Weekend Debate: Which games would you like to see get a prequel? (Update)

The Weekend Debate

UPDATE: Many thanks to everyone who took the time to get involved this week. There were plenty of interesting suggestions to chew over, but our judges selected the following winners: Rtbeohmadmanwithabox12The-Elegant-Genttiago-kun and Agamer2006. Congratulations – we’ll be in touch shortly via a PM to your account on the official forums.

ORIGINAL POST: Earlier this week we revealed a little bit more about Left Behind, the forthcoming single player DLC for The Last of Us. As detailed by Ellie actress Ashley Johnson here on PlayStation Blog, it serves as a prequel of sorts to the original campaign, focussing on Ellie’s life before her fateful meeting with Joel.

While it’s by no means a hard and fast rule, I find that prequel narratives are often more compelling than sequels. By focussing on where a character has been rather than where they’re going, I think you can more effectively flesh out a character’s personality, rather than piling on new layers.

With that in mind, your debate topic this week: which game would you most like to see get the prequel treatment, and why?

Crash Bandicoot: The Pre-School Years? Uncharted: Drake Goes to College? Let your imagination run wild.

As usual, I’ve prizes for the five most entertaining or thoughtful responses. This week, a limited run not-available-in-stores PS4 ‘This is for the players’ shirt – as pictured below. Good luck!

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MantaGTJ001 17 January, 2014 @ 5:06 pm   1

Manhunter – the early years (18) – PS4


Aside from the obvious big budget titles (Last of Us already mentioned) – I’d love to see prequels for some indies…

RAIN and Limbo would benefit hugely from prequels 🙂


Kratos – before killing EVERYONE


I’d want to see a prequel to the Killzone franchise. I want to see the origins of the Helghast oppression. I’d want it to play similarly to Mass Effect, and really dive deep into the story (because it’s seriously good, just never explored enough). I’d want to interact with civilians, see how bad the effects of a toxic planet are taking it’s toll on a population, witness internal conflicts, etc etc etc.


I would love to see Sackboy as a cottonplant before he was collected, turned into fabric and then made into a sackpuppet


I’d love to see an Alundra prequel / reboot. The first game was great, but Alundra 2 left the franchise on a sour note,and it hasn’t been used since. I think there’s a great game there in concept.


I think the best would be Sly Cooper – Orphanage Years, with the Cooky-Steelin’Plan by Bentley

THEMARKHAM101 17 January, 2014 @ 5:16 pm   8

Maybe a prequel for the fallout universe? like something along the lines of pre-war solider who has a hand in dropping the bombs and then you could have DLC/Sequel based on establishing a setilment after the bombs fell?

Gold-kaiser 17 January, 2014 @ 5:17 pm   9

Defiantly would love to see final fantasy X prequel with braska journey

Primebuster 17 January, 2014 @ 5:18 pm   10

While I have in mind which game deserves a sequel the most (Bionic Commando 2009 literally the best game I’ve ever played – no joke.) the game that deserves a prequel is a toughie. My initial thought was to tell the story of the Kirijo corporation from Persona 3, but enough of that was explained in P3 itself…

I’d kinda like to see what happened in the hundreds of years between Oblivion and Skyrim – surely something of note happened between Septim’s death and the Dragonborn arriving on the scene. I’d like to see that whole transition era being played out.


Definitely would love to see Desmond Miles’ early years! So much stuff was said about his Dad in the last couple of games, including Black Flag, so I would love to see more!

Badmansam10 17 January, 2014 @ 5:19 pm   12

Demon’s Souls – Before the scourge came to the lands of Boletaria.

VenomousAlbino 17 January, 2014 @ 5:21 pm   13

A prequel to Bully / Canis Canem Edit, chronicling Jimmy’s ascent through kindergarten and elementary school before arriving at Bullworth Academy.

HighflyerVII 17 January, 2014 @ 5:21 pm   14

I have to admit, I’ve sat and pondered it for a little while, and I can’t seem to think of a particular game I’d like to see a prequel for.

However, there is one thing I really wouldn’t mind seeing more in games, as we head towards a more realistic world with focus on characters that are human, I’d like to see some prequels/prequel DLC that focuses on the villains. Allow players to step into the shoes of the main antagonist before they were twisted, the reason behind their madness.

Doing it well and keeping it consistent with the character gives the player a greater understanding and empathetic response on a subsequent playthrough. It fills the back story and perhaps even alternates the angle of the plotlines.


There’s quite a few games I’d like to see prequel stories for:

-The Last Of Us prequel (DLC) can’t wait for Left Behind and to see Ellie again. But wha I’m more interested in is what happened between with Joel between the death in the beginning up to his adventures with Tess. What about his time surviving with Tommy? There’s a great story to be told there.

-GTA V prequel (DLC on PS3) about Michael and Trevor doing heists in their prime. The prologue to the game was so interesting I wish we could see more. It was talked about so much in the campaign I’d love to experience all they talk about like their first heist robbing a bank.

-Red Dead Redemption prequel (PS4 Full Game) about John Marston in his gang days. Great story of betrayal there.

-inFamous 1 prequel (Full Game on Vita) I’d love a portable inFamous prequel playing as Kessler. From losing to the beast in the future and losing everything to travelling back in time to set up the First Sons and prepare Cole. I’d love to see the other perspective. It’d be cool to return to Empire City and the idea of playing as the most powerful version of Cole, perhaps the most powerful conduit in the inFamous universe (minus the beast) would be incredible.

MyNameIsAdam 17 January, 2014 @ 5:22 pm   16

Mass Effect – A story based around the first contact with the Turians is something I’d love to see. A nice, self contained story where there’s a set beginning and end, yet the choices you make determine how you reach the end. Sort of like The Walking Dead in that sense.

MrCustard95 17 January, 2014 @ 5:23 pm   17

Mass Effect 2 prequel based during the two years Commander Shepard was dead so we can experience first hand what happened to the crew of the fist game and to see what the crew from Mass Effect 2 is doing in those two years before they meet Commander Shepard.

toxic-inferno 17 January, 2014 @ 5:24 pm   18

It’s probably going to be a fairly popular choice, but the game I’d really like to see a prequel of (and one of the few games where I think a prequel would actually work brilliantly) is Resistance: Fall of Man. We’re told in the game that the Chimera originally landed in Russia – but what was the first stage of the invasion like? Think survival horror, as you – a Russian soldier – are sent to investigate strange goings on in a remote facility. Before you know it, you unveil the truth; an unknown alien race have landed there, and are beginning their invasion plans. But they’re not quite like the Chimera we know (and love!) – and before he knows it, our unknown protagonist has influenced history, causing the Chimera to advance in a way that speaks deeper reason into the rest of the series.

Also, a Borderlands prequel wouldn’t go amiss – I mean, the original 4 vault hunters can’t have been the first! Would be a great way to see the planet of Pandora as it was first being colonised – advertised as a paradise planet to investors, until… something happened. Plus, it would give you the opportunity to introduce 4 new playable characters, as well as see some of the organisations become corrupt by the planet’s strange legends…

kalel1981 17 January, 2014 @ 5:25 pm   19

I’m gonna go with Uncharted the teenage years! That first part if Uncharted 3 was great and it’d be good to get a bit more of the back story of Drake and Sully

Blakeboy_VI 17 January, 2014 @ 5:26 pm   20

It would be grate to see a prequel to God of War, but this will focus on Zeus and his brothers battle against Cronos. Title could be “God Of War Sons of Cronos”


A prequel to TETRIS.

I’d like to know, as I’m sure many other people would, why the world it creates is raining heavy, multicoloured blocks. Many theories exist, including nuclear fallout, alien invasion, and the sky falling whilst all reality fades into nothingness.

A prequel would bring in new, unseen characters (lets take the liberty in calling them Bub(ble) and Bob(ble) – in what will surely be the greatest gaming mashup of all time) after saving their girlfriends, coming head to head with the greatest enemy of them all. Janken. Janken, still bitter about being bested by Alex Kidd, Prince of Radaxian, a few years earlier, has set about to destroy the world, by making it rain heavy, nuclear bombs of different shapes, sizes, and colours.

It is upto our heroes, Bub and Bob, once more to save the world by developing a system to safely dispose of the bombs as they land on the terrain below.

Definitely a prequel on how Joel copes after his loss and in the chaos in the early weeks of the infection. How he meets Tess which I found amazing how ND managed to render her personality and emotions.

BartsBlue 17 January, 2014 @ 5:37 pm   23

This might not be an answer you were expecting, given what sparked this debate, but… The Last of Us. I would be extremely curious to investigate Joel’s early years as a bandit, hunting other people. It is hinted in the game that he did it for the sake of his brother and that they both did unspeakable things – but what really happened there is a mystery. Joel justifies it by saying “we did it to survive”, but Tommy replies to that “it was not worth it” . I’d love to see more of that story, even if it’s dark and put Joel in bad light.

HellHoundAkinu 17 January, 2014 @ 5:37 pm   24

Darksiders before the seals were broken and the war on earth started and maybe show of another horseman to go on a rampage

nirvanadino 17 January, 2014 @ 5:40 pm   25

BIOSHOCK NEEEDS to get a prequel… just think how awesome would that be. As anyone who’s played the original BioShock knows, the city was once a utopia populated by some of the globe’s best and brightest individuals. The citizens are only insane and mutilated because they tried too hard to improve themselves with science. In hindsight, of course, Rapture was always doomed. If you had lived there during its heyday, however – through the glamorous parties and exciting technological breakthroughs – would you really have questioned? That’s when this prequel should take place: right at the cusp, the turning point, between thriving metropolis and tattered ghost town. THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN !

Otacon1326 17 January, 2014 @ 5:43 pm   26

Patapon sequel or Locoroco sequel on PS VIta using accelerometer for turning gameworld.

Alex-1124 17 January, 2014 @ 5:43 pm   27

It’s a 50/50 with me, some I want to see prequels, others I don’t.

Uncharted, love the franchise but I don’t want prequel adventures. Uncharted 3 did that stuff perfectly, while U:GA was a prequel, they couldn’t exactly make a sequel for obvious reasons, I want to carry on the main story, not go back in time unless it’s on the Vita.

A prequel I’d really love is BioShock, the early days when it was beautiful and peaceful, then we slowly saw the descent into insanity and chaos, we got a slight look into things in BioShock 2 right at the beginning. I feel like there’s so much more to Rapture, many questions left unanswered but I doubt we’ll ever see a full fledged return to Rapture. 🙁

lianplay_1985 17 January, 2014 @ 5:45 pm   28

I think a God of War prequel, the idea set in young kratos life in how he became the beast he is!!

tired-hippo 17 January, 2014 @ 5:48 pm   29

We love katamari. Lets find out about how the king of the cosmos originally discovered the power of sticky balls….yes….sticky balls.

Or red dead redemption….the gang years.


As many of us I would like to see a prequel for Mass Effect, not only something about the first contact but also an episode’s games or something similar where we can use the most famous characters of this universe like Miranda or Garrus and play their story from the beginning to their meeting with the commander. I would totally buy it.

TheAveragexGamer 17 January, 2014 @ 5:51 pm   31

A prequel I would like to see would be for TWEWY (The World Ends With You) about showing how the Reapers game was created

madmanwithabox12 17 January, 2014 @ 5:57 pm   32

Prequels can be tricky business. I’ve got two answers which kind of sit between sequel and prequel, you’ll see what I mean.

First I’d like to see another prequel to the original Arkham Asylum, but picking up after Arkham Origins: Blackgate (hence it’s a sequel too) and seeing where the idea that Amanda Waller is gathering the Suicide Squad comes into action. In particular, what does the Suicide Squad mean for Batman? It would be nice to actually see certain characters like Riddler, Harley Quinn and even Barbara Gordon really come into their own in the Arkham universe. Plus you can’t go wrong with the amazing Arkham gameplay.

My second choice is in a similar vein – a prequel to the original Uncharted that follows on from Golden Abyss. We never hear of Chase during the original Naughty Dog trilogy, so we know that relationship ultimately doesn’t work out for Drake. I’d also just love to see more Uncharted on Vita, filling in the gaps and covering the many adventures of Drake before Drake’s Fortune. Hopefully with less emphasis on touch controls and more emphasis on an even better Uncharted than Golden Abyss (which I still love). So more Uncharted = good.

kid_Jump94 17 January, 2014 @ 6:09 pm   33

mortal kombat, and ni no kuni, and god of war <3 ive been playing mortal kombat since i was a kid, my school actually let us play it at theyre breakfast club surprisingly.. so ever since 9 ive been wanting more 🙂 ni no kuni i never got to play, i knew it was so good, but buy the time i could, i no longer had my ps3 :/ and god of war, hoping for a sequel to 3, but i wouldnt mind a vita sequel to the excellent psp one's.

Ultra_Commando 17 January, 2014 @ 6:10 pm   34

I wouldn’t mind seeing a prequel for Ratchet & Clank. However instead of the game focussing on Ratchet, I would like to see it focus on Kaden; his father and the events leading up to Tachyon’s invasion.

Final_Echo 17 January, 2014 @ 6:16 pm   35

These are the prequels I would love to get my hands on if they ever happened to get made:

Shadows of the Colossus: I realize that one the Appealing facets of the game was the minimalistic story telling, but it would be great to have another epic adventure that gives us a little more insight into the characters. Plus it would be rad to kill some more colossi.

Uncharted: I would really enjoy a game where we get the opportunity to see how Drake learned all of his skills from a mysterious individual – through an extraordinary Story – and at the end have them reveal that this mysterious individual is Lara Croft. How awesome would that be the past influence tied into the current one.

Ratchet and Clank: I would love to Play as a lombax cub. How many fun adventures in crazy environments would you have with all the non-lethal but cool looking “Weapon Toys” hunting and playing Defender of the universe in your backyard?

But alas, I don’t have a couple of Million hanging around to fund these projects. But i try every week with the Lotto.

DoctorOKtopus 17 January, 2014 @ 6:18 pm   36

Prequel of “last of us”. That’s what we need. Story of young Joel, foundation of Fireflies, reformation of world government. That could be reeealy interesting prequel)

P.S. my english is bad, srry:)

WayfaringWalrus 17 January, 2014 @ 6:22 pm   37

Call me strange, but I’d love to see a Walking Dead prequel.

It’s one of the few games where you are that immersed in the universe that the main characters are interesting enough on their own, even if the zombies were not a factor. I think a special one off episode (much like 400 days), where you can go through the stories of Lee, Kenny, Carly, even Clementine, just before the outbreak. It would really add to the events of Season 1 and 2 without taking anything away, especially seeing what actually happened with Lee pre-apocalypse (with the trial, his family life etc). I definitely think that Telltale have the ability to make this happen, although I can’t imagine it ever having a place in the narrative. After all, they couldn’t go back and edit all the choices to matter, as the logistics are just too unfeasible.

Too bad, would still be my ideal prequel.

LegendJakeHOW 17 January, 2014 @ 6:24 pm   38

I think the best prequel that we could get at the moment would be the last of us set in the say 2 years after the outbreak as Joel to see how he copes with the loss of his daughter and the outbreak and to see the infected in the early stages before they really got taken over by fungus, also I think it would be good to see how tommy dealt with Joel in his depression and what drove them to separate from each other. Ive thought about all this to much and would just love to see the world go from being fine to letting the wilderness take over. Also how did they keep away the infected before really setting up the quarantine zones.

If you didnt notice im a huge fan of the game.

Without rabbiting on to much more id just like to throw out there that a prequel to FarCry 3 would be good seeing Vaas in his early days of going insane on the island.



Puppeteer – Set in the Moon Realm with some interactions with Little Bear and the Generals. It would have to be a different character as Kutaro wasn’t on the scene yet (pun intended) which could even allow for a few different playable characters.

Basically any possible way to get another installment in what I believe to be one of the greatest this gaming generation has seen.


I would love a prequel to the Onimusha series, but done in such a way that it would reboot the franchise on PS4.

ryannumber3gamer 17 January, 2014 @ 6:27 pm   41

I’d like to see a prequel for 2 series. Jak & Daxter would be fun to see. We already know about Jak’s early years, and a younger Samos in Jak 2 Renegade but I’d like to see a big prequel explaining Jak and Daxter’s meeting, Keira’s mother, and maybe even seeing Gol and Maia’s turn to evil with them being affected by Dark eco.

Sly Cooper would be another series that would be great. In every Sly game, Sly always explains his back-story and it would be great seeing the actual events. We could see the reveal of his father and mother, take place in The Cooper Gang famous cookie heist and the events leading up to The Cooper Gang regaining The Thievius Raccoonus from The Fiendish Five.

deathskitten 17 January, 2014 @ 6:33 pm   42

I would love to see a prequel to Tombi – ‘The early pig biting years’


chazzychaz-11 17 January, 2014 @ 6:45 pm   43

I would like to see a prequel to Journey, where you have to work together with chimes in larger groups and have even more beautiful backdrops. Expanding on the story told in the original.

A prequel that I am dying to play is for Thomas Was Alone. How did he become alone in the first place? I want to see the emotional trauma he went through as his friends and family left him behind with no one to care for or look out for him. He seems a nice enough square in the game so why did his friends leave him????

bitbydeath 17 January, 2014 @ 6:47 pm   45

Tokyo Jungle : The Fall of Man

Seriously anything new for Tokyo Jungle would be awesome, hopefully next time with a larger budget. Who doesn’t like playing as hundreds of different animals? Plus the unlockables and local co-op were a huge draw.


The original Metal Gear Solid… oh wait.

I’m quite impressed with the answers so far, and most of the ones I can think of have already been done, MGS, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts.
Now every game I think of either already has a prequel or has been mentioned above.

Thinking back, I want to see a Colony Wars prequel, I really miss space shooters and it was one of the best not seen since ps1. There was plenty of conflict to cover with a prequel, find out more about why there was a war. Seeing a Colony Wars game with modern graphics and gameplay enhancements would be great. I’m thinking something a bit like Xcom-enemy unknown.
Id like to develop tech and crew, get to know characters, pick missions and tactics. I was hoping for something after the amazing ending to Killzone 3. Even making it a killzone prequel would make me happy… that could work.

GT-R32_Skyline 17 January, 2014 @ 6:51 pm   47

Devil May Cry – Sparda and it would be nice if it was a prequel for the originals not the new one. It would tell about the time when Sparda started rebelling against his own kind and met Dantes and Vergils mother

imjustcheese 17 January, 2014 @ 6:55 pm   48

how about a prequel to fifa? you remember the days when players played for the love of the game & not the money, when you could shoulder charge the goal keeper into his own net & get the goal… i might actually buy that one!!

triplejmzu8 17 January, 2014 @ 7:01 pm   49

Hitman, Soul Calibur, Tekken, Resident Evil, Jak & Daxter, Sly, … There are tons of prequels I’d like to have.

The-fLASH-947 17 January, 2014 @ 7:02 pm   50

Maybe a Vita game based on one of Sly Cooper ancestors and let us play through their greatest heists.

Introduce the ancestors gang and let you play as them as well.

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