved ps3 :'( Having to skip some of the biggest games of this generation has been killing me like you wouldn’t believe! So, what’s on the top of my to-do list for December: saying farewell to my good old friend, the ps3!
First I’ll go on vacations to Los Santos, see what kind of risky endeavours those 3 tough guys are getting into and explore everything, from the deep oceans to the tall mountains (creating some mayhem along the ride). Then I want to see if I have what it takes to be The Last of Us and fight all the evil fungus the genius minds at Naughty Dog throw at me! (And the only thing I love/hate more than zombies are fungus!) I’ll need to relax and catch my breath after, and what better way to do it than to lose myself in the life journey of Jodie and Aiden (I heard it is Beyond amazing!). If I have the time I’ll use my skyhook to travel trough the skies of Columbia, getting back on my couch just in time for the arrival of my brand new PS4!

mavericks_786 11 October, 2013 @ 5:44 pm   39

I have no idea why I haven’t got round to playing uncharted 3 as I brought it new and it’s still waiting. I guess it’s because I don’t want it to end or know it will be amazing. Other games are infamous, and spec ops the line, which I’ve heard has a great plot


My backlog is mostly awesome PSPlus games!
I’m currently working on Far Cry 3, Catherine and Dragon’s Dogma DA.

I have Dark Souls II Collector’s Edition preordered as well as the Dark Souls Design Works due next month for my birthday! I thought DaSII would be my last PS3 game but now that Drakengard 3 has been announced for the West, that will probably be my last PS3 game, God rest it’s poor 500GBHD!

As for platinums, I don’t actively go for them unless I’ve finished a game and have enjoyed it enough and am close enough to get it. I’m currently working on the Zone of the Enders HD Collection… think I may be able to bring home the plat for that!
I also only need a quick run through Dishonored for the platinum and with the new GotY edition announced I’ll probably do that soon!


I have still to play(& want to 100% complete them to) – Every PS1 game & every PS2 game & every PS3 game before the PS4 comes out next month…ONLY JOKING!!! 😀 😀 😀
My real game list is(left to play for me) – Beyond + TLoU(Yep i am ashamed to say it i still not got it yet) + GT5 + R&C:N + Batman:AO. But i am not going to rush them & still play my PS3 & future PS4 side by side erm no at the same time tho 😀 THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS;)


Oh man… to my shame, my backlog stretches back to the three titles I got in the Day 1 bundle with my 60GB PS3 – Genji, Resistance and Motorstorm. I got close on Genji and Motorstorm before considering them “done”, i.e. I had shinier games to consign to my backlog, like Heavenly Sword, Fallout 3, Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV, Uncharted 2&3, Heavy Rain, Assassin’s Creed 3… I have completed some games, really I have. Book of Spells counts right?
I am planning something of an overlap, PS4 is on pre-order and will be target platform for Watch_Dogs and AC4, but I do intend to keep gaming on the PS3, and get through those already mentioned along with Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, The Last of Us. Really the list is too long for me to consider stretching to getting Platinum on anything, unless by accident rather than design.

Solid_Snake1987 11 October, 2013 @ 5:53 pm   43

Bucket lists for this gen? Well here’s what I still have left…

– Sky dive (GTA V)
– Expand my horizons (Journey)
– Go on safari (Far Cry 3)
– Find true love (Catherine)
– Experience zero gravity (Dead Space 3)
– Travel to Japan (Yakuza 4)
– Learn to drive (GT6)
– Look down on the world from above the clouds (Bioshock Infinite)
– …Give blood (Castlevania)

With me buying myself a few joblots of ps3 games on ebay in the past aswell as being a playstation plus subscriber, my list of games had got to the point of “when am I ever going to be able to play these”. Add to that the annual titles of call of duty and fifa, there just didn’t seem enough hours in the day to play them.

Luckily, or unluckily, however you may view it, my plus subscription ran out this month, so my list of games to play has decreased dramatically.

I’m currently working towards the platinum of Uncharted 3. After that i’m going to play what people may view as it’s predecessor in Tomb Raider Underworld. Fallout 3 is another title i’m looking forward to playing. Unfortunately due to this backlog of games, i’ve stopped myself from buying much anticipated titles such as GTA V, or The Last Of Us.

I’m most likely going to hold off getting a PS4 until christmas, so that then gives me enough time to finish the above games. Wish me luck!

doomsday619 11 October, 2013 @ 5:54 pm   45

100% GTA V so i can see these UFO’s for myself and hopefully figure out the mystery of Mount Chillard. I know the online portion of this game has been rocky but the amount that is in the main game keeps calling me back.
Oh and complete Beyond Two Souls got it today and been on it for hours such and amazing game why it got such mixed reviews messes my head up for people that have listened and cancelled because of the low scoring reviews i suggest playing it yourself you wont be dissapointed what an amazing game to finish off this generation. I would love even though i have got to win this comp as the stuff i would keep but the game i would give to a family member who has turned his nose up after reading reviews *silly man* for an xmas present that way he will have to play it.

JD_LloydLewis 11 October, 2013 @ 5:54 pm   46

I still need to pick up The Last of Us and Soul Sacrifice! But everytime I am about to buy it something interesting pops up on PS Plus! I’m engrossed in Dragon’s Dogma at the minute do won’t be getting around to purchasing them yet and now Metal Gear Rising has been announced! I’m never going to get to play these games with PS Plus being this good!

Alex-1124 11 October, 2013 @ 5:56 pm   47

Admittedly there’s a lot, you know the usual annual Q4 AAA games, huge backlogs and getting those shiny platinums, I want them all but this fall I’m prioritising the PS4 and hoping for ports of the big Q4 PS3 games, if not I can always go back sometime in the new year and pick them up.

The last PS3 game I plan on buying is Rachet and Clank: Nexus. I love those games and I feel like Insomniac have had a bit of a bad year so I’m giving them all my support even if they are making an exclusive title for the darkside :P.

Until then it’s getting through/platinuming my backlog (aka PS+ :)) and playing all those wonderful indie titles on the Vita.


Ah, massive backlog but will probably go for platinum on Beyond, and Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD.
I still have some older Classics to get through Ico and Shadow of the Colossus have been on my list for years hopefully with the help of remote play I can get through them.
I am also looking forward to finishing the Wonderbook games with my son. My ps3 has definately earnt its place in the living room.
I am going to be holding on to my ps3 for sometime at the very least to clear my ps plus backlog. Oh and I still need to play mgs4 with trophies! Oh and I’m missing one platinum from Uncharted series.
If I wasn’t so excited for ps4 I could probably wait another year at least with just ps3 and vita.

moonie131 11 October, 2013 @ 6:00 pm   49

What I need to do is play through all my old favourite games. Uncharted, heavy rain, the last of us, the list goes on. I need to do this because I may not play some of the ever again, or at least bit for a long time. I’m not fussed about getting every single trophy in every game, I just want to experience them all again. The stories. The gameplay. The countless hours of fun I’ve had since I opened it up on Christmas morning 6 years ago.

I also need to play Beyond: Two Souls. One last amazing game seems fitting.

VenomousAlbino 11 October, 2013 @ 6:00 pm   50

I have SO much on my PS3 bucket list it’s not even funny; Beyond, Bioshock Infinite, Disgaea D2, DmC, Kingdom Hearts HD, LA Noire, Max Payne 3, Ni no Kuni, Portal 2, Puppeteer, Resistance 2, Resistance 3, Splinter Cell Blacklist… not to mention all the PS+ games I keep downloading and the stuff that’s yet to come out.

As excited as I am for PS4 – and believe me, I am more than a little bit excited – it’s going to have to wait a good long while. There’s no way I’m jumping on board the next gen without fully exhausting the brilliant games of this gen first.

cthulhu85 11 October, 2013 @ 6:02 pm   51

Oh, the list is long. I tried to last summer and the summer before, to “aggressively” play through most of the games that I have, but games take time and I want to enjoy them also, and therefore while the list has become shorter, there’s still lots of games that I’ve bought that I haven’t even gotten around to unpacking… And then there’s all the games that I’ve gotten through PS+, which some of I’ve played, but really I don’t have enough time to complete all of them.

I haven’t even bought GTA5, because I hope they’ll release it for next-gen (eventually, and if not I doubt I will play it sadly) so that I can start fresh there. When PS4 is released I think I’ll have a hard time going back to PS3 titles, at least when I already have Watch_Dogs, AC4 and Knack pre-ordered and confirmed to be released with the PS4 order.

AyanamiReign 11 October, 2013 @ 6:04 pm   52

I’m converting from XBox to the PS4 this year and haven’t owned a Playstation before so I decided to pick up a PS3 in the meantime and check out all the exclusive titles I’d missed out on.
Since E3 I’ve made my way through Ni no Kuni, The Last of Us, Uncharted 1-3, Heavy Rain, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Spec Ops: The Line, Puppeteer and Rain.
Beyond: Two Souls arrived today and I’m still playing Okami and Demon’s Souls on and off due to their length.
I’ll be checking out Metal Gear Solid: Revengeance and Remember Me before the PS4 hits and maybe Far Cry 3 as well from the Instant Games Collection (Which has been so worth it!) 😛
Then there’s also Tearaway a week before the PS4 is out, which looks amazing.

chrisboers 11 October, 2013 @ 6:07 pm   53

As I have no intention of discarding my PS3 when my Ps4 arrives, (Yes, I’m looking at you, DS II) I guess the answer only spans the coming next month or two.
Until then, I have two goals:
1. Finishing my AC3 (re)playthough, which will tie in nicely with the AC4 release on the PS4, and which I keep track of on the Dutch OPC Forum:
2. Support as many Indie-game developers when they release their games on PSN, by tweeting about them (@boersc), reviewing their games, and any other way I can help.

Of course I will keep doing that after the PS4 arrives, but it is something I gladly spend a lot of time on until then.

Regarding the pile of shame: the way I view my game collection has seriously changed since the PS Plus IGC. For me, it’s ‘just’ a collection of games I have, and whenever I want to play a game, I have them at my disposal to choose from. I have succumbed to the fact that I will never, ever be able to play them all. That gives me the ease of mind to actually enjoy the games without feeling guilty of not playing everything.


I dont wanna miss out on all the big titles ps plus brings to the ps3. Metal gear revenagance and remember me next month, along with dragons dogma and far cry 3. Just wow ps plus is one of the best services ever.

AntGreenfield 11 October, 2013 @ 6:13 pm   55

I pretty much dread to think just how many PS3 games I’ve actually still got to start let alone finish! Thanks to an ever growing backlog from Plus, and the inevitable temptation to keep starting the new titles each month, I’ve yet to finish many of the disc based games I own including big hitters such as Uncharted 3 and God of War Ascension. In fact i was so behind until recently that I’ve only just finished inFamous 1 & 2! Along with brilliant titles like New Little Kings Story on Vita that I’m currently playing through then I’ve definitely got more than enough to keep me going for the next 7 weeks!! I’m thinking of taking up power sleeping for the odd hour or so, becoming a recluse and spending as much time gaming as possible until PS4 launch day in the hope of catching up at least slightly 😀


Since I have been a completionist from my first games, dating back to the mid eighties, I have missed out on some great games due to the fact I don’t have time to play them all before new and more exciting games came out. Since I just got my PS3 two years ago I had a gigantic library of games to choose from. I have managed to complete about 30 games in that time. But getting a Vita a year ago made the list grow again.
The games I surely will start and finish on the PS3 before moving on are: The Last Of Us, Heavy Rain, LA Noire, Remember Me, FF X, Uncharted 1 and the XCom expansion.
These are the games I really want to finish before the next generation. I reckon it’s atleast 400h gametime to complete these.
Then it’s onto the PS4, starting with Killzone 4.

Chr15toff3e 11 October, 2013 @ 6:17 pm   57

To be honest, there’s nothing I want to play on the Ps3 now. I’ve never really wanted to collect platinum trophies, as it takes too much time and effort for me to do that. And I’m crossing my fingers that GTA V will arrive on the Ps4, so I’ve not bought it and avoided anything relating to GTA just in case.

Beyond and Batman AO were the most likely to get me playing on the Ps3 again; but I’ve not really been impressed with what I’ve saw by either of them. Batman just looks like more of the same, and I’ve also got a poor-mans Ps3 controller with no sixaxis built in, as I discovered on the train section in the Beyond demo when I was shaking the controller like an idiot and couldn’t go any further. So I’ll probably pass on those two, but I think the next game I’ll be playing will probably be Assassin’s Creed 4 when I get the Ps4 on the 29th of next month. Can’t wait.


Christ where do i start? If i was to try and complete all the games in my collection that i’m still to finish and do some trophy earning while i’m at it, id be playing my PS3 well into the new year possibly next spring and further depending on how busy i am, I’m gonna reel of several of the “must finish” titles. GTA-V, The Last Of Us, God of War:Acension, Assassins Creed3, Max Pain3, FarCry 3, Diablo, Need4Speed:MW, Bioshock:infinite,Mass Effect 3, DMC, Beyond. Then there are several lesser titles and plenty of awesome PSN/INDIE games such as Rain, Hell Yeah WDR,Limbo, Shank 2, joe danger the list goes on and on for me. But im glad you asked this cause its made me realise there’s no rush! i’m keeping my beautiful PS3 for the next couple of years at least, there’s plenty of room for both my ps3/ps4/Vita. So i’m going to look at my backlog as a good thing it gives me plenty of great games to play and lots and lots of fun to be had. Cheers Playstation for many great years of gaming and many more to come. 🙂

Nazar_Ops 11 October, 2013 @ 6:26 pm   59

There’s many games on my bucket list: I want to try out Dishonored, Ni No Kuni, Tales of Xillia, Bioshock Infinite, Far Cry 3, Crysis 3, Puppeteer, Tomb Raider, Hyperdimension, Neptuia and Mugen Souls.

I also want to get a Platinum on Killzone 2. The trophies in this game are so hard, which makes it more challenging.

savageamusement 11 October, 2013 @ 6:27 pm   60

I have ALOT of games on my to-do list still with more being added before I get my PS4.
If I had to choose, top of the list would have to be Hannah Montana the movie – alot of people have this on their trophy list so it must be a good game right? RIGHT!?!

dark_angel69 11 October, 2013 @ 6:29 pm   61

I just got Beyond two souls today so will need to try get the platinum before the end of October as there is a competition for getting the platinum before then which is advertised on Facebook.

I also want to get Ratchet and clank Nexus and the platinum before PS4 is even released. I wished I could got the platinum for Kingdom Hearts final mix and chain of memories but sadly it must be done in 2014 due to being quite time consuming. If there is time left over, will surely need to play through the new PS+ games as quickly as possible before moving onto Ratchet and Clank Nexus.

It’s a real shame Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD won’t be released before PS4 as that would been a great game to have played but will get it whenever it does get released.

So for now, roll on Beyond Two souls!

SabreSephiroth 11 October, 2013 @ 6:29 pm   62

Despite being fortunate enough to be getting a launch day PS4, PS3 (and PS2 via HD Remasters) still have a lot to offer me.

I’ve just got my hands on Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 Remix and already have 2014 pre-orders for Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII paid off!

In fact, I’ve just upgraded to a swish red superslim model. It makes bringing SingStar to parties much easier.

PS3, enabling awful Sinitta impersonations in our household since 2009.

Player42791 11 October, 2013 @ 6:32 pm   63

My list is so big I’m starting to worry about the eventual PS4 backlog. Not only that but PS+ is just making things worse. It’s gotten to the point where I’ve stopped buying games and instead when anybody asks what they should get me for Christmas or a birthday I hand them a printout. This and the plus updates means there’s a pile of discs forming that will hopefully get attacked when I finish jak 3 this weekend(fingers crossed). I’ve even given up on platinuming games and dare I say it…haven’t bought GTA V yet.

ippogrifo 11 October, 2013 @ 6:34 pm   64

I’d like to play (and play again) many games on my good old PS3 before PS4 arrives, but there isn’t much time…so for these 7 weeks I’ve chosen just 2 games which are quite meaningful to me:

– “Metal Gear Solid 4”: I’m gonna replay this since this was THE GAME I bought the PS3 for, and it didn’t disappoint me at all…I played many other unforgettable games on PS3, but this is still one of the highlights of the generation for me. Besides, MGS4’s wonderfully gloomy atmosphere is well-suited to my feelings now that once again I’m approaching the farewell to another Playstation generation.

– “Ratchet & Clank: Nexus”: I discovered the Ratchet & Clank series with the PS3 and I absolutely loved it! “Tools of Destruction” was my first PS3 game (with the best use of the Sixaxis features, in my opinion, by the way) so I think that the new Ratchet & Clank it’s the right game for me to played just before PS4’s release.

Avengerrr 11 October, 2013 @ 6:36 pm   65

I’ll catch up on the much older games of PS3 such as MGS4: Guns of the Patriot, God of War HD, Killzone HD, ICO, Shadow of Colossus and Final Fantasy X/X-2. All these games were released when I was too young (on PS2) so I look forward to playing these classics which are unavailable on any other platform including PS4 (for the moment).

Also GT6 :). There’s no way PS4 is getting a look in until GT6 has been experienced.

ten-bucks 11 October, 2013 @ 6:38 pm   66

Ive still got a lot of love for my ps3. I still play bf3/bo2. On disc ghostbusters, castlevania, sly 4,toy story mania, metro last light, knights contract, blur, marvel ultimate alliance 2,dynasty warriors, killzone trilogy + more, currently playing army of 2 devils cartel and working towards platinum. On my hard drive OMG, all my plus games, last of us, ratchet gladiator, dragons crown and orochi warriors 3. On my vita it doesnt get any lighter. All the plus games, playing KZ mercenary + have everybodys golf and reality fighters. Would like walking dead tho as played on ps3. Usually once I finish a game I sell on unless its a special edition or 1 I really like to fund new ones. Bf4 and beyond 2 souls on my radar and currently bidding on force unleashed sith edition . Now MGR and remember me!!!! SOB cry SOB

FatalExpert 11 October, 2013 @ 6:42 pm   67

Theres a backlog here sure, commented on it earlier….but as far as it being the dying gasps of current gen – far from it.

The Plus service will continue, only Forza 5 could eclipse GT6, I’ll still be working my way through season play in Forza 4 with a wheel and still adding to my PC library. Current gen specific gaming communities aren’t suddenly going to disappear and to be honest some of the best gaming I’ve had over the past 6 months has been old HD remakes of last gen titles, Okami HD, Hitman Trilogy etc.

I put Portal 2 into my PS3 on a whim the other day, a game which I’ve already platinumed – it’s still jaw dropping. I don’t see a comparative title coming to next gen anytime soon.

Too many titles to list on the shelves of unplayed shame but the glaring one is most likely Ni No Kuni, huge Ghibli fan here and everything that Level 5 did on PS2 was classic so I should be putting time into it but its literally been out of the wrapper, installed then put back in the case.


So much too finish… I am probaly not going to able finish every game, but I am going to finish the upcoming Ratchet and Clank game, but before that I got puppeteer, uncharted 3 and Kingdom Hearts 1.5 too finish. So about that “littel” prize for best comment, it would just make my life more difficualt… 😛

ShadowFlex 11 October, 2013 @ 7:01 pm   69

Current-Gen bucket list! This parties going to last forever maaaan!

My list of shame is a list without end I’m afraid, I suffer from the common but fatal working parent syndrome: symptoms include, no free time, no spare cash and the inability to finish the last of us! I haven’t been able to go on Reddit for months to avoid spoilers! And I love Reddit!

With that aside however it’s hard to think of the Ps3 drawing to a close when there is still so much I’m looking forward to. As a self proclaimed Dark Souls die hard I’m almost wetting myself in anticipation for Dark Souls 2, and Battlefield 4 needs me!

I’ve still not finished Ni No Kuni and I know I’m going to end up buying Kingdom Hearts HD. My Wife doesn’t play much video games but fun fact, she once beat Leon at the start of Kingdom Hearts 1, you know the fight you’re meant to lose. It was that very day I proposed.

wanderly7 11 October, 2013 @ 7:02 pm   70

My PS3 backlog is Beyond Two Souls (which I don’t have) lol and The Last Of Us (don’t have it either), and GTA V (which I still need to finish), not counting Online ;L Now I only have a month haha, the PS4 will take up my time, but I want to try to complete a few PS3 games aswell 🙂


in the terms and conditions it says this promotion started on the 4th and ended on the 7th, today is the 11th…..

anywhoo…. my backlist comprises of all those ps plus games, because of titles like uncharted 3 and masseffect 3, ive gone and bought the previous games in those series to play before i play these. cant wait thou 🙂

THE_FORCE 11 October, 2013 @ 7:19 pm   72

I still need to plat Hannah Montana

I’m weird and thus I kept the best games for the last. Like Red Dead Redemption. For 3 years that game has been waiting for my attention. And I doubt that it would be smart to start playing right now. At the end it might catch all my attention and I’d forget about the PS4!

And there are several more gems. Ni No Kuni, 3 God of War games, The Walking Dead, for example.
All with no chance that I might play them today. Or tomorrow. Or in November. And probably not in 2013 at all.

But as I have not the slightest intention to abandon the PS3 completely, that isn’t a real problem. I see it as a gift that the console that brought me back to console gaming, will still have the very best waiting for me. <3

WaylanderFWG 11 October, 2013 @ 7:27 pm   74

Thanks to PS+ my backlog is huge!

Although I have a PS4 on preorder, the games on this gen I would like to get out of the way are Far Cry 3, Borderlands 2, Tomb Raider and Dishonored. On my Vita i would have to say Gravity Rush, Ragnarok Odyssey and Sly Cooper Thieves in Time….

…and I still want to pick up The Last of Us!!

Too many games and not enough time!

Flugsvampen_97 11 October, 2013 @ 7:29 pm   75

Now when I’m thinking of it, I actually have a lot left. And its growing with all the great games from Plus. Well, I have a lot to do in the Jak and Daxter trilogy, im done with the first with about 75 % and are really trying to get platina even if its a pain in the ass findig all the orbs, flies and completing some hard minigames to get powercells. I’m going to try get platina for the others too.

Then I have Splinter Cell Blacklist which is really fun but pretty hard getting the platina so I’ll skip it.

GTA V is going to take me forever completing it with all the dristacting and fun side minigames. GTA Online are also keeping me away from the storymode because I just cant stand away from messing with my friends and other players! The story is also so long too! (I think).

In the Metal Gear Solid HD trilogy have I just completed the tough, hard and really fun first two games, Metal Gear 1 & 2. So now can I finally start with MGS 3! My brother and me are also soon done with completing MGS: PW. After MGS 3 will I also replay MGS 4, right in time for MGS V. Hopefully. And i’m NOT going for the platina! Too freaking hard!


Flugsvampen_97 11 October, 2013 @ 7:31 pm   76


Now I got reminded that I havent completed Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 yet. And I got it back in april! God, I totally forgot about that game! It wasn’t as good as I expected but I’m definitely going to play it through.

And then I have my growing Plus list… I have downloaded Payday, Jak and Daxter trilogy, Spec ops: The Line and Stealth Inc. I am going to download Dragons Dogama, “that princess and dragon thing”, LBP Karting, Uncharted 3, Xcom and for the next month: Metal Gear Rising and Remember Me. This is going to take looong time to finnish all of them!

I have also two platinas that im hunting for games that I already have completed. The first is for Far Cry 3, it’s much easier then I thought from the beginning, almost too easy for a game like that. I have like six trophies left. The other game is Sly 4. much harder then Far Cry and Sly 1-3 where I got platina too. It’s a bit hard finding all the tressures but I just love that game so much so I really want the platina for it! I’ll just keep fighting!

(Continues… Again…)

Flugsvampen_97 11 October, 2013 @ 7:32 pm   77


At last, I have some games that I want to pick up left for PS3. First I will get Ratchet & Clank: Nexus. I just cant wait for it! They are finally doing an original R&C. Then im going to buy AC4. And then you maybe wonder why I’m not getting it for PS4. It just doesn’t feel next gen for me. No big changes from AC3 and almost the same graphics. Finally. I also want to get BEYOND: Two Souls, thats why im here! 😉

And thats my huge backlog. I never expected it to be so long! I really wont do it all until PS4 but thats no big deal for me. But its still going to take a long time!

Whenever I think about that I don’t even know if I should be happy or sob uncontrollably!

There’s so much I still want and can do with my PS3, and that’s amazing! I still haven’t played the Last of Us, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it; I’ve been dying to play Catherine and a few others, but life didn’t allow me to yet; on top of that, there will be great games, like GT6, still coming out in the future.

On the other hand, I know some of the things I’d really like to play will eventually be left behind. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll ever have the time to completely go through my PS3 backlog, not unless I just skip next-gen entirely – which, by the looks of Killzone SF and inFamous SS, would be stupid.

Ha, life! Always so dichotomic.

JudasBlitzkrieg 11 October, 2013 @ 7:36 pm   79

It has to be Dark Souls 2

Lodran is waiting for me, waiting for me to take those first tentative steps out of the darkness, peer around as my eyes get used to the new light. Feeling the optimism that I’ve found a safe haven, somewhere I can relax for 30 seconds and regain my composure. From the corner of my eye I can see the unmistakeable outline of a bonfire. Desperate to rest and hit a checkpoint and save my journey, I break into a run, striding across the damp flagstones. Respite and safety are within tasting difference when I find myself pierced by the sword of a hollowed soldier. As I fall to my knees, my vision darkening, I shed a single tear as the words “You Died” fills my vision. Then silence. Deafening silence.

Light surrounds my vision and I appear at a bonfire, far away from where my body fell and all I hear is the sound of my wife laughing maniacally because once again, I Died…

Sorry, had a bit of a moment there

ShinYagami13 11 October, 2013 @ 7:39 pm   80

Ratchet Gladiator! Oh wait still havent got my code….


I think my last current generation game that I will buy new will be Ratchet and Clank Into the Nexus (Nexus in Europe), as I’ve been a fan of the series since the first one in 2002, Good Times!, and I’ve really been looking forward to a story to continue the adventure from A Crack in Time (Personal favourite current gen game).

However, after that, anything that goes free on Playstation Plus, and The Last of Us, I was going to get it when it came out, but Okami HD went on sale, even more Good Times!

loonyspoony 11 October, 2013 @ 7:51 pm   82

I F.e.a.r (3) my backlog is Borderlands (2) on the Infinite (Bioshock), I will be most Dishonored if I do not solve this Crysis (3) before my next Payday (2) as there will be no (Red Dead) Redemption for me.
PS+ is a (Shadow of the) Colossus problem but I must not (the) Cave in, Dead or Alive (5) I must complete my Mass (effect 3) backlog and let Sleeping Dogs lie.

toxic-inferno 11 October, 2013 @ 7:54 pm   83

Things to do before PS4? Get a job so that I can actually AFFORD a PS4 😛

OH! You mean on the PS3? Well, I’ve got quite a list… There are still a number of platinums I want to pick up: Arkham Asylum, Uncharted, Resistance 3, The Last of Us, Fallout 3… the list goes on and on. And on. And on. As for games I still want to play… the massive GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption are still lingering on my hard-drive, unfinished, as well as Ico, SotC, God of War HD, Far Cry 3, and countless others that I still have to play from PS Plus.

The thing is, I could list countless games that I still want to play from this generation, but the truth is that a list alone could never properly prepare me for a PS4. You see, the one thing I want to on my PS3 before getting a PS4 is to properly enjoy its last few months of life. It sounds corny, but the current generation is the generation that really got me into gaming in a big way, and as we approach the eve of the PlayStation 4, the thing I really want to do is to return to the very beginning – the day I got my PS3, 23rd March 2007, and relive the entire thing.

So many great memories. Thank you, PlayStation.


Where to start, I have 134 disk games, another 300+ PSN games & that’s excluding my Vita collection to tackle before the release of the PS4 next month. I’m obviously not going to succeed.

However the first game I will be buying for my PS4 isn’t out until Feb 2014 (Yakuza Ishin), so that leaves me a few extra months to appear to be doing something about my backlog. If only for appearance sake (I’m still playing FFXIV:ARR which leaves little room for anything else).

Main problem I have with my backlog, is being completely overwhelmed by it. I look at my games only to be faced with indecision & confusion and within that confusion I then go online & buy yet another game because that’s the one I want to play (the one I don’t have over the other numerous ones at one time I needed more than the ones I already owned). It’s a strange paradox- I buy games to play games but the games don’t get played because I’m too busy buying other games that I think I want to play more. The last thing I probably need is another game, oddly its this thought that just stopped me from buying a JP import of OPPW2 for the vita…even as I just started to convince myself, oh your vita backlog isn’t that large -_-


Well my plan is to keep the PS3 and let my son complete the games that I cannot 🙂 (this will save time keeping him topped up with new titles; and also help clear my back catalogue of incompleted games)
Yes I’m afraid to say that he has become a better gamer; partially due to my failing eyesight and slower reflexes due to old age and a demanding wife 🙁
For every game he completes I will reward myself with a new PS4 title, while he can be satisfied with the platinum trophy, and the knowledge that the PS4 title will sooner or later be in his hands to complete on my behalf when I lose patience with the game or the wife loses patience with me gaming.


Spelunky to do list:
Reach Hell
Get to the end of Hell
Beat Hell

Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F To do list:
Excellent on all Hard songs
Standard on all Extreme songs
Excellent on all Extreme songs
Feel bittersweet

Terraria to do list:
Build more than one house
Discover entire map
Weakly attempt to get all trophies
Cry of failure

Skyrim to do list:
Attain 100% Completion
Finish in time to get PS5.

I have a bunch of PS3 games I yet have to play, like Metal Gear Solid 4, Resistance 3, Infamous 1&2, Yakuza: Dead Souls, Dark Souls, Tales of Xillia, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD and Lair, not to mention the various PSN games like Rain.

And then there are upcoming PS3 games I look forward to too, like Drakengard 3, Tales of Xillia and hopefully a western release of Yakuza 5 and Yakuza 1&2 HD Collection if SEGA is able to get their groove back.

And I guess I have to try decide whether to play the new Strider on the PS3 or PS4.

So yeah, I’m busy and won’t rush out to get a PS4.

From the top of my head I’d say:

Assassin’s Creed Revelations and III. I need to catch up with the story and the newer mechanics before I start talking like a pirate.

GTA V and Saints Row 4 for that sandbox experience. GTA V for a good story and devolpment and Saints Row so that I can act like a Looney Toon.

Ni no Kuni because I haven’t played a JRPG in years. I miss that style of game play and story telling and since they offer the art of Studio Ghibli with it it becomes very hard to say no.

One Piece: Pirate Warriors 2. I’m a huge fan of the series and that Dynasty Warriors gameplay is always simple fun. It’s ironic but running around flipping entire armies up-side down is relaxing.

And last but not least Spec Ops: the Line. I was never that much into shooters, only playing them if I randomly got a chance, but after learning about how deep the story is Spec Ops became the first shooter I really want to play. My PS3 got the dreaded Yellow Light of Death a few months ago and I haven’t been able to get a new one yet so you can image how sad I was when I saw Spec Ops coming to PS+ and then going away.

So yeah, I still got a decent list of games before I get a PS4.

burrito_tester 11 October, 2013 @ 8:18 pm   89

I need to get a 100% on Littlebigplanet 2, just one more DLC pack and i’ll have all the prize bubbles & trophies!

DoYouLikeMyID 11 October, 2013 @ 8:27 pm   90

Okay, off the top of my head, let’s do this:

This is the list of (announced) games I don’t yet own, but want to play:

Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD (PS3)
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII-3
Sports Champions 2
Tales of Xillia
Tales of Xillia 2
Tales of Symphonia Chronicles
Batman: Arkham Origins

Then there is the list of games I still need to platinum:

The Last Of Us
Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD ReMix
InFamous 1 & 2 (I did it on another account previously)
Uncharted 1-3 (Same as InFamous)
Some other games I still haven’t played (see above list)

Finally, here is the list of games I have gotten through PS Plus, but still haven’t played:

∞ (Infinity)

The scary thing is, this is just off the top of my head. I’m sure there’s a whole lot more to come!

Paquete89 11 October, 2013 @ 8:28 pm   91

@loonyspoony: ahaha, I hope you get one of the prizes, your comment made me laugh 😉

belmont_gr 11 October, 2013 @ 8:28 pm   92

There is still a lot of life in PS3. As an rpg gamer there are some more games I am looking forward to. Dark Souls 2 is one of them. Also there will be a lot of games from Japan like Lightning Returns and the final Atelier series installment. Moreover as a fan of Tales of series I will wait for Xillia 2 and the Symphonia HD collection. I may support more developers and publishers if they decide to localize more j-rpg games in Europe!

Superbuu3 11 October, 2013 @ 8:30 pm   93

I had a really long list to write out, but then i too a look and thought to myself you were less likely to give me a prize if you didn’t thin I’d have time to pay it. So i’ll just say this, I will be playing lots of PS3 and I really would like to add Beyond: Two souls to my collection. I’m a huge Ellen Page fan and I think everyone is a huge Willem Defoe fan the man is just great, from Platoon to Spiderman, he’s just an amazing actor. I like to see creative games come out that really do make you think when are you playing a game or a piece of art.

tthorne-49 11 October, 2013 @ 8:33 pm   94

I still need to play: beyond two souls, the last of us, remember me , gta 5 and what ever games come out on ps plus (great service btw). Can’t wait for next gen though.

DoYouLikeMyID 11 October, 2013 @ 8:34 pm   95

I think I should mention I just bought Beyond: Two Souls, so I guess you can add that to my list of games I need to platinum. Also, for that very reason, I shouldn’t be picked as a winner (I probably wouldn’t get picked anyway, but just to be safe)

That super limited-edition does sound awesome, but it would feel wrong to take it away from someone else, when I already have the game… Great prize this week though! 🙂

Oh dear, where do I even start? Ever since I got my PS3 SLIM back in 2009 I have not been able to stay away from it. I even gave her a human name. Katsumi Tomo. I place much thought on that before I typed it down.

I currently own old and new games alike. I always look on the bright side and find a way of enjoying those games regardless of their age.
Even when I do complete a game or achieve the platinum trophy, I still keep on playing them, or delete my save file on purpose just so I can enjoy the experience all over again. Up until this day I have not sold a single game in my collection.

Even with the launch of the PlayStation 4, my dear Katsumi will still live on!
Either by playing old PS2 and PSone games. Or even if I’m not playing a game, I am watching a movie with my dear wife. Let it be DVD,BLU-RAY, or a file.
I entertain parties with Vid Zone or just playing my own files with that amazing Earth globe as the background. And also enjoy the holiday photos.

All of this and so much more thanks to the wonderful PlayStation 3 that I love very much. There is still so much that it can do, and I will never let her go.

HitmanSB07 11 October, 2013 @ 8:36 pm   97

Oh jeez…where do I start?…

I think the fact that I have under 5GB left of my 250GB PS3 tells it all really. I need to do as much in a game as I can possibly do before I delete it. I’m quite the trophy hunter and with so many PS+ games I don’t think i’ll ever get through them all- but I CAN TRY!!

I’m still keeping my PS3 setup with the PS4(which i’m getting at launch) so I can play through all of the great games I have and to play the hopefully great games coming out. The Dark Souls 2 beta is soon and I thankfully got an invite so i’m looking forward to that game more than ever. Support seems to be strong next year too so I don’t think i’ll run out of things to do with my PS3 for a long long time.

I think for now i’ll just stick to playing Grand Theft Auto Online…while staring in bewilderment at my insane backlog, trying to choose the next game to play.

Flyingmopdog 11 October, 2013 @ 8:46 pm   98

I was late to the show for PS3. I got the console years ago when I was in the market for a blu-ray player but never had much time to play it. I suppose that leaves me with a lot to catch up on, having never played any one the Uncharted series or God of War titles. I think the game that I want more than any other right now however is Dark Souls 2 so I can see my PS3 holding pride of place alongside its new friend for months to come. That said before Dark Souls 2 releases I do have a number of things I hope to get through;

1: Play Final Fantasy VI (It was my favourite game on the original PS system and one of my first downloads on PS3 yet I haven’t had the time to play through it yet).

2: Platinum Ico (I don’t think I would be able to platinum SOTC)

3: Play Ni no Kuni (Huge JRPG fan)

4: Play Journey

5: Actually watch a blu-ray (The blu-ray player having been a factor in my purchase has since never been used to play a movie.)

My PS3 will be remaining firmly in position until I have had the chance to play Dark Souls 2 and I’m sure even come November 29th it will continue to get plenty of attention.

A_Nonny_Moose 11 October, 2013 @ 8:46 pm   99

Just looking along my shelf and download list there’s quite a lot of games I haven’t even started. Binary Domain, Folklore, The Darkness II, Vanquish, Rayman Legends.

And more that I started but have yet to finish. Mini Ninjas, Heavy Rain, Puppeteer, Child of Eden, Wipeout HD, Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, Far Cry 3, Giana Sisters

And yet more that I still want to buy. The Last of Us, EDF 2025, Brothers A Tale of Two Sons, Saints Row 4, Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z, Ratchet & Clank: Nexus, Lords of Shadow 2, TMNT: Out of the Shadows, Rain.

And there’s many that I would love to find the time to play again. Batman: Arkham Asylum, Portal 2, El Shaddai, Infamous 1 and 2, Guacamelee!, Journey, Sleeping Dogs, Papo & Yo.

Playstation has been my console of choice ever since I knew enough to actually make a choice about consoles, and the Playstation 3 has given me a greater quality and greater variety of entertainment than any other console I’ve owned.

I guess the last thing I want to do with my PS3 is… Everything. I’ve made a pact with myself that I won’t buy a PS4 until I’ve finished all the PS3 games I still want to play. But now that I think about it, by the time that’s done I’ll probably be able to buy a PS5.

Opt1mus76 11 October, 2013 @ 8:54 pm   100

I guess my PS3 bucket list isn’t any one game. At the start of the year I set myself a target of taking my total number of Platinum trophies up to 50 (I was on 26). So far I’m at 37 but I’m quickly running out of time and this year has been hectic. To give myself a chance, and because PS4 will soon be devouring my spare time, I’ve lowered my target to 45 on PS3/Vita for now as I’ve recently moved house and have had to spend much of my time packing and unpacking amongst other things.
It’s not totally unrealistic to hit 50 with several of my games in the 80% area (mainly the games like Lego Pirates and Disney Infinity that I play with my kids where trophies play second fiddle to their enjoyment) but with PS4 looming in seven weeks I’ll be starting new games rather than finishing old ones.
On the plus side, I do have four weeks holiday over Christmas so maybe I can push on and get that little bit closer to my target…


Way too many, but me getting a ps4 doesn’t mean i will abandon my ps3 and my huge backlog, just like i haven’t abandoned my ps2 and ps1. Even added one more to my bucket list last week with folklore which i have always wanted to play and is very hard to find cheap. Quite funny buying a game that came out at the start of the ps3 era, at the end of the ps3’s era haha.

Hexahedronaut 11 October, 2013 @ 9:19 pm   102

Reading through some of these posts makes me feel not so bad lol. I actually canceled my ps4 pre order due to the amount of games I want to finish, platinum, buy and play the dlc for. Ive been wanted to get started on my backlog for ages but dragons dogma has kept me from doing that for the past 5 months lol thank god I plated it, now it can slowly disappear into the completed list.

SuperJay182 11 October, 2013 @ 9:29 pm   103

my comments never show on competition pages 🙁 typical!

What do you still want to do on your PS3 before PS4 arrives?

I’d like to press triangle over “you know what i mean” and select delete. Then maybe i consider to buy PS4. Otherwise i think i’ll pass. I don’t want to be deceived and insulted again.

Kratos_XLR 11 October, 2013 @ 9:47 pm   105

what do you still want to do on your PS3 before PS4 arrives?

HAVE FUN ! Rlly) Oldschool ftw! A good coop game and a friend is all you need. Have to Platinum Guacamelee, Ratchet All4one, LBP2, RE5 and of course Diablo 3. Couch-coop 4eva ^_~

TheGlennsta 11 October, 2013 @ 9:51 pm   106

Oh Playstation 3
You worry me
Your end is drawing near

With 4 on its way
I’m in dismay
For there’s so much left to clear

Hitman Absolution’s
Fun executions
And Last of Us urban decay

And Puppeteer too
Are all games I’d like to replay

Lego Lord of the Rings
Is one of those things
That I just didn’t get round to try

Then there’s DLC
For Bioshock 3 [Infinite]
And Dishonored that I’ve yet to buy

There is so much more
But my poetry’s poor
And I just cannot make them rhyme

But needless to say
There’s so much to play
If only I had the time

wanderer_nsk 11 October, 2013 @ 9:58 pm   107

I bought Ps3 one year ago and this is my first Playstation systems. So I want to do very many things. First I must get platinum trophy and I get my first trophy in Heavy Rain (yeah, I finished this amaizing story only this week). Then I want play all exclusive games on PS3 and all classic games in Playstation histori. And only after that I start save money to buy PS4.

nakano1987 11 October, 2013 @ 10:15 pm   108

(part 1)
First of all, I am not sure when PS4 will get equivalent games for 4-player split screen racing Blur and Tekken Tag Tournament 2. So I’ll be using my PS3 to regularly play these two. In addition, I seem to own 67 physical PS3 games on my shelf and digitally some more. I calculated that I have played through less than 10 of them. The games I have finished are Catherine, Heavy Rain, No More Heroes Paradise, Portal 2 and story modes for Mortal Kombat / Dead or Alive. Luckily, I still got royal 7 weeks to finish the rest 😉

More seriously I own great modern classics I should play on PS3. I haven’t yet touched any of the critically acclaimed Uncharted games – but own them all. I still need to play Ni No Kuni – and well other 20-40h+ RPG games in my collection. Do I have time? No, but that’s a minor point. There are also upcoming games I am interested in. These include commercial games like Contrast (2013), just kickstarted Mighty No. 9 (2015) and Reborn (2014) which is currently on Kickstarter. All will have a PS4 release too.

nakano1987 11 October, 2013 @ 10:15 pm   109

(part 2)
At the moment, my PS3 related buying list has Dragon’s Crown, Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD (and 2.5 when announced), Tales of Xillia 1 & 2, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 (probably waiting complete collection), Diablo III (when released with expansion), XCOM: Enemy Within (currently playing XCOM: Enemy Unknown on PC), Puppeteer, Rogue Legacy… I must have forgot something. There are still so many excellent games released / to be released on PS3 which are not yet part of my collection! Sometimes I fell I am more a game collector than a gamer. I am sure publishers don’t mind 😉

Fabivito 11 October, 2013 @ 10:17 pm   110

Well my story with PlayStation started back in 98 with the first Sony console, later when the time came there was PS2 however I stopped playing consoles in 2007. Got back in January this year with PS3 so with a 6 years break I basically missed all that PS3 offered. Those couple of months that I spent with PS3 this year I mostly played HD remakes or classic emulated versions of games that I loved back in the PS1, PS2 times. With Metal Gear Solid being my favorite franchise I’m glad I got MGS4 platinum. So what is left for me is a MGS Peace Walker and will gladly try Metal Gear Rising for free thanks to the upcoming IGC. I want to play The Last of Us too and I guess my rather short list will end here. Will look for a PS4 + MGSV bundle at some point next year to start my journey with the next-gen console and truly feel that I’m back with the console gaming.


Must haves for next year are:

Lightning Returns
Tales of Xillia 2
Atelier Escha & Logy

I also need to feed my Vita gaming habits so i cant spend all my money on ps3, also need to save for the ps4 so it all depends on what else might become available for the ps3, was excited for Drakengard 3 but wouldnt get it if it’s just digital.

Lemmichi 11 October, 2013 @ 10:26 pm   112

Still need to finish GtaV,Kingdom Hearts 1,5,Puppeteer,OnePiece,Okami,Dragon’s crown,Yakuza 4…
So it doesnt look my ps3 will retire when the ps4 launches.
Because at the rate all the good games keep coming out,its almost impossible to make a dent in my backlog.
And on top of that there is the old ‘drop my current games for the new shiny ones?’ dilemma.

The most important thing about backlogs is to not rush through them,because in the end it can impact your experience in a negative way.


I own too many games and I’ll try to complete as many as I can before PS4 and my aim will be completing games, not earning trophies. Trophies are still fun to earn, because it shows how much effort you have put in certain games, so my wish is to make more memorable memories with the PS3 before PS4 arrives and I’ll do my best to make them, but I will not forget my dear PS3 after ps4, because there are few games which are released for PS3 after ps4, so I need to play them.

Anyways I’m still happy that there are games for ps3 which I need to play even after PS4 has been released, because I don’t play on Playstation for the graphics I play for the games, so that’s why I’m still happy that I have a huge backlog and it will continue to grow to be even bigger. Even though I don’t mind playing on PS3 I’m anxiously waiting for the PS4 launch, because it will have unique social racing games and other great multiplayer games which are only possible with the nextgen.

We could say that we are the most luckiest gamers ever, because today we have the most awesome games which people have never seen before, so we truly are lucky and we should be happy for our big backlog and with the nextgen the future of gaming looks even better! 😀


I have played quite a lot of games but there is one series I haven’t which is a big regret. Dark Souls/Demon Souls. I know you’ve played it and have heard great praise for it but in the endless stream of releases I have missed it. I do love a challenge which is good since I have heard it’s pretty hard! However after playing heavy rain the next on my bucket list is Beyond Two Souls. I mean it looks like a masterpiece and should help the ps3 end with a bang! I don’t know when I’ll get to play it as money is tight saving for the ps4 🙁

puckelberry 11 October, 2013 @ 10:46 pm   115

I’m still trying to finish XCOM on ironman mode for the platinum it’s truly evil but fun. Other than that just replaying some of my favourites like Bioshock & Dishonored might sneak in a complete replay of skyrim which will eat up the hours.

XzSlLENTSNIPERzX 11 October, 2013 @ 10:47 pm   116

Well firstly I need to tackle the ‘meat’ of GTA:V (IE: the story) before jumping into the ‘dessert’ which really seems like yet another main course, GTA:ONLINE; I’m really excited to try it out but I need to find the time.

Next up I have two WWII games from the recent sale which are Birds of Steel & Sniper Elite:V2; the former is absolutely magnificent and I’m loving every moment of it whereas the latter is a bit unrealistic (in scenarios on offer)but I’m enjoying it nonetheless. Yet again I’m planted to the ground so time isn’t easily accessible right now.

I also have a few games to platinum (which I love doing by the way, a few games to tackle ‘blind’ such as the two Fallout games, Ratchet & Clank HD trilogy and more – I love all of these games too!

In short, I’m going to be occupied right up until the PS4’s release as I have games in my possession and more to be released that need completing this year! Examples of this are AC4, GT6 and Batman on my PS3! And I haven’t even touched the Vita’s backlog or PS+!

dogwalker4000 11 October, 2013 @ 10:55 pm   117

I just watched the last ever Breaking Bad on my PS3…I’m done, don’t need to play or watch anything ever again.

jonnyalpha 11 October, 2013 @ 10:56 pm   118

Oh dear, oh dear. Frankly, it’s embarrassing. Playstation Plus has completely spoiled me over the last year and along with my tendency to be tempted by new shiny stuff I have a huge backlog of games from PSN and on disc.

Just looking up at one shelf shows The Darkness 2, Prototype 2, Spec Ops, Binary Domain, Alpha Protocol, 3d Dot Game Heroes and Alpha Protocol. All bought at some point with every intention of devoting some time to them but all overtaken by something newer and shinier.

I have so many Plus downloads I need to finish including Catherine, Space Marines, Just Cause 2, Saints Row 2 and 3, Hitman, Sleeping Dogs. Not even counting the “small” games that I’ve bought for my PS3 and Vita that swallow days….Hotline Miami, Spelunky, Virtue’s Last Reward and Pinball Arcade – I lost weeks to that game and I’ll still return to it in future.

Finally, the big game I still have to get is The Last of Us, I have to play that as Naughty Dog are complete masters of the PS3.

My PS3 will be remaining on the shelf next to it’s new big brother so I still aim to get more of these games finished but really I’ve never going to catch up am I? What a problem to have. 🙂

tiago-kun 11 October, 2013 @ 10:59 pm   119

Well, the last game I played on my PS3 before it went away was the Last of Us and I thought to myself, at least I went out with a bang…

And then I saw the games that were coming out and thought #$%@
I’m not that big of a GTA fan so it’s not that, but I’m a big fan of Suda 51 so Killer is Dead is one game I want to play badly, but there’s also Beyond: Two Souls and Puppeteer. I’m even considering borrowing a PS3 for those three. But with the PS4 around the corner and Black Flag looking so great it’s a bit hard to buy those games.

Maybe when we can stream ps3, I play them or something…

sherbsville 11 October, 2013 @ 11:03 pm   120

Hello! Well, I guess like ALOT of people I’m really looking forward to beyond two souls, and it’s that that has lured me to the scary forums. My pile of shame, like many, is truly shocking. Anyway, I’ve taken some games from that pile, and some that I NEED to play again, and tried to write a poem. Believe it or not, it’s taken almost four hours,(!!!) yet is still no better than a Vogon poem, please be nice!

Dear PS3 i love you,
I long to see our JOURNEY through,
You’ve never DISHONORED me,
have always been true,
REMEMBER ME I’m yours,

As the RAIN tumbles down,
A lifeline I need,
Like 2 BROTHERS on a mission,
I need some guidance, some ASSASSINS CREED.

Help me be a TOMB RAIDER,
Give me that sense of elation,
Show me the wonder of TOKYO ZOO,
Play me haunting music from NI NO KUNI and UNCHARTED 2.

Take me to Joel and Ellie, one more time,
I beg you please,
Don’t let this be THE LAST OF US,
I don’t want you to leave.

My PS3 I love you,
Let’s keep on exploring together,
making new memories,
I won’t leave you,

SwingerE11 11 October, 2013 @ 11:19 pm   121

I wanna play Yakuza 5, but it’s not coming to UK.
I wanna do heists on GTA Online but it’s not out yet.
I wanna get that last trophy I need on Tomb Raider, but it’s gonna take forever.
I wanna play beyond two souls and I wanna play watchdogs when it comes out.


I still got the psplus games to beat, gotta say, far cry 3 is a lot better than ac3, hope ac4 makes up for dat, really hoping they release far cry 4 on ps4!
The funny thing i found out is dat many games ending with 3 was released on ps3 such as dead space 3, crysis 3, fc3, ac3 and bf3, dis will b da same pattern for ps4 haha, we got ac4, bf4 and more haha, too bad gta v will not b making da cut haha
Too busy right now owning da noobs on gta 5 online haha, for some reason i get kicked out of deathmatches and survival mode now, i think im too good dat its unfair for other players haha hope dats not da case haha or it just might b my internet connection haha
Still got ps3 games yet to play such as the call of duty games (think im the only 1 who hasnt played any), last of us, bioshock infinite, dishonoured, borderlands 2, devil may cry and much, will clock all ps3 games b4 buyin a ps4, plz release skyrim and fallout 2 on psn, heard a lot of gud things bout those titles

sabien29 11 October, 2013 @ 11:35 pm   123

My Current Gen bucketlist is as long as the world is wide. Can anyone measure the width of the world from end to end? Separate the east from the west? I know I certainly can’t.

So to name a few titles that are on my bucket list:
Beyond: Two souls (Just so interested in the story and the gameplay)
Assassins Creed three (I need to finish the trilogy or whatever it is now)
Continue thrashing my boyfriend on Uncharted
Beat my brother to platinum on Tomb raider.

And that is just to name a few. I could go on and on.

So when the PS4 comes out I am going to be holed up in my bunker in the garden watching the world fall down around my ears as I realise I am never going to play all that I want.


Ps3 Creation story
Gta 4 and Gta san andreas had a baby= gta 5
Uncharted 3 + dead island= last of us ( had more traits from his dad uc3 haha)
Remember me is mirrors edges older sister
Ac revelations + handicap= ac3 ( killed da series haha)
Saints row 3 reincarnated into a more cheeky, outgoing, lil kid saints row 4
Will think of sum more haha

7 weeks!:S Curse you Sony for providing so many awesome games!:/ Finished with ‘Far Cry 3’ (PS PLUS<3), took 40 hours, just started with 'Dark Arisen' which'll obviously keep me busy for a while. Also can't wait 'til 'The Wolf Among Us' hits the PS Store and then there's… Asura's Wrath, Batman: AO, Battlefield 4, Bayonetta, BEYOND: TWO SOULS, BioShock Infinite, Braid, Brothers, Crysis 3, Dark Souls 1 & 2, Dead Space 2, Diablo III, Dishonored, DA 2, F3 NV, Far Cry 2 & Blood Dragon, GOW Ascension, GT 6, GTA V, Journey, LA Noire, Killzone 2 & 3, Mass Effect Trilogy, Max Payne 3, MGS Collection, Metro: LL, Okami HD, Prey 2, Puppeteer, Rage, Rain, Rayman Legends, Resident Evil 5 & 6, Resistance 3, Saints Row 2, IV, South Park, SSX, The Darkness,1 & 2, The Last Of Us, Thief, SC Blacklist, Tomb Raider, Watch Dogs, XCOM: Enemy Within, Yakuza 3 & 4

I really still want to play at least most of these on the PS3.:/ Dammit! So this isn't so much a 'bucket list' as it is a 'barrel list'.:| It's horrible! Though, to be frank, I truly wouldn't mind suffering the pain of having a sweet limited edition copy of 'Beyond'.:P Teasing me to open it, playing it, finishing it.:S Twice! For you, Sony, I would bear this.

jimbob12345678 12 October, 2013 @ 12:01 am   126

Personally I’d like to try and get 100% of the trophies in all my games before the PS4 releases. Its not realisticly possible as new games are still releasing (and will be after the PS4 launch) but as close as possible will be good enough for me.

A lot is said about people who buy games for the trophies or rate a game based on its trophy list but I for one enjoy them. It gives me chance to experience content that on previous gen games I would ignore, (hardcore modes for example) or outright not even know about!

In terms of backlog I’ve made pretty good progress recently. I actually made up a spreadsheet so I could keep track of what games I have yet to go through and its helping a great deal. Plus I’ve just broke from work for the next 9 days for my birthday so even more gaming can occur! (Here’s ironically hoping that no-one buys me any games this year :P)

Anyway, back to Puppeteer, the only game that rivals LBP in terms of creativity!

CarotideEtude 12 October, 2013 @ 12:04 am   127

Too many to count. I ust BOUGHT PS3 after holding off for years. I have a big backlog of games on my PC to start with and yet on PS3 I plan to finish GTAV, Catherine, Assassin’s Creed saga (never found it playable on my PC), Far Cry 3, all three Uncharted, Tomb Raider, Bioshock Infinite, MGS4….I have things to do for at least a year or two!

shaunali 12 October, 2013 @ 12:13 am   128

ha you crack me up Fred. Reminding us about our backlogs and then wanting to add to it in the same sentence. You are a devious man indeed but you got me.
My bucket list is simple. I have a target to achieve 50 platinum trophies before the PS4 arrives, settles in and makes itself a part of my family. The platinum that is taunting me is killzone 3 multiplayer and I have been stuck needing the triple kill trophy for months so if I manage to do that in the next 7 weeks I will be able to move on in my playstation life content and happy.
Btw out of curiosity, is the beyond 2 souls platinum hard? ; )

Project2insanity 12 October, 2013 @ 12:18 am   129

“I cannot live… yet I cannot die.” The words of Gabriel Belmont. There are several games I could cite (The Last of Us and Beyond particularly) but the most important for me is unquestionably Castlevania:Lords of Shadow 2.

His words shall echo the period between PS4’s launch up until the game’s release for me. I can’t quite explain it but I feel compelled to not move to PS4 until I set him free so I am preparing to enter limbo very soon since there will be temptation clashing with my own vow. I was foolish enough not to pick up the first at release. I will not repeat that mistake for the second!

The end of this epic shall herald the end of this generation.

Agamer2006 12 October, 2013 @ 12:34 am   130

Most likely go back to where it all started for me, with the first 3 I bought when I got my PS3, Sega Rally, Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destruction and Oblivion.

Replaying ratchet and clank will be a delight to me as I am a big fan of the ratchet games and oblivion is a game that took up so many of my Saturday mornings.

But most of all will be the very first game I played on my PS3, Sega Rally. It was never on my list of games to play, it came with the PS3 so it was a game that I played for abit then got put back into the shelf, while I went to play Uncharted and Resistance etc. So to go back to this game after all this time and after how little I play it will be a moment in itself. Kinda shows how ive gone full circle.

JediKnight246 12 October, 2013 @ 12:45 am   131

I still have about a dozen PS3 games that I want to play, Bioshock Infinite, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 and Sly: Thieves in Time being a few of them.

I’m leaving the PS4 until next year since there’s no rush and I’m planning on Dragon Age: Inquisition being the first PS4 game I play in 2014. Not really a good idea buying a PS4 at launch when there aren’t any games I want to play then.

solid--raiden 12 October, 2013 @ 12:52 am   132

Even without the great upcoming titles, I have my own gaming White Whale to deal with: Metal Gear Solid 4… TROPHIES!

Let me prefix this “My name is Dan and I’m an MGS-aholic”. I bought myself a PS3 on 12/06/08 in the middle of my GCSE’s just for MGS4. It was my only PS3 game for 8 months and I played it completely! From the Big Boss playthrough to the chicken playthrough I did it all. And purely for my own satisfaction, no trophies. Years passed, my trophy obsession grew, and there was still no word of a trophy patch. Then the HD collection came out, so I promptly platinum’d all three games. Then a few months later, there I was feeling content and it happened, the trophy patch. I greeted it with jubilation and reserve. I knew I wanted the trophies but I also knew I’d have to play it all again to get them. So apprehensively I jumped back in, starting with the horrifically boring chicken playthrough, but alas I never finished it and the constant stream of great new games has prevented me from going back. So on my honour as an MGS fan and a platinum hunter, I will platinum MGS4 before I leave the PS3 behind!

It seems only fitting that I must return to my very first PS3 game to say goodbye to this fantastic console.

TheMaxDaddy 12 October, 2013 @ 12:54 am   133

what do I still want to do on my PS3 before PS4 arrives? The same thing I’ll be doing on my PS3 after PS4 arrives, I’m not putting it away, I’ll still be enjoying the monthly Plus updates and new releases for a long time after the PS4 joins my Playstation Ecosystem. It’s not going away. Why would it? Now I’ll have 3 consoles to fill my every spare, and not-spare minute.


This answer is almost impossible to answer for me, as I don’t set targets. As a matter of fact, when I turn on my PS3, I typically don’t even know yet which game I’ll be playing.

That does not bother me at all. I like to try out many different games, and I have lots to choose from. Sometimes it happens that a particular game manages to grab me so much that I will not play any other game until I complete it. Although there are many great games, this only ever happens so often.

It happend with The Cave and Spec Ops The Line recently. It happend with The Saboteur in the past. I think it will happen with GTA V when I allow myself the time to fully enjoy it.

I think what I want to do in these remaining weeks is to discover another such game.

Any suggestions?

Bakamano 12 October, 2013 @ 2:37 am   135

I’m not one to boast
But here in this post
With a noticeable lack of glee

I stare at my games
With a twingence of shame
It all starts with Assassins Creed Three

With a dash and a slash
I make my way past
To the ending I’m longing to see

Bioshocks seas
Are a welcoming breeze
But beware of local the splicee’s

Catherine as well
To fall for her spell
Such a sheepish thing to be

The mountain only grows
For Zeus only knows
The backlog never ceases to be

New stories and old
Forever being told
Here on my PS3

monoliet 12 October, 2013 @ 3:15 am   136

very simple = i buy 0 games untile ps4 ( al games today need ps4 version if them have not = bad luck)

want very badly
-ac iv
-mincraft ps4 /vita ( hope % on combo )
-cod goast

i play old games untile ps4 🙂

WayfaringWalrus 12 October, 2013 @ 4:04 am   137

I personally don’t see the PS4 as the end for the PS3. I still even often go back to enjoy the delights of my PS1 and PS2 – escape into the worlds of Final Fantasy 7, Metal Gear Solid, Crash Bandicoot, SSX, Shadow of the Colossus, all the cornerstones of the Playstation Universe that make this console great.

This generation still has so much to offer, albeit the torch will now be passed on to the PS4. For me, it seems fitting that one of the final ‘big’ releases is GTA 5, a primarily Playstation franchise, with the latest incarnation being able to show off just what this console is still capable of.

For now PS3, it’s farewell, but not goodbye.

tarsanell 12 October, 2013 @ 4:25 am   138

Ironically, being reminded that the PS4 is so close to release makes me just want to rush through my backlog (and pick up a few gems I’ve always intended to play!).

Firstly, on PSN, it seems that the ‘oldies but goodies’ are most likely to have fallen by the wayside until now. Think about it: how many new PS3 owners have had a chance to play Penny Arcade, Costume Quest and Stacking? Yet, I recently downloaded demos for a couple of these, and immediately had to purchase the full versions.

Then we have the list of AA and AAA titles. I’ve yet to finish L.A. Noire, Valkyria Chronicles, and Portal 2…and there’s no way relegating my PS3 to second place before picking up Castlevania, Ico & Shadow of the Colossus, and Ni No Kuni. Sony may want to consider giving all of the above one more public push…I know most gamers would love to discover some these hidden gems before moving on the next generation!

In summary, wouldn’t it be exciting to get a glimpse of the console’s highlights before the PS4 drops? This way, we’ve got a great opportunity to set ourselves up for the next gen, with the ‘best of’ to hand on our PS3s, ready to blast through while the PS4’s awesome library starts to build up!

KylieDog 12 October, 2013 @ 5:06 am   139

This gen still has lots of good games coming exclusively for it.

Beyond: Two Souls as as soon as can scrap together the money for it, is my priority purchade.
Batman Arkham Origins
Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2
Dark Souls 2 (in the beta, whoo!)
Ultra Street Fighter IV
Gran Turismo 6
Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD collection

+And many more, who needs next gen when this gen still got lots of exclusive games no matter what type of gamer you are.

European_Gamer 12 October, 2013 @ 7:26 am   140

Metal Gear Rising: Revengance
Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3
PixelJunk Shooter 2
And Last but not least BEYOND: Two Souls, I need to play that game before the PS4 arrives.


My backlog is so long thanks to playstation plus for giving me the opportunity to play games I would never have bought myself. Apart from the huge backlog, I still have yet to pick up ‘The Last of Us’ I haven’t even played it or seen anyone play it, but I know its amazing game because its ‘Naughty Dog’ and I know what to expect from them! I would also like to pick up ‘Ratchet & Clank: Nexus’ as Insomniac is the best, they have not made a bad game to date I don’t think, + Ratchet is awesome.

Masha2932 12 October, 2013 @ 8:01 am   142

I have a lot of games in my backlog but the ones I really want to finish are the games that are a bit different from the norm. Games I might not get a chance to play on the PS4

Games like:

Asura’s Wrath – Capcom’s interesting experiment that is one part game and another part anime.

Wonderbook: Diggs Nightcrawler – I always liked the idea behind wonderbook and Diggs looks to be the peripheral’s killer app.

Tornado Outbreak – A game where you play as a tornado. What?! Yeah, I’m as surprised as you are. I definitely want to try that.

Noby Noby Boy – I saw this game on a sale and it just looked weird. I had to try it.

Finally, Greed Corp. I always liked this game’s art style and my instincts told me it was good. Doesn’t hurt that friends tell me it’s great as well.

There is nothing like a console transition to remind you how many good games there have been in this generation.

TrueMurton 12 October, 2013 @ 8:11 am   143

I think I’m gonna have to run both consoles in tandem for a little while as the backlog is much too large to go through before. Put myself down for PS4 megapack and the Vigilante Edition of Watchdogs so that’s a 530 quid spend on Nov 29 so I’ll be glad for my backlog to give me a change of pace.

I’ve got GTA finish, Beyond Two Souls to start and that’s just purchases from this last month. I also really need to finish both of the XCOMS, Dead Space 2 and 3 and go back for the Heavy Rain platinum.

I’ve also got both the Darksiders games to go through and a load of PS+ stuff.

Sometimes I wonder why I buy these games knowing I simply don’t have the free time to play them.

salvogdaze 12 October, 2013 @ 8:29 am   144

@Izorpo I know how you feel, I’m actually trying to break that habit. I’ve never been a completionist but at least playing a game for a certain number of hours/up to a certain percentage of completion would be nice before rushing out to buy the next shiny new game. And that’s what I’m trying now. A set of rules should work just fine, like finish 1 game before you buy another or anything you can set at your own pace.

So I won’t be getting a PS4 for a while (hopefully I won’t be tempted by the PS4 Plus IGC titles I might be missing) and instead will be busy with RDR, Ni No Kuni, Heavy Rain, Xcom:EU, Borderlands 2, Okami and Far Cry 3, all of which are titles I haven’t completed yet. Maybe I’ll finally platinum Virtua Tennis on the Vita and spare some time for the many Plus Vita offerings like Virtue’s Last Reward or Lego LOTR.

PHEEliNUX 12 October, 2013 @ 8:36 am   145

Probably alot
I still have yet to complete(As in even post game and extra content) Disgaea 4, And i got Disgaea Dimension 2 a week ago, Many other games i didn’t beat, Plus games, I also have a 3DS and plan to get a Wii U down in the way when Monolith Soft game gets released, Then might get a PS4

M3_sport_evo 12 October, 2013 @ 8:52 am   146

South park: the stick of truth. Why? Because it’s south park!

And the rest of playstation plus games that i haven’t played yet.


Actually i decided that before i start playing with the PS4, i have to finish all my current games on the current console. This way i get the feeling that ive got everything done and i can move to the next console without feeling that there’s still something left to complete on PS3. After the PS4 has launched my PS3 will propably still be in use as a nostalgia item though 🙂

Crazyronnie4 12 October, 2013 @ 8:58 am   148

For me it has to be Infamous 2.
It’s the only game ever i’ve happily completed 3 times without getting bored.
I thank Playstation Plus for making me realise how great this game is.

LordDagoth4 12 October, 2013 @ 9:02 am   149

I’m going to go Beyond the Two Souls that are you, the reader, and I the writer and delve into the pieces of my gamimg life that closely resemble Lego bricks, just like in Lego Lord of the Rings. Then with a Ratchet in hand and a Clank made with each step, I’ll complete Ratchet amd Clank All 4 One with my brother. I might need his help. There’s nothing like close siblings. A Brotherhood if you will, like in my next goal, AC Brotherhood. Finishing that will have bioShocking consequences as I move on to another game. By thrn the PS4 will almost be upon, so a good thing I’ll be up to The Last of them, or from the game’s point of view, The Last of Us. There are so many more things I want to finish in our Little Big Planet, but sometimes you just have to move on instead of getting Tekken by something else.

nukester84 12 October, 2013 @ 9:27 am   150

nothing, ready to hit the PS4 head on and leave the PS3 behing

Lunastra78 12 October, 2013 @ 9:36 am   151

Dark Souls 2 and GTAV. I’m hoping for PS4 versions of both.

dirtyhb46 12 October, 2013 @ 9:49 am   152

We all have something in our bucket still not played.
But the best is in front of us.
GT 6 , on December the 6th !!!
The game pads will melt !!!

Xandrilios 12 October, 2013 @ 9:56 am   153

Having a first edition PS3, I’ve been playing PS2 games throughout the current gen cycle. Slowly but surely completing more and more games. I seriously wish to finish ICO (HD version, thanks to PS+). Just got The Last of Us, which is so intense, I need to take breaks in between playthroughs. Even though it’s rather hard to quit.

My goal is to play the most emotionally engaging games available, before any other. So, Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom, Spec Ops the Line, Homefront, Mafia 2 (the story is good enough to be on this list for me) and the afore mentioned ICO and The Last of Us.

Aside from that, Dragon’s Dogma is awesome, I’d like to learn stealth in Dishonored and I’d like to experience Beyond:Two Souls!

And this might not score any points on the Sony side: I need to finish Skyward Sword!

crusherMGS 12 October, 2013 @ 10:18 am   154

The bucket list is overflowing since the RAIN. It already was full with Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, Dark Souls 2, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2, BioShock Infinite and even more! BEYOND that I once again have to travel abroad to UNCHARTED territories. Enjoyed the last two trips and third time’s the charm as they say.


Fallschirm 12 October, 2013 @ 10:20 am   155

Way to many games, nr 1 on the list is without doubt Yakuza 5, should it ever release in the West (for which I have little hope :-().

Other games include:

Ni No Kuni => stuck on the end by wanting to grind a little to much
Metal Gear Rising => still encased in plastic
Spec Ops The Line, Uncharted 3, Prince of Persia, Mini Ninja’s, Far Cry 3 => all great PS+ games for which I didn’t have the time to play (but will someday)
Beyond Two Souls => this has the best chance to be next finished game
Yakuza Dead Souls => stopped playing this with the release of GTA 5, expect to finish it in the beginning of november
Remember Me => lost track of it, delighted to hear it will be on PS+
Probably much more of which I lost track and that is not even including playstation 2 games.

And of course one future release that I’ll buy immediately: Dark Souls 2

Conclusion: way too much games, way too little time to play them all

Well, that’s the big problem… too many good games to play, and when the new generation time comes, you realize you still have a lot to enjoy on the current gen.

And PS3 is the last of my problems… there are still games I’d like to play on PS2 (The Mark of Kri as an example) and PS; first of all I have to finish Final Fantasy VII… I know, it’s a shame, I’ve played more than half of it, but for various reasons I didn’t come to the end… really one of the best games ever…

Talking of PS3 there’s plenty of games I should play, but one for sure: Resistance 3; I played many times the first two chapters of the saga (and Retribution too)… I have never enjoyed first person shooters, but Resistance is much more than that… the first one was fresh air for me… so I just can’t miss the third one…


Thanks to PSplus my backlog is rather huge..

My main want is to finish Thomas was alone, I know how it feels to be alone and being surrounded by rectangular shaped superheros, Art imitating life I belive…

Looking forward to ps4 just finding rectangular superheros to assist in the cooperation of navigating the maze of my money is proving a problem..Life imitating art I belive…

sneakystuff99 12 October, 2013 @ 10:56 am   158

Thanks to PS Plus my backlog is an endless black hole that wont stop getting bigger…Free games more like extra stress!


After reading users responses I must say I’m relieved because I’m not the only one having such long list of games I din’t even try of this (really amazing btw) generation!

I’m happy I finished top exclusives like Uncharted trilogy, Heavenly Sword, Heavy Rain, Infamous 1 & 2, Flower, God of War III…, but still many left.

Despite of some solid AAA games I’ve just started playing (Far Cry 3, Assassins Creed III thanks to PS+), or still going to ( Bioshock Infinite, GTA V) I’m most thrilled to play those awesome experiences that only PS3 have to offer like Journey, Puppeteer, The Last of Us, new Ratchet and Clank and of course Beyond.

Even if my pile of shame is quite long there are so many new IP’s and independent titles that I’m still going to play after I finish Killzone Shadow Fall on my PS4 during Christmas 😉


Playstation Plus is the worst thing to ever happen to backlogs. I have bought the grand total of 4 games this year, the least games i have ever bought but I still find myself swamped with an ever growing list of games. I am not ready for PS4 at all but I have come to the conclusion that I probably never will be.

As for what is on my list, I will miss the PS4 launch as I will still be here listing. I have gone to the extreme of categorising my games into high, medium and low priorities as I know fine well that I will not get to play them all.


Next gen? NEXT GEN?? Arrggghhhh… I’ve still to get a platinum trophy in THIS gen (don’t laugh).

So the easy answer is “get a platinum trophy” but I’ve had 5 or so years to get one and not managed it so a month and a few days isn’t going to help..

So the more difficult answer is in a few segments:

1. Increase my free time

Sounds easy enough but with a girlfriend, 2 year old daughter, full time job and a pending move from the UK to Ireland on the cards that’s not actually easy… this brings me onto my next answer.

2. Create days that have more than 24 hours

I’m in the process of talking with God about this.

BubblesPL 12 October, 2013 @ 11:25 am   162

Recently I’ve rediscovered the genre that I think was at it’s best during the first PlayStation era – Japanese RPG. I’ve completed FFXIII-2, Resonance of Fate and FFIX in the last 3 months and fell in love with the genre again. I played them JRPGs for thousands of hours (literally) on PSone, had a great time with some of them (FFX, FFXII, Dragon Quest 8) on PS2, but it was not the same, as more and more games started abandoning the turn based/ATB battle system. And recently I felt the love again, now I’m planning on playing more JRPGs, I’ve set my sight on the Atelier series, Agarest series and of course the next FF titles (cannot wait to play Blitzball again in FFX HD). And the best part is, one RPG can last more then a dozen games from other genres, so it should keep me busy until I buy PS4. And I still have some PS3 exclusives (the main reason PS3 is the most occupied console this generation in my home) to play, like GoW:A, Beyond (even if I don’t win it here, I’ll still buy it) and maybe GT6.


Before i buy Playstation 4 i want to buy and play following games on my Playstation 3: Bayonetta, Dante’s Inferno, God of War 2, Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta, Metal Gear Solid 2, 3 and 4, Tomb Raider, DMC Devil May Cry, Beyond Two Souls. I also have to complete games from my backlog: Jak $ Daxter trilogy, Xcom Enemy Unknown, Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning, Dragon’s Dogma. And i have to buy Playstation Vita to play all those games from playstation plus and Killzone Mercenary. Playstation 3 and Vita realy have a lot to offer, that’s amazing. After all this i should be ready to jump to Playstation 4.


All this RPGs!! At 40-80 hours a pop there are really hard to sit down and put time into them.

Tales of Graces F, Tales of Xillia, Star Ocean, Dark Souls, No no Kuni, Eternal Sonata, Folklore, Soul Sacrifice. When I get time I WILL complete them!

Also been delving into some ps1 RPGs like Breath of Fire 3 on PSP, Grandia, and nearly completed FF9!

So much to do, so little time!

link1983 12 October, 2013 @ 11:41 am   165

I have a few more games to do before my time with the PS3 comes to an end.

Ratchet and Clank Nexus.

I have been waiting for a single player experience since the amazing Crack in Time.

South Park: The Stick Of Truth

The game that almost didn’t happen. Like Ghostbusters this one managed to survive a liquidation of it’s original company and I am glad. I cannot wait to play the second best RPG of the year.

I have also to get round to playing:

Metal Gear Rising (Thank you PlayStation Plus

Farcry 3 (Again thanks!)

Borderlands 1 & 2 (I have started one on several occasions)

Binary Domain

I think that wraps it all up.

Rockstar_512 12 October, 2013 @ 12:15 pm   166

Busy playing GTA 5 then still need to get through Splinter Cell Blacklist and Gran Turismo 6 and Beyond:Two Souls – if I could get my hand on a copy 😉 Waiting for PS4 before I dive into Assassins Creed:Black Flag, Watch Dogs and Battlefield 4.

RossyWilson 12 October, 2013 @ 12:27 pm   167

I have managed to come to terms with the fact I will never get to play a lot of the games sitting on my ps3 download list but before I get my ps4 I want to shorten my platinum bucket list. Every time I boot up, almost, any new game I decide I’m going to go for the coveted platinum, somehow I rarely achieve it, either due to a lack of free time or a new game that I need to play, often with the intention of getting that platinum thus continuing the cycle. The Last of Us, Hitman, Golden Abyss, Spec Ops, Bioshock infinite and many others are all only a couple of trophies away from the platinum and maybe I will need to come to terms with the fact they will stay that way.

RaulFGD3 12 October, 2013 @ 12:34 pm   168

Man, I have SO many games left to play, it’s amazing. I’ve only recently started playing PS3 games (a few months ago), so I still have a long way ahead. A few that come to mind are Final Fantasy XIII-2, Lightning Returns – Final Fantasy XIII, Disgaea 3/4/D2, Heavy Rain, Tales of Xillia, God of War Ascension… There are many more that I can’t remember right now (as it’s currently pretty early in the morning here in Brazil), and I still gotta platinum all the games I already own! Besides, Playstation Plus makes this even harder than it should be. Yeah, I’m pretty happy as a PS3 owner 😛


For the first time in my life, I now have not one, but two backlogs. And it’s Sony’s fault!

Ever since the PS4 release date was announced, I started on a mission to trim the backlog of games I’ve bought over the years: games that got lost in time, like Dead Space 2 (loved the first one!), are still looking at me from my shelf, disgusted that I could buy them and just let them there, unplayed. Indeed, shame on Dead Space 2, shame on me.

What Dead Space 2 fails to understand is that Sleeping Dogs and Dragon’s Dogma are also competing for my time. I haven’t told Dead Space 2 about my PS+ subscription, as it feels like cheating. And I love them all the same, I really do. Even those round bouncy icons on my PS Vita, looking into my eyes as if saying “why haven’t you finished Hotline Miami yet, huh?”.

I am currently playing Sleeping Dogs. I am also not ready to have yet a 3rd category of backlog, one where I didn’t buy the game, or got it through PS+, but won it for free at a competition. But since my wife is dying to see how Beyond is (she loved Heavy Rain), at least I’m positive this one would go straight into the the PS3.
And no, I wouldn’t let Dead Space 2 know about this one as well.

akhmenhax 12 October, 2013 @ 12:53 pm   170

Oh wow, Where do I start? Ever since I joined PlayStation Plus there has been a whole array of games that both intrigued me and introduced me to new genres. Even to this day, there’s still so much left to play on my PS3, that is how rewarding Plus can be. As of now I’m playing Assassin’s Creed 3, my first game in the AC franchise, and boy is it one of the best stealth games I’ve ever played. This guarantees my first PS4 game to be AC4: Black Flag, along with Knack of course.
Over in my left field, I have Catherine, a dark innovative horror. The puzzles can be quite difficult, but the engaging storyline makes it all worth it.
In the near future, although I’m an avid PS fan, I’v still yet to play Heavy Rain. Maybe because the gameplay looks a little intimidating, knowing that I can change fate with a press of a button. But with the hype surrounding Beyond:Two Souls, I knew that I’ve got to try out Quantic Dream’s other game first.
My PS4 probably isn’t going to arrive anytime soon, what with University planning and all, but my PS3 guarantees i have a bucket of games left to play and enjoy 🙂


With my girlfriend stealing my copy of GTA5 I have yet to start it. I only have the small task of finishing Kingdoms of Amaular and Diablo 3, and that is before plus force me to play Remember Me in a couple of weeks

N00B-K1NG69 12 October, 2013 @ 1:43 pm   172

Does any one know when PS4 is launching in India???


Oh man, I have an unplayed list of over 200 games just on PS3! If I included 3DS/DS/Vita/Wii and WiiU, I basically won’t need a new console until the PS6 is out…

I’m determined to at least have played one(!) of the CoD releases from the last 4 years before I jack it in…

This is further exacerbated by the following:

a) I’m 37 years old and should know better
b) I seem to be continually unable to calculate my own spare time vs the amount of games I buy
c) Continually ignore the fact that as my disposable income goes up, my available spare time goes down (see also point b)
d) My excuse of “this’ll be a great game to play with the kids” never seems to happen as I buy yet another local multiplayer-centric game, as their spare time always seems to occur whilst I’m at work!


OnionMarmalade 12 October, 2013 @ 2:11 pm   174

Got my ps3 in January…So everything.


no need for ps4 for like maybe next 2 years with arkham origins and dark souls 2 and all the free plus games i barelly touched.. you ruined my interest in ps4 yourself

Gincairn 12 October, 2013 @ 3:34 pm   176

Firstly, I’m very glad that the topic was current-gen, if I were to go back further I’m sure there would be titles on both PSOne and PS2 still waiting to be played.

As for the current gen, I won’t lie, I have a fair few, there are some I’ve finished that I want to go back to such as Eat Lead and Dante’s Inferno (Don’t hate me, I liked them)

But I don’t tend to go back despite telling myself I will. So I’ve developed a system, stick with a game until I see it through and then move on, this would work very well, except I always end up getting new games and therefore some of my collection gathers dust.

As for titles still to finish, GTA V, Saints Row IV, Dark Souls, Kingdoms of Amalur, Kingdom Hearts and a whole host more (And that’s not even counting Vita games!)

But my current addictions are GTA V and Skydive: Proximity Flight (A surprisingly great game which is the perfect embodiment of the “Just one more go” style game)

StatusQuoExile 12 October, 2013 @ 3:51 pm   177

Like most, my backlog is massive. Since I’m going for 100% trophy completion, I’m trying to knock off everything with Multiplayer before servers either depopulate or close down. Having just finished Red Dead: Redemption online, I’m moving onto games like Bad Company, Uncharted 2 and Uncharted 3.

Then it’s onto my extensive PS Plus library, which includes some fantastic games that I’m looking forward to experiencing, like Far Cry 3, and open games that I’ve already started but have let fall by the wayside, like Hitman: Absolution and inFamous 2.

Finally, Heavy Rain has been staring at me from my shelf for the past few years. I picked it up for cheap, but never took the time to progress very far, and that’s always been a regret.

My plan is to alternate between my PS3 and PS4, ensuring that I get to enjoy the latest content (very excited about Watch_Dogs, inFamous: Second Son, and Destiny), without missing out on all the great games that the PS3 still has to show me.

Coody-Baroody 12 October, 2013 @ 4:00 pm   178

Seriously mate? Those few games arent a backlog! Thats a weekend session! Nah just kidding bit I wish my backlog was that size. I have 68 retail games disk and digital, PS+ and purchased including:
Max Payne 3
Red Dead Redemption
Crysis 2&3
Battlefield 3 Premium
Hitman HD Coll&Absolution
Just Cause 2
Black Ops 2 and MANY MANY MORE

71 PSN games which are mostly made up of PS+ games from before the IGC
And last but no means least 30 Vita Games Including:…….well you get the idea, there are just too many to list and im wasting gaming time by trying to list them all. LOL

What doesnt help me n why its SUCH a big backlog is that im a trophy addict and its always 100% or nothing so i have to get all trophies for every game including all DLC Trophies (that reminds me……..Uncharted 3 DLC!!!

Im off, got so much work to do, AND ive got PS4 with KZ, Watch Dogs and AC4 next month!

Aceterix 12 October, 2013 @ 4:21 pm   179

I think most of us have ridiculously long lists, I’m going to have to prioritise just those that I’ll be ashamed to never play. Currently that means the whole Uncharted series – can’t believe I haven’t started that one – Ni no kuni, Bioshock Infinite and The last of us all need to be played too, I think I need to be worried as I believe all of these are epicly long.

I’m giving serious consideration to getting a dog so he can play half my list for me and we can discuss the in game stories together during walkies at the end of every session, otherwise I may never see sunlight again. I doubt my missus will agree to no more holidays until my backlog is done, but it would definitely help if I could use my annual leave for that instead.

NicoNelson 12 October, 2013 @ 4:38 pm   180

I just bought my PS3 after the summer (yeah I know…. But I’m never going back to Xbox!). So I’m trying to catch up on the ps3 exclusives before my PS4 arrives. My biggest problem is that there are so many of them and so little time! Some of the exclusives that I need to finish are (and I’m actually hoping for a delay in PS4 games after the initial launch so that I get a change to catch up…):

– Journey
– Little big planet
– Uncharted 3 (loved the first 2)
– The inFamous series
– The God of War series
– Tokyo Jungle
– To many JRPGs to mention…
– The Killzone series (not a big fan of FPS games though)

I’m not even worrying about getting plat on the games, I just want to play and experience them! My predicament is further complicated by the fact that I also bought a PS Vita (best gadget ever made! I travel a lot so the Vita has already entertained me for numerous hours when I otherwise would have been bored waiting for trains and airplanes). One problem though is that I have noticed that I now have a tendency to sneak back to my hotel room during boring meetings to finish a level on one of the vita games ☺ .

Anyways… Thanks PlayStation for enriching my life! <3

oli_1_uk 12 October, 2013 @ 5:08 pm   181

Well I’ve got quite a backlog to complete but unsure if I’ll get them all complete by the PS4 launch (doesn’t matter if not as I will continue playing PS3), here is my list:

– Uncharted 2
– Uncharted 3
– Bioshock 1, 2 & infinite
– Far Cry 3
– Assassin’s Creed series
– Singularity
– Call of Juarez: The Cartel
– Medal of Honor: Warfighter
– Infamous 1 & 2
– Duke Nukem Forever
– COD: World at War

Still got some PS plus games I need to complete as well so plenty to keep me occupied, problem I find is when a game you’ve been after is going cheap I can’t help but buy it 🙂

I’m excited for PS4 (getting the mega bundle and watchdogs) but I really hope that games come down in price after Xmas, £50-£60 is a lot of money for one game

abuelopepeuk 12 October, 2013 @ 5:10 pm   182

I need to play beyond two souls, gta V, God of War and THE LAST OF US. And end like 20 games i have and haven’t ended yet jajaja. Put discounts on this games and please give free afain okami and catherine. Please and if it is possible give a discount in dynasty warriors 8.

minimur12 12 October, 2013 @ 5:49 pm   183

Man, so much to get through! Oddly enough however, after i get my killzone bundle, ill still play my ps3 occaisionally, theres still some great games coming for ut. Definitely getting Nexus and im thinking about Lightning returns. aand all of those ps plus titles still to play!

Back on topic, my current gen bucket list is:
beyond Two Souls
Remember Me
Lightning Returns
Far Cry 3
And any PS Plus title you throw at me!

BartsBlue 12 October, 2013 @ 5:51 pm   184

Coincidentally, Beyond: Two Souls is sitting on top of my “bucket list”. I immensly enjoyed Heavy Rain, I really liked Fahrenheit, so there’s no way I’m missing out on next chef-d’œuvre from David Cage. Especially if Willem Dafoe is in it – ever since Boondock Saints anything starring Willem Dafoe automatically gets +1000 points.

Dark Souls II takes second place. I have already preordered it. I completed Demon’s Souls and Dark Souls (twice), but long after their premiere. This time I’m going to be there from the beginning, discovering game’s secrets together with the first waves of players. In fact, I am counting hours to closed beta tonight!

Other than that, I still have this year’s blockbusters to play, namely The Last Of Us and Bioshock: Infinite. They both come from masters of their trade, Naughty Dog and Ken Levine respectively, and I’ve heard only good things about these titles.

Finally, there is one game on my list that probably most people skipped, which is Alpha Protocol by Chris Avellone. I love interactive storytelling where outcomes depend on player choices and actions. From what I’ve heard, few games do it as well as Alpha Protocol (even if visually it’s so-so).

xion1116 12 October, 2013 @ 5:57 pm   185

I have quite a bit on PS3 still left to play considering I haven’t had a PS3 too long.

-Beyond: Two Souls for starters because that game looks amazing
-DMC, never played Devil may cry before so a reboot sounds like a good starting point, also loved the demo.
-Ratchet and Clank: A Crack in Time, ToD was my first ratchet games so I’d like to complete the future trilogy.
-Ratchet and Clank: Nexus, given the above, do I need to explain this one?
-Disgaea D2, I loved the original Disgaea a lot so a sequel and return of the original cast, I so need that in my life.
-Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix, I love Kingdom Hearts and have been following the series forever, a chance to replay some of the best games and get trophies, yes please!
-Remember Me, I do love to support new IP’s and this one looks great. Thanks to Ps Plus I finally get to play it.
-Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Loved XIII, liked XIII-2, and this one comes out just before my Birthday, can’t wait!
I also have games like Darksiders 1 and 2 to Platinum since I’m very close just got the collectibles to do and a ton of stuff I’m been fortunate enough to get from PS Plus (best subscription service ever!)

Ben25BBB 12 October, 2013 @ 6:35 pm   186

I have loads left to play! Sitting on my shelf alone I have Bioshock Infinite, Vanquish, Bayonetta, and Borderlands 2 waiting to be finished. Then, there’s all of the games that I’ve got from PlayStation Plus.. I recently make the great leap to fibre optic broadband, so I’ve gone on a download spree in order to get to play all the great games on my download list. Kingdoms of Amalur, Okami HD, Bulletstorm, Spec Ops, and loads, loads more are sitting there waiting to be played.. Sometimes I think that PlayStation Plus is too good, there’s so much to play!

In the way of trophies I want to earn, the Assassin’s Creed 2 Platinum is one that I’ve been meaning to get round to earning sometime – I’ve been on 85% for ages, just need to collect those pesky feathers!
I think that I’m going to need to get on with things quickly, there’s so much to finish before that shiny new beast that is the PS4 arrives, and only just over a month until it does! Time to get started!


I’m all about the PS3 exclusives. I’ve only recently become a member of the Playstation family, getting a Vita and PS Plus a couple of months ago.

When I saw the PS Plus games that were available on the PS3, I decided to go ahead and get one for the remainder of this generation.

I created a short list of exclusives that I had missed and knocking them out has been great so far. There are some truly special games that are only available on PS3.

Journey and Heavy Rain (both beautiful) were the first notches on my belt. Next up: finishing The Last of Us and Valkyria Chronicles.

I can’t wait.

sisi_ozuk 12 October, 2013 @ 9:02 pm   188

I still have to Platinum the Uncharted games. I love them so much but have been putting off the platinuming because then it truly will feel like the end of an awesome journey with Nate and the gang.


What’s left? Oh, just about every game in my IGC. And any future DLC for The Last of Us – game of the generation for me.

jellyhedgehog 12 October, 2013 @ 9:36 pm   190

Goodness me above. I’m asking for money for Christmas. Not much, just enough to get a Terrabyte hard drive to fit all my PS3 games on. If my backlog of games was actually a piece of string I could tie it round the moon twice then wrap up the Death Star to look like a ball of wool. I think it’s best if I start saving for the PS6. I might have finally played Mass Effect 3 by then.

brittanz 12 October, 2013 @ 9:38 pm   191

It’s going to be hard to pull me away from my ps4 but I’m pretty excited for gt6
It’s that feeling I get ever since gt1 launched.
I still remember that feeling I felt the first time I saw gt1 in action. Next level stuff. I also remember GT looking so freaking good on the ps2 that I would find myself on occasions stopping mid race to enjoy the view. Who would have known how far it would go.

Well done guys.

BBear_27 12 October, 2013 @ 10:16 pm   192

If I was to count ps3 games, psone and ps2 classics, vita games well… I could quite easily sit the next generation out and just be finished in time for the ps5 😀 but, obviously that isn’t an option, so im afraid my tombstone will read “loving husband, incredible backlog”

Red Dead Redemption and Bioshock Infinite are on my list after I’m done with GTA5. I’m also ashamed that I haven’t played Skyrim and due to the time commitment I probably never will.

Aside from Rain I don’t think I will be buying anymore PS3 games. Certainly not done with it as a console, I’ve a massive backlog of PS+ games too in addition to what might come in future. I only want a couple of PS4 ga,es until The Order and Destiny arrive.


My top priority was to platinum GTA 5 before ps4 comes out. Luckily I got it platted today so I got almost two months to play other games before ps4. 😀 I’m thinkking to pick up dragon’s crown but I haven’t decided should I buy it for ps3 or vita. Maybe I’ll get some interesting indie games if I got time.
But release of ps4 doesn’t mean ps3 is dead to me, both South Park: The Stick of Truth and Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII is coming for ps3 only which I’m planning to purchase.

randomtrav132 13 October, 2013 @ 12:11 am   195

After being slightly underwhelmed by GTA V, it’s making it hard for me to enjoy the tripple A game genre as of late. The Last of Us seems to have made me crumble under the beauty of the game that everything else will feel lesser of a game by comparison. However, taking a back track into my download list, I have seen plenty of games to keep me occupied with their own beauty and aesthetics.
The first game that I will definitely play before I move over to PS4 is ICO and Shadow of the Colossus HD Collection. But this is only being thrown is as an honourable mention since I have had the pleasure of playing it before.
My bucket list however is another set of games that I am shocked have slipped though my fingers.
Journey, this is a just play for me. It looks mesmerising, and I am hoping that the game will live up to that.
Flower, this is a tempting game, however I am finding it hard not to look into what the game is since the gameplay looks simple and vague, but I don’t want to spoil it if it is fantastic but I will have it under my belt in due time.

I will also have to play Beyond: Two Souls. Farinheight was one of my favourite games last gen and heavy rain is one of them this gen.


I have so many games to complete and so many time to play. Ironically I didnt platinumed even Heavy Rain, but its in my plan, of course. With time passes I getting older and more busy, but I still like playstation and its games and every month is adding some games to my wish-to-complete list. My latest is: gta V, Hyper dimension neptunia, Way of the samurai, Diablo, Killer is Dead, Final Fantasy XIV and some on vita, like ac3 liberation and Gravity rush. This is a small list of my future platinum, before next gen console.


So many where to start:
Fistly MAG highly underated game but now being pulled.
Fifa 14 before I start it all again on PS4. PS3 will not be in the drawer for ages lol

sjecollins 13 October, 2013 @ 1:19 am   198

Sorta relieved to see Beyond mentioned so much, was beginning to feel like the only person who didn’t have it yet!

I’ve played most of the exclusive must-haves (TLoU, Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank, Infamous, Heavy Rain, etc) and I’m working through the big multiplatformers, though slowly thanks to University. Finished GTA V today and this week I’ll probably pick up Saints Row IV where I left off. Otherwise, I’ve been eyeing Rain and The Wolf Among Us so I’ll probably pick those up on the PSN this week. Try as I might I can’t resist a good story-driven game.

Speaking of story-driven, the main game I have sitting on my PS3 that I have to play before the next-gen is the Beyond Good & Evil HD Remake. I got the original as a birthday present nearly a decade ago on PS2, had absolutely no idea what to expect and I still can’t describe what makes it so special. It’s my favourite example of a video game as art. Beautiful world, wonderful characters, excellent story and Héral’s soundtrack is one of the best I’ve ever heard. I’m sure it’ll be on the PSN for PS4 (and I’ll buy it then too), but yeah, right now the top of my bucket list is a game I’ve played many times before (not in HD yet!) and not even from this gen, haha

ElaborateEnd 13 October, 2013 @ 5:10 am   199

Beyond Two Souls, GTA V, The Last Of Us and a lot of exclusives I would like to pick up.

XRA-6369 13 October, 2013 @ 7:29 am   200

Ahhhhhhhh Fred you made me very very sad by this blog because I have a HUGE backlog that even writing them will take a time equal to finishing an RPG and now you you made me realize it is 7 weeks only and by also including the platinums and the unfinished games I will have nightmares.

I need one of the two souls to help me.


There is only 1 bucket list in my life and that is about meaningful stuff in life and although I love playing games, they are not a part of that list. Thankfully my bucket list is empty and I can die peacefully but that doesn’t mean there are no games I still want to play. But I don’t need to force anything to do that before the arrival of the PS4 because, although I ordered this wonderful console day one, I’m sure my old friend the PS3 will stay under my tv for a very long time. We all know it takes at least a year to get the software really rolling on a new console so in the meantime I’ll pick up many games I still want to play like Beyond Two Souls, Bioshock Infinite, Two Brothers, Puppeteer, Rain, The Last of Us and all the goodness the Plus service is sharing with me. But after that I’m going to finish Skyrim. That little bugger is still in my console and bags to be played but I just finished AC 3 and started on Farcry 3 so he has to wait a little bit more…

There’s going to be an excruciating 3 week wait between my final uni exam and ps4 release here in Australia, so my goal for that period is to squeeze every penny out of my PS Plus subscription. I’m particularly interested in jumping into this month’s Far Cry 3, it will be the first time playing a game in the series for me!
OH! And it also seems like I’m going to have to make some time for Beyound: Two Souls when you send a copy my way (eh? eh?).

IIphalanxII 13 October, 2013 @ 7:53 am   203

Borderlands 2 GOTY, and i can’t find it on Playstation Store…
what is going on?? i never buy discs any more…


I wont be getting one until next year – just long enough to get though the Assassin’s Creed back catalogue which I’ve recently purchased as double-packs. I’ve also got AC3 to finish (Thanks PS+!), God Of War series to complete, grinding up Grey Fox’s sword in MGS Rising and Black Flag out for my birthday. I’ve also got lots of PSOne originals to get through too.
I’d better stop typing and crack-on.


Games still to come:

Dark Souls II
Castlevania Lords of Shadow 2
Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII
Murdered: Soul Suspect


Already got a huge backlog especially due to PS+ too many games!!!


KenMarinaris 13 October, 2013 @ 8:49 am   206

Ladies and Gentlemen!
I have to confess I have quite few titles that in my opinion must be completed by the end of this console generation. Let’s specify them.

No 1 Mass Effect. I started playing Mass Effect in June, completed game on Normal difficulty few weeks later. Unfortunately, I stopped my second walkthrough cause of Limbo and some other titles. I would like to earn Platinum as it is quite important game to me.

No 2 Not far away from previous game is Mass Effect 3. I dont have it yet but feel I must complete this one as well. I started my adventure with Mass Effect trilogy from Mass Effect 2 and it’s a liitle bit messy now:(

No 3 and No 4. Atelier Totori and Atelier Meruru. I’m going to return to the first one and finally earn Platinum, the second one is still unwrapped on my shelf:( I loved Atelier Rorona and know the other two titles from the series will not disappoint me.

No 5 X-com: Enemy Unknown. I know it’s a great title, I know I should play it ASAP, I know it’s utterly my fault. Well, I promise to improve.

I am sure there’s a lot more fanatastic titles that I ought to try. Too little time is my only explanation like for the most of us.

Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for your attention.

General_JimmyG 13 October, 2013 @ 9:06 am   207

so so many games including gta online, final fantasy xiv, need for speeds… The list goes on. I may have to come to terms that I will never finish my back log.
But ps4 will be sweeeeeeeett

Azurewraith1 13 October, 2013 @ 9:29 am   208

I would say my bucket list is rather short i need to finish farcry3 dead space trilogy rock some pvp on darksouls 2 (while its still cool) get the plat trophy for kh1.5remix(why the difficulty trophies are separate is beyond me) i know i mention beyond that reminded me i still need to purchase a copy oh and final fantasy x hd. As i was saying not much better phone in sick…

JDSpiers 13 October, 2013 @ 9:40 am   209

Cross game chat?

markus851218 13 October, 2013 @ 10:08 am   210

Hmm. I have some games left to do, the main games are Beyond, Max Payne 3(started yesterday), Kingdom Hearts HD, Puppeteer, Ni No Kuni and so forth. I’ll not stop playing my PS3 any time soon especially when there’s game like Gran Turismo 6 and the new Ratchet & Clank on the way 🙂 It’s going to be a very fun gaming holiday this year!

tombraiders 13 October, 2013 @ 10:37 am   211

I need to Platinum Ratchet & Clank 3, Gladiator & A Crack in Time before PS4 and Nexus! I love those games! I also want to complete Spec Ops: The Line, AC3 DLC, Skyrim DLC and GTA Online, but also buy & play Beyond: Two Souls, Dishonoured DLC & Bioshock DLC when it releases! Of course there are many many more, but thats my goal! So excited for PS4 🙂

adiaconefr 13 October, 2013 @ 10:50 am   212

I jumped into the console “business” a bit later, around 2010, so I decided to create a list of games I would like to play.

I started going through that backlog, while adding new titles every month. I didn’t get a chance to play many games from last couple of years (except for those from PS+) and since there were months when I didn’t have a lot of time to play games at all, you can imagine the list grew bigger and bigger (around 120 titles). I even have freakin’ Diablo III on my list, that I didn’t get to on PC.

Ok, maybe some of those I will reconsider and quite a few are PSN titles that I would be able to finish quickly, but still… more than half the games from my list are “must play” that I want to finish.

So it’s really overwhelming and there seems to be no solid reason to get a PS4 yet. But while I might not buy one at launch, I can see myself getting one early 2014, to play some of the awesome titles I got my eye on, AC4 being the most solid candidate. I’ll probably move my PS3 to the bedroom and push forward on both fronts. 🙂

Bolthier 13 October, 2013 @ 10:55 am   213

A bit too much for my taste and my Backloggery but these titles are (sadly) the highlights in my have to play:
– Catherine
– Dragon’s Dogma
– Far Cry 3
– Ni No Kuni
– Nier

For the future there’s the already metioned Dark Souls II and Final Fantasy XIII-3, for which I both hope’ll be coming to PS4.


“What’s left on my backlog? Don’t you mean where is my backlog! The Playstation 3 has no games!” -Sony Hater 2008

How shortsighted those commenters were seeing we are now drowning in a seas of games, now and the horizon after the PS4 release only looks brighter.

What do I want to do? Well children please gather round the campfire and I’ll tell you a tale of a man with too many games to play.
I’ve got 3 lists which help me apply some order to the chaos that is my backlog:

Life-consuming- Spleunky, Dark Souls, GTA V. If you think I’m putting any of these games down once the PS4 hits you’ve got another thing coming.

I’ll get to them later: Puppeteer, Okami HD, Farcry 3. I wish I had the time to play them but please refer to life consuming games above.

The only thing stopping me is time: Ratchet: Nexus, Dark Souls II, Lightning Returns. Seriously, if anyone wants to hook me up early I’ll make it worth your while.

Some people may think that this generation of Sony’s console ends with the release of the PS4, but really, I think we’re gonna be giving our PS3’s a lot more love before they retire. That’s a fact.

(P.S. And probably watch a lot of Netflix)

ErkoKarel 13 October, 2013 @ 12:13 pm   215

Besides all the games I have from PS+ that I haven’t gotten to, games from this gen I’d like to get to at some point are all the great PS3 exclusives I haven’t played yet, from earlier gems to more current titles and of course some third party games I am yet to play. 😀

At no particular order, here are some titles I would really love to try at some point:

Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune
Heavenly Sword
Journey (and other games form thatgamecompany)
Heavy Rain (and Beyond)
Lords of Shadow 2

… and many others.

ElTequillaz 13 October, 2013 @ 12:44 pm   216

Well I know for sure that I’m not in such a rush to move to next-gen, partly because of a ginormous backlog that is made up of games I have on the shelf, bought through PS Store on sale/discounts, and of course, the one’s through PS+.
And then there’s also a good amount of games that I want to play, but just don’t own yet in any way, like The Last of Us, GTA V, Puppeteer, Ni no Kuni, Beyond.

My biggest problem is probably, that there are so many different franchies/series’ and genres that I’m looking to experience, like InFamous, Assasins Creed, Resident Evil, Batman Arkham, Dead Space. I can’t prioritize very well, and up until 2011, I was simply to caught up in trophies.

Playing and switching between 2 consoles just seems kinda overkill,
On the other hand, there are some soon-coming games that I want to enjoy with all the next-gen Hoo-ha benefits, and at the same time, they are games that would be nice to be on board with the first wave, regarding their online components.

We’ll see how the general buzz about PS4 affects me, when it releases. Exciting times ahead for gaming that’s the one thing I can say for sure.

Awesome prize of course, I really hope I win!

HighflyerVII 13 October, 2013 @ 12:45 pm   217

I feel that I have enough left to do with the PS3 to last until the end of the Playstation 4! I’m already missing out on GTA5, Kingdom Hearts HD Remix and Beyond: Two Souls as I am almost flat out refusing to buy myself anything until what I have is finished (Obsessive purchasing of everything I could possibly want to play being why I’m inundated with quality titles to play). Having just started inFamous 2 (bought on launch), with Assassin’s Creed 3, Mass Effect 3, Rayman Origins, May Payne 3 and FFXII-2 all sat in a big pile of unopened or barely played titles. That’s not to mention the hundreds of games currently sat on my PS3’s hard drive, yet to be run (not being helped by PS+, Metal Gear Rising *and* Remember Me in one month, give me a chance!).

Then you have the selective, yet obsessive, completionist in me insisting that I platinum some of the grindiest titles in my collection (Hello, Dynasty Warriors 7), and I can guarantee I will almost never be ready for the next gen. But my PS3, PS4 and Vita are going to look awfully nice together!


If I could do everything I want to finish with everything on my PS3 list, I would have to start yesterday and play for 24/7 for the next seven weeks and I still wouldn’t make it. There are still so many great games I have to finish.

The number one thing on my bucket list, which I have to finish before 29th of november is the platinum trophy of the Last of Us. I have a little quirk that every 1000th trophy has to be a Platinum of a game that means a great deal to me and offers a challenge. My first was Brütal Legend, which was time consuming but a great strategy game with great humor. The second was Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2. Also very time consuming, but as a big fan of the series it was worth it. My 3000th trophy was the platinum of Motorstorm Apocalypse, my first game I played on my new 3D screen and a great racegame. Now I’m coming up to trophy 4000 and it will be my 50th platinum. And seeing the PS3 era is ending for now, it had to be a great game that shows the ultimate this generation could offer. A milestone in the PlayStation history and a milestone for my 4000th trophy. So there was no other choice than the Last of Us. It’s challenging, time consuming, and a great great game. So that’s number one priority.

gamingdevil800 13 October, 2013 @ 3:26 pm   219

Woa 7 weeks really?! I said to myself I would catch up on games I’ve missed but it looks like its a lil too late for that GOW3 and GT5 will have to gather more dust for the meantime…i guess i’ll have to youtube what happens to kratos. hm another problem of mine is do I buy COD Ghosts, AC4, BF4 on PS3 or PS4??? The PS3 versions are cheaper and come out earlier and are cheaper buuut the PS4 versions look way better what am I suppose to do?

I thought to myself right beyond two souls is the last game I need before PS4 BUT I discover another like 6 titles are out before the release my pockets are dry of funds lol

S-o-h-a-i-l 13 October, 2013 @ 3:39 pm   220

As the impending release of the PS4 draws near, I feel myself holding on to my PS3 ever so tighter and tighter, knowing it will get neglected like the poor first child, in favour of the newer and cuter second when the next gen machine enters this household.

I find myself simply scrolling through my saved game data at the extensive game backlog I’ve fired through over the past years, looking at my hard earned beloved trophies, remembering the frustration I powered through just to hear that satisfying ‘ping’.

Will I let my last few quality weeks with this amazing machine go in silence ? No. I’ve made it a mission to replay some of PS3’s finest titles (e.g. inFamous, Uncharted, Killzone etc) once more, re-embedding those fantastic experiences into my head once more, before partially retiring the console for it’s bigger brother.

Let the games begin !

sdragon_28 13 October, 2013 @ 4:06 pm   221

My list is already full. I’m waiting for Castlevania LOS 2, FFX HD, Last of Us, LA Noire and of course the new Assassin’s Creed. I guees i will buy, if i have money left, Gran Tourismo 6 and Batman Origins.

I’m currently leading an extraordinary life across the United States, then on the way back to the UK due to a bad storm and a cruel twist of fate I’m due to be ship wrecked on Yamatai, an island in the Dragon’s Triangle just off the coast of Japan. If I survive that cursed Japanese island (I hear a bow comes in handy) I will just have time to try and survive a sudden outbreak of a mutant Cordyceps fungus that is ravaging the United States, before it’s back to the UK to test drive the Tesla Motors Model S Signature Performance ’12 on the Goodwood Hill Climb at the Festival Of Speed courtesy of Lord March. Life is Good.

Unholy_Light 13 October, 2013 @ 4:50 pm   223

I’m planning to get PS4 at day 1 and I’ll be playing a lot on it. But what about my PS3? Let’s find out…
I’ve bought PS3 in 2k8 and I’ve played in many great games.
By that time I have met intresting characters,fought deadliest enemies,discovered fantastic worlds. I’ve felt different emotions: Joy,sadness,happiness,sometimes anger and fear… And you know,what? There are even more characters to meet,enemies to defeat,worlds to discover and emotions to feel…My PS3 will be alive more than ever – with over a 100 games to complete – titles such:Batman AA/AC,Sleeping Dogs,MGS Rising,AC:R.and AC3,FC3,Walking Dead,Journey. 50+ hours games:Skyrim + DLCs,Kingdoms of Amalur,Dragon’s Dogma,Ni No Kuni,DA games,ME Trilogy.
There are still waiting for me PS2 classics: Team Ico Collection – I always wanted to play them,Okami HD,J&D Trilogy,DMC Col.,ZotE and a few others.
And some games I want to get:Borderlands2,Dishonored,The Last Of Us,Beyond:TS,Bioshock I.,DMC,Dragon’s Crown.
And of course – some upcoming games:Arkham Orgins,GT6,R&T:Nexus,Castlevania: LoS2,Dark Souls 2.
If anyone has any doubts about getting PS3 just before PS4 premiere – it will be worth to get it even 5 years after that!
OK,enough of this – time to play!


Well thanks to PS plus I have quite the back log of games some, like kingdoms of amalur, are game I wouldn’t have initially gone for but have been pleasantly surprised and have spent a good number of hours on it. Beacause of this I am looking forward to checking out dragons dogma. Having a blast with GTA online now that its slowly stabilizing so that will keep me going.
My main thing I am looking forward to on ps3 before the leap to next Gen is the innovative Rocksmith 2014. Its looks like they have really learned from the debut game and improved on it vastly… I have spent many hours, days even on rocksmith and it has really helped my playing. I am looking forward to playing with the new session mode feature…

Then there’s Watchdogs…


Backlog of “still to play” ps3 games? *laughs demonically* I am not even done with the ps2 yet!! With games of amaizing replayability like Oding Sphere, Mana Khemia, Tales Of… how am I to keep up with current games without quenching the hunger for the older ones? Ofcourse the PS3 games occupy my mind as well, both those that I already finished and just want to jump back for more(DMC series, Nier, God of War, Tomb Rider, Asuras Wrath and much much more) and those which I have yet to try (Heavy Rain, Last of Us…). Not to mention the bought not so long ago PS Vita along with the ps plus games…

However, as grave as the situation might sound, despite the day and night being so short, despite approaching deadlines at work, when the PS4 arrives – I will be ready. I will not retreat! I dare it to suprise me!


I know I’ve already participated but I’d like to add to the discussion if you don’t mind 🙂 As said before that on my bucket list is the dark/demon soul games however after some more thought I realised how many other games I’d like to play! I mean I’ve never played Killzone, so it would be shame to not try them before Killzone on the ps4. Then came into my head infamous, another great series that continues on to the ps4! And it continues… The wonder of a game called Journey, FFIXV, Far Cry 3 and the upcoming Rocksmith 2014. Will my wallet stretch this far? Probably not. But after all how many people actually complete their list?

I still have so much I want to do before the PS4 arrives. I am a big fan of indie games and in many a PSN Store sale I have picked up some truly amazing games, I have alas bought more than I have had time to play and still have the Unfinished Swan, Limbo, I Am Alive and just downloaded my preordered copy of Rain, not to mention I still have Skyrim to complete, Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD Remix and Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Returns arriving in February. There is still life in the old dog yet and when the PS4 does arrive it will still have a loving place under the TV next to its younger brother so I can continue creating some more memories.

dimiseva 13 October, 2013 @ 7:22 pm   228

I havent had time to play all of my IGC games so far, so there’s a quite big list to deal with allready !!
I still have following on my bucket:

Last OF Us
AC Black Flag
GT 6
Splinter Cell Blacklist
GR Future Soldier
Beyond Two Souls
Bioshock Infinite


hurleyboyk 13 October, 2013 @ 7:25 pm   229

After investing 60 hours into GTA V and have only completed the main story and half the Strangers and Freaks, trying to commit to any other game is my bucket list. I downloaded Far Cry 3 as soon as it became available on PS Plus, but have only completed the tutorial!! As soon as i think about another game, all that comes into my head is completing the Strangers and Freaks, finding the spaceship parts, the submarine parts, the letter scraps….

Sean_da_gamer 13 October, 2013 @ 8:34 pm   230

My PS3 and eventual PS4 will be beside each other so i have no real bucket list, but game series like Uncharted, Killzone, Mass Effect, Resistance and Infamous are lined up to go after i play a bit more of the BF$ beta.

Sean_da_gamer 13 October, 2013 @ 8:35 pm   231



Have a lot of catching up to do! Been missing quite a lot of great games on PS3. So I wont be turning that into a bookstand just yet*.

My bucket-list is this:
– Beyond Two Souls
– Heavy Rain (a second time)
– MGS4 (Yeah… I know)
– Resistance 3 (Been through 1 and 2. Why not the third game?)
and the list continues.

*(I kinda like the idea of using the PS3 Slim as a bookstand for some strange reason :-p)

Now that we have finally arrived at the stage where the system and its technology have been perfected, there is just a huge range of brilliant games out there. And I believe that games such as The Last of Us and Beyond Two Souls have been the perfect way to transition from the PlayStation 3 to the PS4.

However before moving to the next generation I would love to revisit some old favorites and strive for their illusive platinum trophies. Such as the original Bioshock and God of War III. I am also very Excited to hear that the Deus Ex Directors Cut is making its way over to the PS3 towards the end of this month, A title that I will definitely be getting a lot of enjoyment from again before the PS4s arrival.

And then for me the final icing on this generations proverbial cake will be the massively anticipated single player dlc for the truly exceptional The Last of Us. Then and only then can I truly move on to the next generation of Sony’s awesomeness.

Greatness Awaits 😉

tony-juice 13 October, 2013 @ 9:26 pm   234


pretty tough 🙂

But this is a very good question, you served us…:) I´ve never thought about that until now…

I have couple of titles to finish and/or to start.
AC series, Far Cry 3, Uncharted 1+2, finish the Saints Row 3…and then I have planned to borrow the GTA5 and The Last of Us from one of my friends..

but the next week i´m going on bussines trip to the Czech Republic, so I must leave my ps3 home alone for the whole week…
And for this situations is Vita georgeous solution, i´m going to take a shot with Gravity Rush, My little kings story and Puddle.


Ic3Marius 13 October, 2013 @ 9:37 pm   235

On my ps3 bucket list: Read dead redemption (now playing) Gta 5, beyond: two souls, the last pf us.

The-Elegant-Gent 13 October, 2013 @ 10:21 pm   236

I usually tend not to think about the backlog as it seems almost impossible to complete with the time that I have left before the ps4 comes out and that’s not even counting the trophy cleanup *shudders*, not that I plan to stop playing the ps3 anytime soon though!

As I’m still eager to play the latest batman game which I think comes from when I was young and watched episode after episode of the animated series and I’m curious as to how black mask as a villain is going to work as well.

However in answer to the question of what’s on my bucket list… It would have to be the games that seemed to change the term ‘game’ for this generation, games along the line of the walking dead that helped tell a story with a focus on the characters or the world around them, Games such as Beyond: two souls, The unfinished swan, rain, flower and Journey.


Beyond 2 Souls and South Park stick of truth. I’m looking forward to my ps4 but realise that great game experiences can be found on any system and come in all shapes and sizes ala PS Vitas indie line up.

whodareshero 14 October, 2013 @ 2:08 am   238

My backlog at the moment is beyond ridiculous. My “to play” pile at the side of my tv is like the leaning tower of Pisa much to my wife’s dismay. On top of that I have a massive backlog of ps plus games.

Hitman absolution
Ni no kuni
Splinter cell conviction
Splinter cell blacklist
Metal hear rising
Just cause 2
Kingdom of amalur
Dark souls
Demon souls
Hotline Miami
Heavy rain
Mass effect 3
Dead space 3
Rayman origins
Rayman legends
Playstation allstars
Jak and dexter hd collection
All the ratchet and clank games
La noire
Spec ops the line
Mafia 2
Battlefield 3
Ghost recon future soldier
Gran Turismo 5
Super stardust hd
Far cry blood dragon
And of course beyond two souls

On top of this we also have the upcoming list of dark souls 2, gran Turismo 6, arkham origins and South Park the stick of truth.

As I am writing is list I’m realising how hopeless my situation really is consider I have preordered a PS4 with killzone, knack, assassins creed, watch dogs and call of duty ghosts. Still it is an epic position to find yourself in! Now if only I didn’t need to work…………:

Blood_God_UK 14 October, 2013 @ 2:31 am   239

I was really looking forward to Beyond two souls but I had to make a choice, Beyond two souls or putting the money to a PS4 and I want a PS4 more, so it looks like I’ll be finishing some of the games I got in the IGC until the PS4 is out.

Cannibal_Wombat 14 October, 2013 @ 2:42 am   240

I try my best to keep up, but you guys just keep piling on the projects with PS+! The backlog gets ever longer.

The most shameful feature on that list is the game for which I bought my PS3 in the first place in 2011… Heavy Rain. It’s still in the wrapper! I stupidly bought Uncharted at the same time, then I just had to play Uncharted 2, then my friend loaned me MGS4 and I needed a horror fix with Dead Space and… Heavy Rain was soon forgotten and has been gathering dust. As has Resistance 3, Killzone 3, Crysis 2, Ni No Kuni. Many more are gathering digital dust (Catherine, The Cave, Malicious, XCOM, Spec Ops, Mafia 2). I CAN’T KEEP UP! There just aren’t enough hours in the day!

And don’t get me started on the Vita…


Honestly, the backlog is far too long (and shameful) to list in full (thanks to PS+, great service, keep it up!). Here’s a start though:

Assassin’s Creed 3 (about halfway through)
GTA5 (only just started)
Far Cry 3 (once it arrives on PS+ in a couple of weeks)
Tomb Raider (though only once I’ve finished the others, unless it turns up on PS+ sooner 🙂 )
Dishonoured (same caveat as Tomb Raider)
Metal Gear Rising
The Unfinished Swan (already bought it, and it’s short enough that I really do need to play it)
Hotline Miami (though I will play that mostly on Vita)
Dragon’s Crown (same as Hotline Miami)
Catherine (PS+ strikes again)
GoW: Ascension (started, but haven’t gotten very far yet)
The Wolf Among Us (though I’ll play that on Vita if they say it’s coming to Vita)
Borderlands 2 (Maybe I’ll wait for Vita version instead)
Puppeteer (looks so charming, just have to play it)

And I’ve almost certainly missed quite a few off that list (Max Payne 3 just came to mind, not mention fitting in some FIFA 14), though I’ve crossed off the two most important games for the year already (Last of Us and Bioshock Infinite). Now how am I going to fit in writing a thesis…

tokgubben 14 October, 2013 @ 8:56 am   242

My list is too long to post! I’ve got around 40 unplayed games installed on my ps3(mostly from ps+) and more than 10 unopened games laying on the shelf…

With work and commuting 2 hours everyday, training and the girlfriend there’s just not many hours left if I am to get any sleep haha.

My only hope is going oldschool and play the heck out of a game during the few days off when i’m alone. I bought Ni no kuni and did just that, sank in a solid 14 hours the first day haha. I guess it’s on the top of my list to finish, but there are alot more great games left.

I will be getting a vita as soon as FFX hd is released so then I’ll have a huge backlog on games on that system also(maybe I should play my psp more often while commuting, got a backlog on that also, but man, my sony Xperia Z tablet is stealing all my time while commuting =P)

I guess this wouldn’t have been a problem if I had X-box instead, cause then there wouldn’t be as many great games to play 😉

evilwitch83 14 October, 2013 @ 9:49 am   243

I’m not sure if I am even going to buy a ps4 yet. I asked a question a few weeks ago about whether or not you can turn off the feature on the ps4 where it randomly downloads games that it thinks you want to purchase and I still haven’t had a reply.

One of the games on my list is Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD, but I am not going to buy it until I know the answer to that question, because if you can’t turn it off then I will have no way to play Kingdom Hearts 3 (There are far more reasons why I do not want an Xbox One).

Beyond two souls is another game which is on my list and there are also quite a few games that haven’t been released yet including Ratchet and Clank Nexus and Tales of Xillia 2, but most of the list is plus games which I still haven’t played yet.

pinkplaybunny 14 October, 2013 @ 10:17 am   244

Well i finished beyond yesterday so thast one done! Still got to get the platinum.

The only new ps3 game still to come out that i have to play is Lightenings return.

My back log includes
Dragons Dogma, Demon Souls, Assassins Creed 3, Deus Ex HR, Crysis 1-3, Binary Domain, Ni no kuni, dead island and Resistance 2.

Still lots to finish and platinum too like Fallout new vegas!

extermin8or_ 14 October, 2013 @ 10:19 am   245

Well have to go one last trophy for finding every conversation on the last of us so it’s platinumed. Get the trophy for challenge mode playthrough on RandC for platinum there too. Then I have to play through Arkham Origins-so annoyed there’s no next gen port coming :(. However I might have awhile since Asda messed up my ps4 preorder…. I hadd the killzone with 2x DS4 and camera preordered for release date, put deposit down back before the summer deadline. Hell I’d even paid-walked to nearest open bank 1st thing sat morning to get the bank to allow the payment (it’s a new account see so they had more issue) only for ASDA to cancel my order for an as yet unclear problem (I suspect because I put to have it delivered to my uni address and not the same address as my billing address but as this is where I’m living for most of the year now it seems reasonable….) oh and my money’s in holding thinking the purchase is just waiting to occu-last like 10 days so I can’t even preorder it at some of the other places 🙁 not yet anyway… grrrrrr. Should’ve stuck with amazon… we’ll see I guess. ; (; ( :0 :/

deserto_rosso 14 October, 2013 @ 10:35 am   246

Only four steps on my list:

1. Complete GTA V Story (at 60%) + GTA Online (at lvl. 18)

2. Play the games I’ve bought: the whole Mass Effect trilogy

3. Play some PS Plus games: Far Cry 3, InFamous 1+2, Battlefield 3, Kingdoms of Amalur, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, Payday: The Heist, The Unfinished Swan, Saints Row: The Third, Dragon’s Dogma…

4. Buy and play some interesting PS3 games I don’t have yet: The Last of Us, Ni No Kuni, Borderlands 2, Beyond: Two Souls…

That’s enough games to keep me busy for several years!

blobbyboy123 14 October, 2013 @ 11:18 am   247

Thanks to ps plus I have a heap of games I haven’t played yet. Such as Jak and dexter trilogy, battlefield 3, dragons dogma and Ici and sock collection. The only hard copy game I have left to finish is rayman legends. After that I will keep playing ps plus titles until the ps4 arrives at my door. Woooooo!

Magic_Hands_ 14 October, 2013 @ 2:05 pm   248

I have got to play a lot of games on my Playstation 3 before getting a Playstation 4.
The past couple of months were very hard for me.
I had less time to enjoy playing video games. The reason for this is because I am working almost 9 hours a day and am very tired when I arrive home. I have promised myself to spare some time so I can play The Last of Us and Kingdom Hearts 1.5 HD. Call me weird but life isn’t easy for most people on earth. These aren’t the only games I have to play before getting the Playstation 4. Ubisoft’s Blackflag also looks promising and so do many other games like GTA V, Watch Dogs etc.
I’m very excited for my vacation next week, you can already guess what I will be doing that week.

Paquete89 14 October, 2013 @ 2:05 pm   249

Oh man, great debate. I enjoyed reading through all your posts. I used to think that the playstation 2 was the best console of all time hands-down, and that the ps3 fell behind. But reading the names of all these great games everybody mentioned, I come to the conclusion that the playstation 3 had one hell of a run as well. I can only hope that the playstation 4 lives up to its legacy 😉

pinkplaybunny 14 October, 2013 @ 2:47 pm   250

oh and Remember me and Dishonored 🙂

Sherbanator 14 October, 2013 @ 4:43 pm   251

Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I cannot accept,
And the wisdom to hide the bodies of those people I had to kill today because they spawn killed me on Battlefield 3.
And also, help me to be careful of the toes I step on today,
As they may be connected to the ass that I have to kiss tomorrow to help me complete Dead Space 3 on co-op.

Help me to achieve the following percentage of trophies I need to get a shiny new platinum.

24% of trophies left on Birds of Steel
24% of trophies left on Skyrim
12% of trophies left on Need for Speed: Most Wanted
15% of trophies left on Payday 2
11% of trophies left on Tomb Raider
14% of trophies left on Brink.

And help me to remember…
When I’m having a really bad day,
And it seems that people are trying to make me rage quit…
That it takes 42 muscles to frown,
But only 4 to get drunk as Trevor and go on a killing rampage.

The4thJawa 14 October, 2013 @ 6:47 pm   252

Since I can’t afford the PS4 any time soon, I won’t be worrying about the PS3 bucket list for a while. But since PS+ keeps throwing more games at than I can finish, I guess there will be quite some games left, when that time comes. But since Heavy Rain is the reason I own a PS3, Beyond: Two Souls is most definitely on the bucket list.

Thanks alot folks. Now I’ll have one further game to fit into my schedule. A very pleasant task. 😉

TiagoJMC 14 October, 2013 @ 8:40 pm   254

Oh well, i wasn’t going to buy this game and now i’ll pass it altogether, maybe ill try it if it comes to PS4.
And im gonna stop wasting my time with these debates, i think its been years now and i never win anything, i looked at previous week debates and found people who won multiple times, a guy already won 4 times with simple 3 lines text…

Paquete89 14 October, 2013 @ 9:18 pm   255

Oh man,I really wanted this one. Oh well, better luck next time :p I’m still going to buy Beyond anyway, I loved Heavy Rain. Congrats to the winners


Wow, thanks guys. Can’t believe i actually won what in my opinion is the best weekend debate giveaway ever. Cheers and well done to the rest of the winners. 🙂 🙂 🙂

Nightmare966 14 October, 2013 @ 10:20 pm   257

OH. MY. GOD! I can’t believe I just actually won this! Good lord, I was having such a bad monday… Yet this just made my day

Thanks so, so much SCEE, I seriously mean it. I look forward to enjotying this game so much!

Congratulations to the rest of winners as well, and everyone else, keep participating! You never know! 😀

Finka_Karfein 14 October, 2013 @ 11:45 pm   258

Replaying Yakuza saga and all spin-offs if SEGA kills itself and respawn and release missing parts.

Also many Plus titles like RDR, replaying Team Ico titles in HD, Okami HD, Kingdom Hearts remakes, plethora of unique games like The Unfinished Swan. PS3 in my flat will be used for many years after PS4 release.

ippogrifo 15 October, 2013 @ 8:56 am   259

Congrats to the winners!
I have one question for Fred, however. I’ve noticed that the new Terms and Conditions introduced a few months ago exclude from the weekend debate competition people from some european countries, included mine (Italy). Could you please tell us the reason? I remember that at least until last year Italy was included, and it was very disappointing to see such a change in your policy. Thank you in advance!

    Fred Dutton 15 October, 2013 @ 9:07 am    

    Unfortunately Italian law is extremely strict when it comes to competition terms and conditions, making it difficult for us to offer prizes there.

ippogrifo 15 October, 2013 @ 9:31 am   260

Thanks for the quick answer Fred: so that means that italian law about competition terms and conditions recently changed (about one year ago I took part in a weekend debate and won :))…anyway, hope you can do something about this issue in the near future, for instance with an analogous competition on the italian blog, as this change in the terms and conditions was really disappointing.


I’m really grateful for winning the prize, because I’m horrible writer in my native language!

Thanks! 🙂


@ Fred….Do you send these awesome prizes out straight away. Just wondering so i know when to look out for the delivery. Oh and thanks again dude, i seriously cant wait for this prize to arrive!