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Destiny, The Last of Us Remastered, Call of Duty discounts, Metrico, more

So, it was all about Destiny this week! I hope all those of you with the inclination have found time to jump into the beta and start exploring Bungie’s incredible new universe. If you have, let us know your thoughts here.

Elsewhere this week, we also took a closer look at The Last of Us Remastered in all its 1080p/60fps glory; kicked off a new Call of Duty sale; showed off a new trailer for forthcoming PS Vita gem Metrico; offered your first look at PS4 stealth adventure Styx: Master of Shadows; and checked in with The Walking Dead team.

See some of the highlights below, and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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  2. New on PlayStation Store: Destiny beta, Crimsonland, Abyss Odyssey, more
  3. Call of Duty sale starts on PlayStation Store today
  4. Hands-on with the Destiny beta on PS4
  5. Music Unlimited PS4 app gets new features today

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This week at Playstation:

Every single gamer was trolled with Call of Duty “sale,” prices still stupidly high.
Playstation took a huge hit by losing Magic the Gathering 2015. MtG traditionally had a bigger fanbase among Playstation players, yet this year it’s going to be released on PCs, Xbox and even iPads. IPADS! It’s just… sad. I was playing every single Magic on PS3 so far, and now… I don’t like being forced to buy an Xbox >.>

    Lucreto 20 July, 2014 @ 11:03 am    

    Don’t be hasty. I expected it was a mistake by the developers. If you asked 2 years ago who would dominate next generation most would say Xbox and some jumped the gun and started doing Xbox first.

    Wait a year if it doesn’t appear at least you get it cheaper on the Xbox.

    Porcupeth00 20 July, 2014 @ 11:18 am    

    a huge hit? lol
    it can be played on any laptop
    and it’s also the worse game in the series yet. avoid like the plague.

    fps_d0minat0r 20 July, 2014 @ 12:57 pm    

    Havent heard of the game but I was worried when I read your comment.
    Then I found out its just a card game and lol’d.

    WearingFin 20 July, 2014 @ 2:32 pm    

    The same Magic 2015 which is currently getting critically mauled by players due to the introduction of pay to win? They can keep it.


    Dunno. I saw a review on Monday on N4G, and it got 9/10. Pretty much also the place where I’ve learned that it was already released, and Playstation version was omitted.

    Lt_Combo 21 July, 2014 @ 12:04 pm    

    I played MTG 2013/2014 to death on 360 … LOVED that game a real shame that it won’t be coming to PS4… but I guess I’ll just play it on my phone (note3) or PC lol .. trophies would have been nice though haha

    That said, I used to play MTG for real (still have a lot of cards and decks) and after doing some research I’m pretty disappointed that they have gone with the micro transactions non sense … that just makes we want to pirate it instead. 10euro for a short pretty decent “BEGINNERS” magic game is ok but if you add micro transactions etc and on top of that don’t release on my preferred platform… yeah .. can hardly expect me to pay 10eu for it on my phone. I have XCOM enemy unknown on my NOTE3, it also cost me 10eu and is a billion times more value tbh

blackout_pt 20 July, 2014 @ 10:30 am   2

This week at Playstation: I stopped caring. Eventually SCEE CEO will be exposed as the crappy managers they are and be fired or SCEE will go bankrupt due to absurd marketing strategies. (I just feel sorry for the people that will lose their jobs because of it)

    Lucreto 20 July, 2014 @ 10:48 am    

    Won’t happen.

    We had 2 or 3 CEO’s since the Blog started. One of them was Andrew House and if he could not perform the magic people expected of him as CEO than the problem lies elsewhere.

    Archacus 20 July, 2014 @ 11:58 am    

    But Jim Ryan in my opinion(my personal opinion) is worst of them… just check his recent interviews… all he is talking about are only PlayStation NOW and Remote Play… it is big mistake… not because those are 100% bad ideas (we can always discuss about it)… but because he is CEO of Europe.

    EU the place where even normal PS3/PS4 features are not available in all countries. The place where different countries are sometimes on entire different technological level…

    For example if we are talking about Playstation NOW than the experience of players will depend mostly on region they come from. Few days ago I tried re-downloading Destiny Of Spirits… it is in not that big game, right? And It took my whole hour to download it… if simple downloading is taking me so much time… I don’t really see how PlayStation NOW could work here… (not that I would want it)

    And it’s not just EU right? There is also large part of Asia and Africa under SCEE. But still I’m pretty sure their part of GamesCom will be mostly about some features that work best only in UK and maybe Germany/France


Are there any chances Magic 2015 will still be released this year on PS3/4?

    Fred Dutton 21 July, 2014 @ 9:33 am    

    That’s a question for the publisher I’m afraid. I’m sure they’ll make their own announcements before too long.

TrueMurton 20 July, 2014 @ 10:51 am   4

This week PlayStation, Crimsonland was priced in the UK in accordance with the actual exchange rate rather than 1:1 as most games are. Unfortunately this consumer friendly move was marred somewhat by SCEE appearing unable to offer the early adopter discount or PS+ discount the SCEA gave, making the game effectively double price for Europeans who buy on release.

How is that pricing FAQ coming along Fred? If the FAQ isn’t happening any more can we at least get an explanation as to why SCEE didn’t keep last gens RRP or how exactly our prices are calculated from the US counterparts. Destiny for example, Digital Guardian Edition: $99 =/= £85 how exactly unless we are directly subsidising lower costs in the US.

    Archacus 20 July, 2014 @ 11:48 am    

    That FAQ could help a lot to ease the tension between all of us…. but it should be treating us seriously… after all most of us are an adults… and we all have some knowledge in various fields.

    As for me… I don’t want to hear anything like simple “the publisher set the prices” because it is only half of the truth… and it doesn’t explain anything at all. It would be once again like treating us like a naive children. What publishers set are only “wholesale” prices for PSN… and the one who set the “retail” prices that we all see in PSN shop is non other than SCEE. That is at least what you can find at site about unity for PSM…. but I don’t think it is different from regulations about normal SCE DevNET.

    Truth to be told… right now I don’t believe in stories about currency exchange costs. First of all games are not imported from USA… plus they don’t really have reason to set exactly the same prices for both SCEA and SCEE (and PS4 games examples kinda proved that). To me it seems that they are in some kind of economic troubles and probably think that if the games will be more expensive they will be able to earn more… but they forgot that there is also another option… they can lower prices but sell more to gain the same effect.

    Fun fact: Freedom Wars pre-order cost only 30$ that’s only 22 EUR (this is great price… even those who are not sure about game will buy because it is really cheap)… we will have most probably 40 EUR… or if we will be luck 30 EUR (kinda don’t count on it)… but for digital version…. So yeah… I’d really like to hear some explanation.

    DJOates 20 July, 2014 @ 5:04 pm    

    I think it’s not so much the lack of FAQ, the 1:1 pricing, the feeling that EU/AU regions are subsidising the US and JPN markets, the EU digital only releases, the disparity in sales and discounts or even the wholesale contempt for Vita fans that’s getting to me the most these days.

    What’s getting to me is the way that SCEE are failing to respond to these criticisms. Sure, Fred will occasionally put out a stock post saying “We can’t respond to everything, but rest assured your posts are listened to and passed on”. This gets a little old after a while, especially when whole threads will go by when posts are just ignored as the team picks and chooses which to respond to – usually only technical questions or softball compliments.

    Months and months ago, it used to be the case that when you posted on this blog on one of these threads, you were guaranteed a response. You might not get the answer you wanted, or you might get a somewhat snarky reply if the team didn’t like your tone, but you always got a reply.

    Now, we see post after post of the same things every week. The same petitions, the same criticisms, the same begging calls for someone to listen and respond, because no-one feels that they’re being heard by senior management any more. This is a bad state for a company to get into, as it slowly erodes the loyalty of those customers who’ve been around for years and have put heavy investment into a company’s products. If you’ve spent thousands of pounds over the years, you tend to feel a certain amount of entitlement that the company you’ve supported should at least listen to what you have to say.

    The sad thing is, SCEE don’t realise just how much respect they would gain back if they dropped the careful corporate image management and engaged in a real debate. Having someone from the senior leadership put their heads above the parapet and try to answer the hard questions and engage with us long-term fans who are increasingly disillusioned.

    The politicians who gain the most respect and support aren’t the ones who prevaricate, hide and avoid the issue, no matter how much they think they’re doing a good job and being a model politician. The ones who gain the most respect are the ones who engage with the issues, defend their actions while being willing to see the other point of view and are willing to respond to every enquiry and question, no matter how difficult it is to answer. The same is true with companies and corporate executives.

Archacus 20 July, 2014 @ 11:32 am   5

Oreshika: Tainted Blood according to official playstation sites will be digital only in Europe (NA of course have normal retail edition). It is yet another first party SCE game after Freedom Wars which won’t have retail release in Europe. Both games have not-surprisingly very good scores from gamingsites… Due to Freedom Wars release sales of Vita in Japan were twice as good as normally, this proves that we are talking about potential system seller for VIta.

As most of you probably know there is already petition asking for retail of Freedom Wars:

But due to news about Oreshika we will probably start another one. If I’m not mistaken @supersmith2500 will be the one who will start it, and most probably it will be general petition asking for a change of their digital only politics. I will drop the link if/when it will start.

If you don’t like something, be vocal about it! Don’t wait till it will be too late, we as a customers have our rights. If you don’t want to help, than ok you don’t have to… but at least don’t get in our way.

madmanwithabox12 20 July, 2014 @ 11:57 am   6

This week in PlayStation, Vita continues to be ignored.

Yes, we got a blog post about Metrico. But how many posts were there for PS3/PS4 games in comparison? Vita needs that same level of love and you’re still not giving it.

    Lucreto 20 July, 2014 @ 12:27 pm    

    There has been a Vita game been announced nearly every week. Just because it is an indie title or also on PS4/PS3 doesn’t mean the Vita has been ignored.

    madmanwithabox12 20 July, 2014 @ 12:57 pm    

    You can’t honestly look at the PS blog and tell me Vita gets equal attention to what PS3 and PS4 do. That’s what annoys me. PS3 and PS4 don’t even really need much hype, they’re doing really well. Vita needs all the help it can get and Sony just won’t throw it a bone. Additionally, I do feel like the Vita fans are being ignored on the blog. We’re constantly raising issues or asking questions that never get a response.

    WearingFin 20 July, 2014 @ 2:29 pm    

    PS4: Destiny, Last of Us, Styx; PS3: Destiny, Sacred 3, Walking Dead, Ace Combat; PS Vita: Metrico, Starlight Inception, Walking Dead. 4 for PS3, 3 each for PS3 and Vita. Not that much of a difference this week.

BBear_27 20 July, 2014 @ 12:19 pm   7

Would you guys please look at the call of duty black ops 2 apocalypse map pack availability in the cod sale? I’ve looked on numerous psn accounts so it isn’t just my account

nulenvoid 20 July, 2014 @ 12:46 pm   8

Gaming on the Go sale has some great titles but no actual discounts, needs fixing and is happening a bit too frequently. Advertising sales and not actually having items discounted is a basic no no and not entirely accepted by countries with consumer protection.

    WearingFin 20 July, 2014 @ 1:41 pm    

    It’s a promotion, not a sale. There has also been no blog post calling it a sale, but there were permanent reductions to coincide with it.

    nulenvoid 20 July, 2014 @ 8:53 pm    

    @WearingFin It is under the menu for Sales and Offers. I fail to see either a Sale or an offer.

    Regardless of if there’s been any call out on the blog, in the store that is how it has been categorised on the store where these items are being sold. Also in the PS+ discounts section there are two titles with no PS+ discount.

    This isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened and it needs to be fixed regardless of your own personally chosen terminology for it. It is misleading and inaccurate.

    WearingFin 20 July, 2014 @ 9:36 pm    

    Of course it’s an offer. If Sale and Offer were the same thing, the category wouldn’t be called Sales and Offers. My point still stands: it’s not a sale and hasn’t been called a sale. Consumer protection doesn’t apply if you’re not discounting in the first place.

    nulenvoid 20 July, 2014 @ 10:36 pm    

    Sigh. What exactly is the ‘offer’ that’s not a sale but a promotion without any discounts or deals?

    What you’re trying to infer would be better off in the Collections category, you seem to have a funny understanding of categorisation and consumer law.

    WearingFin 20 July, 2014 @ 11:32 pm    

    I understand what you’re getting at by questioning my intelligence with regards to consumer law, but i believe it’s an argument based on stubborness rather than fact. If i owned a shop and decided to put all my summer items in one aisle, that would be similar to what is happening here, a promotion without discounts. It’s not a question of terminology but understanding there are two different words, therefore terms, in that section. An offer does not have to be a sales item. Anything more will rely on dictionary definition to try to stress the point of pitentially being separate states.

    nulenvoid 21 July, 2014 @ 1:09 am    

    I think I can safely say I’m happy to agree to disagree, the exchange seems pretty pointless to be honest.

    Fred Dutton 21 July, 2014 @ 9:38 am    

    As some people have stated, this is a promotion not a sale, and there are no discounts attached to it. There were however a few permanent PS Vita price drops last week, as called out in the regular Store update. In case you missed them:

    Resistance Burning Skies (PS Vita) – Was £19.99/€24.99/$32.95, now £14.99/€19.99/$24.95

    Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (PS Vita) – Was £19.99/€24.99/$32.95, now £14.99/€19.99/$24.95

    The Jak & Daxter Trilogy (PS Vita) – Was £19.99/€29.99/$39.95, now £15.99/€19.99/$24.95

    Tearaway (PS Vita) – Was £19.99/€24.99/$32.95, now £14.99/€19.99/$24.95

    Uncharted: Fight for Fortune™ Complete Edition (PS Vita) – Was £7.39/€8.99/$13.45, now £3.99/€4.99/$7.55

    Invizimals: The Alliance (PS Vita) – Was £24.99/€24.99/$32.95, now £19.99/€19.99/$24.9

    nulenvoid 21 July, 2014 @ 10:13 am    

    @fred Tearaway and Resistance (as an example) are both $35.95?

    Fred Dutton 21 July, 2014 @ 10:19 am    

    Sorry for not being clear. The $ prices above are AU$. 35.95 is the correct NZ$ discount price.

    nulenvoid 21 July, 2014 @ 10:32 am    

    Yes I understand that’s Australian, our economies are linked fairly closely, the price discrepancy doesn’t add up. Take Uncharted, $7.55 AUD and $7.95 NZD which is normal – now take either Tearaway of Resistance $24.95 AUD and $35.95 NZD which would make more sense against the up non discounted Australian price you listed of $32.95.

    Do you see the problem?

    nulenvoid 21 July, 2014 @ 11:25 am    

    Are you going to investigate or do I move onto other avenues to try and sort out the issue?

    I try to be fair about things and am quite happy to make allowances for mistakes, but when I’m blatantly told something is correct when there’s obviously something not quite right I have to question why I’m bothering with that line.

    nulenvoid 21 July, 2014 @ 12:13 pm    

    Okay cheers, sorting properly.

    Fred Dutton 21 July, 2014 @ 1:39 pm    

    @nulenvoid As above, NZ$35.95 is the designated pricing for these titles – there’s no error on Store.

    nulenvoid 22 July, 2014 @ 1:23 am    

    I’ll have to respectfully disagree, it may be as intended but $25 AUD is roughly $27 NZD, not $36. It may be as intended but it’s certainly not correct. I’m used to US regional pricing differences, but having them with Australia at such large margins is just getting silly.

    I will resolve the problem(s) myself thank you.

    infernalmonkey1 22 July, 2014 @ 12:19 pm    

    SCEE have been absolutely inconsistent and obnoxious in regards to Australian and New Zealand pricing on the PS Store for years now. Their imaginary exchange rate seemingly jumps all over the place at random to whatever suits them.

    Good luck; maybe if they get reported enough to the consumer watchdog they’ll be forced to shape up.

    nulenvoid 22 July, 2014 @ 8:58 pm    

    @infernalmonkey1 yeah hopefully, discussion through these channels seems quite limited so worth a shot, cheers 🙂


Can anyone at SCEE with even an ounce of weight find out from the big boys what is the exact reasoning behind Freedom Wars and Oreshika being digital only on VITA? I have been tweet @yosp as have many others and he says it’s down to SCEE entirely.
So who is it at SCEE that is making these dumb decisions?

sem1471 20 July, 2014 @ 1:53 pm   10

Hi Fred, happy 2nd anniversary!

Sorry, but that’s about as positive as it gets.

Last week I asked you to help Mr Ashraf regarding his communication skills (re vague/confusing allusions to sales) This was of course ignored (see ‘gaming on the go’ banner – this is not a sale but a grouping together of some games for no reason – see above confusion).

This week, I’d like to ask YOU to improve your communication skills.

Since Sony are happy to trumpet the figures that suggest 50% of PS4 owners were not PS3 owners, then I would like to ask that when there is a psn outage (destiny beta), there should be some sort of official communication through the blogpost. My experience of the beta was pain-free but are Sony really happy that many excited playstation owners suffered a frustrating evening that was only made worse by the radio silence from yourselves?

You did suggest in your blogpost last Sunday (that you spent a whole 15 minutes on – despite by your own admittance that Monday was a slow news day) that there are other ways (directly via twitter!) to raise an issue.

You’re the blog manager, not the [deleted] manager. Sony customers should not have to create accounts to contact you directly.


ps, pricing faq – never gonna happen. Fred hinted at it’s possibility to pacify the traction that the topic was getting at the time. He has since intimated that it may be weeks/months, if at all.

    sem1471 21 July, 2014 @ 1:47 pm    

    wow, 20 hours in moderation. thanks for not censoring my whole comment.

    one point.

    Fred’s replies today have hinted at an element of abuse/questioning of integrity of staff members. Since I appear to be the only contributor to be censored today, I do not appreciate the subtext that these elements are attributed to myself.

    I’d like it to be known that the ‘deleted’ part of my post was not abuse directed at Fred, but a play on words (substituting an ‘a’ for an ‘i’ in the naming of a well-known social media tool) that expressed my disdain for it’s inclusion as a means for communicating with Sony.

    So let me re-state the sentence:

    ‘You are the blog manager, not the twitter manager…’

    (let’s hope that this is not misconstrued that I am calling Fred a twit!)


Lucreto 20 July, 2014 @ 3:23 pm   11

The Accountants

They weighed up the costs and risks of creating a physical copy of the game and found it would be more cost effective for a digital release only.

    Porcupeth00 20 July, 2014 @ 3:49 pm    

    I wish every game would go digital-only.
    Cut down the retailers, they don’t need to exist.


    Porcu, if you haven’t noticed, in EU digital PSN games can be even twice more expensive that if you’d get them on a disc. I bet SCEE would love to kill retailing business, so they could demand 100euro for the simpliest of games, but that’s the opposite of where “for the players” is.

    WearingFin 20 July, 2014 @ 4:39 pm    

    Every time i go into a particular local entertainment shop i see at least ten copies of Deception IV stocked for full price. I know they will never sell all ten of those copies. It makes little sense for niche titles to have full retail releases, especially when localisation means you often cannot move units from one country to another. I look at Steam and I am envious, i am also aware that a major factor is retail and Sony’s reliance on them. The sooner we can remove that step, the better.

    Archacus 20 July, 2014 @ 4:50 pm    

    Oh stop that…

    1. That’s what pre-orders are for
    2. They released Vita Pets and Invizimals so even for them releasing games even in low quantity is still something which would bring some profit.
    3. NA – 30% smaller market than EU is releasing both games for BOTH AMERICAS (and not only USA how “smartguys” try to encourage you)

    I’m getting really tired of repeating exactly the same stuff, over and over again… don’t justify foolish decisions please :/

    Archacus 20 July, 2014 @ 4:53 pm    

    yeah “niche” titles…

    Vita pets -> niche for kids
    GTA -> niche for brainless american thugs
    chess -> niche for nerds
    NFS -> niche for those who likes cars
    AC -> niche for those who like jumping into straw

    Every game can be called niche that way.

    WearingFin 20 July, 2014 @ 5:24 pm    

    Considering your earlier message, it’s a shame to see you so combative so soon, especially with such rash generalisations which again belies your maturity.

    Vita Pets based on 6 million sales for Nintendogs.
    GTA. I’m not even going to give a response as to how this is a niche title.
    Always a market for Chess, mostly in bargain bins admittedly.
    NFS. 300k sales in Europe, based on a very popular franchise.
    Assassins Creed. Again, no response needed.

    I can honestly say, with 99% confidence, that a petition for a physical release of a hypothetical GTA game on the Vita would raise considerably more signatories than the 1.6k for Freedom Wars. Freedom Wars, which has been repeatedly compared to Monster Hunter, the same Monster Hunter which dominates the genre yet Monster Hunter 4 required a similar campaign to see a Western release. It isn’t even being published by Capcom in Europe, instead Nintendo have had to take those duties. Yet the digital release of Monster Hunter 3U has seen numerous sales, 50% off being typical, which led to a sale for me, whilst the physical release remains stubbornly at full price on the dusty shelf. From my perspective, living outside of the top 5 markets in Europe, I don’t see much point in releasing these games physically, and I feel sorry for the publishers who are clearly taking a risk and it just does not work. I have seen you complain before about the state of sales compared to Steam, yet the retail space for PC games has all but vanished over the past five years. As a consumer I see 50% off Final Fantasy X, Toukiden, Tearaway, Soul Sacrifice, Persona 4, and many other titles… digitally, never on retail. You also said once that I had an attitude of a rich person because I was willing to pay €15 for Toukiden rather than wait for Toukiden Xtreme later in the year (or early next year), yet here you are arguing for a channel which will almost guarantee perpertually higher prices for these games. That’s your opinion, but mine is different and I’d rather you didn’t respond in such a fashion.

    supersmith2500 20 July, 2014 @ 5:35 pm    

    And what’s so risky about making these two great titles physical format? It would help sales for the PSVita but with the 3DS having two major games coming up this year. The Vita won’t even stand a chance.

    So I don’t even understand why SCEE decided to go digital only on those two titles.

    Archacus 20 July, 2014 @ 5:42 pm    

    That was actualy irony… it was pretty obvious… I mean… geez… I even wrote it in so sacrastic tone that it was actualy really obvious…

    <- person who play chess

    But the thing is calling those titles "niche" just because those are from japan is silly… Gravity Rush was from Japan… and yet nobody calls it "niche"… Murasaki Baby from Europe and yet people thinking that it is from Japan call it "niche"

    There is no point in doing it… because that way we can call every game "niche"

    Archacus 20 July, 2014 @ 5:43 pm    

    That was actualy irony… and it was pretty obvious…

    WearingFin 20 July, 2014 @ 5:53 pm    

    Irony of course being something that is not at all lost in a text based form. Let me just indicate that the statement was ironic. The mere fact that you try to refute it by such a statement again belies your maturity. You constantly show a disregard for discourse and opt instead for making as much noise as possible. In your latest comment (14), you are shown getting angry because they don’t respond to you on a Sunday. You don’t even make a cohesive point, instead messing up your question by asking if Freedom Wars is having a release! I can answer that: yes, yes it will. Two weeks ago you said you wouldn’t say any more on the subject, why the change? Is it because the petition is floundering?

    It’s irritating to have to endure this. Lucreto makes a point about the economics of a physical release, and I agree with him and I stated why I agreed. You responded by making a sarcastic remark, that’s not helpful or welcome and does not reflect well on you. If you would like to be part of this dialogue, then by all means please, I would look forward to an intelligent response to the points I’ve made.

    Archacus 20 July, 2014 @ 6:19 pm    

    Huh… really you didn’t think that it might be irony when you saw that assassin creed is niche for those who like jumping into straw? Ow well… maybe you are right, sorry I will try to make things more obvious next time.

    But you guys are ignoring everything we say… We already gave you strong arguments… that’s the thing.. but you actually keep ignoring them… either you don’t understand them or don’t bother to read them

    Comment 14 is directed to Mr. Fred and he is only checking replies at Monday 9-11 am.
    Comment 5 is directed to other gamers.

    Two weeks ago? (checking) oh that… and I didn’t comment anything more than I already did… I posted 4 part long comment, it was more than enough for that thread.

    Irritating? how so? It is us who keep repeating exactly the same rational arguments over and over again… and you just act like a troll who don’t even bother to read anything… point about economics which is not true and we already explained why it is not true… Why should I treat someone who doesn’t bother to read what we say as a partner for discussion? Why? Why should I respect person who doesn’t respect me?

    why delete factual matter you guys that scared and with yoshida saying you guys were responsible for the digital only release kinda shows what a joke SCEE is.

    Lt_Combo 21 July, 2014 @ 12:19 pm    

    Porcupeth00, UHHH NO .. people who think that digital only will benefit us are ignorant. Competitors drive the price down, lots of retailers means they are all competing for customers, all trying to offer cheaper prices. I bought every single game 10/15eu cheaper than digital so far. TLOU was 37eur on some dutch sites until today .. now it’s 42eu .. that’s a PHYSICAL COPY, that you REALLY own and can use for ever as long as your you have a PS4 even if some day the service goes down etc. You can also resell it or keep it as a collectors item!

    That said .. I’m completely digital with VITA .. mostly because of how hard it is to get physical copies in the Netherlands, need to order everything. Prices aren’t that much better on VITA physical and because it’s a handheld, digital is simply more convenient. I don’t need to carry around the physical copies of my games.

    On PS4 how ever I would take physical over digital ANY day .. since I’m not carrying around my PS4 .. changing a disc is not a big deal etc. Only games I buy digitally are those that have no real physical release (strider, child of light, steamworld dig, trails fusion etc)

DJOates 20 July, 2014 @ 4:06 pm   12

I’m honestly not sure what SCEE is doing any more.

First, the sheer amount of spam trying to flog Destiny and Driveclub.

Yeah, we get that Sony are counting on these to kickstart a new surge of PS4 sales, but spamming the blog with posts about the most minor things such as guns and weather effects, to the extent where posts that interest other gamers are being squeezed out, is just annoying everyone who isn’t interested. As I stated in the weekend debate thread, I could have been sold on Destiny, but I’m just sick of hearing about it now. Speaking of which, using a weekend debate thread to literally fish for butt-kissing comments in the hope of winning a prize to try and artificially raise the hype level – really SCEE?

Second, the mad decisions about Vita.

Much as I have gone fully digital myself, I can understand those who are asking for physical releases, and I understand the economics of it. Retailers do not stock systems that do not have physical games for them to sell and resell, so Vita lacking physical releases is just a death sentence, as people like to buy physical bundles in store. Limiting Vita to digital only is the same mistake that Sony committed with PSPGo – only hardcore fans will get one, so sales figures will be down, so retailers will stock them even less, so developers won’t bring titles, so the system will eventually die. That’s not even mentioning the likes of Andrew House and co. talking down Vita and admitting Sony don’t have a clue what to do with it in every interview.

Third, making the same mistake with PS4 as was made with PS3.

The hardcore fans that drove PS2 to such stratospheric success were totally ignored for the first few years on PS3. No hardcore RPGs, no strategy games, only mindless shooters, sports, driving and titles for the casual market. I didn’t buy a PS3 until 6 years after launch because there were only a handful of decent games for it. These hardcore fans migrated to PSP and later Vita, where we have titles such as Persona 4 Golden, Demon Gaze, Sword Art Online and the like. You then treat these hardcore fans who have spent hundreds or even thousands of pounds with Sony over the years with contempt, while failing to attract a single hardcore RPG or strategy game to PS4 and expect us to buy one? The ONLY game with even a hint that it will be a system-seller so far has been No Man’s Sky.

I could go on all day. Why don’t you bite the bullet and put out a survey or debate asking what WE want?

    Archacus 20 July, 2014 @ 4:57 pm    

    Hey… I’m also hardcore fan! 😀

    I would say that old style gamers who collect retail games are even bigger hardcore fans than those who go all digital 😛 (opinion)

    Anyway, thank you for understanding that there are those who prefer digital games and there are those who prefer digitals! I appreciate it.

    DJOates 20 July, 2014 @ 5:29 pm    

    I understand the economics, Archacus, as I believe you do too.

    I’m digital only for Vita only because when I bought it I had a PS+ subscription and a large amount of the games I wanted were PSP/PSOne which are digital only, and I use it for commuting so don’t want to carry tiny game cards around with me.

    Physical games matter though. Without physical games, a console dies, as one of the main sources of sales is from people walking into stores, seeing it in action and being introduced to the system. Sure, people will research and order one online if they really want the titles on it, but you can’t maintain sales from this method alone. Without boxed titles in high street stores to go with consoles as well, there’s only a fraction of the sales available. When the Borderlands 2 slim bundle hit the US, there was a huge spike in sales – until Sony declared their incompetence once again by running out of units to keep the shelves stocked. Digital only will eventually kill the system, until the only titles being released will be Japanese localisations.

    When I speak of hardcore fans, I speak of those of us who’ve been Sony’s traditional fanbase from the start – those of us who built up huge libraries of games from PSX/PSOne days onwards. A large part of Sony’s fanbase was, from the start, rooted firmly in games that didn’t hold your hand – in JRPGs such as Suikoden and Shin Megami Tensei, unique titles such as ICO and Shadow of the Colossus and strategy games such as Front Mission. Sony moved away from these games in the PS3 era to try to hit a wider, casual market, so very few were released in the first years and those that were had limited runs like Valkyria Chronicles and weren’t marketed properly.

    Sony are counting on their traditional fanbase automatically buying a PS4 when the first Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts or Elder Scrolls game comes out, and are concentrating all their efforts into outperforming Microsoft in the key casual markets of shooters, driving and sports. If they keep doing this, eventually people who have no interest in these games will just decide not to buy one. We need the first PS4 exclusive equivalents of Valkyria Chronicles, Resonance of Fate, Disgaea and the like, and we need them marketed. Right now, we only have Natural Doctrine coming, and it’s cross-platform.


    Well, they are trying to surge PS4 sales, sure. But thing is, after you’ve bought a PS4, you’re left alone, abandoned and noone cares for you anymore? You gave us your money? Great, now go hide yourself in a closet or something, at least until you come back to give us more money. It’s SCEE’s new motto, “for the players’ money.”

    Though the thing about videos, I’m still waiting to see a video of Driveclub + snow. I absolutely love winter climates, mostly why Uncharted 2 was my favourite in the series.

    Archacus 20 July, 2014 @ 6:03 pm    

    Sorry there was error in first one… of course there those who prefer digitals and those who prefer retail version.

    Your arguments are like music for me ears! Vive le rationalisme! It is really nice thing to read reply that has actually arguments and not empty assumptions.

    I agree… digitals rather can’t be system sellers, usually people who are wondering which console to buy won’t check which titles are available only online. Vita need retails even as a simply baits for new customers… and once those buy Vita tempted by nice box they might buy next games as a digitals.

    I have nice collection of PS games myself… and I love it! This is kinda like a badge of fanship to me 😛 I have for examples my FF games for PSX kept in boxes (LOVED THOSE OLD BIG BOXES)… I love my PS2 collection (especially those first games which had “memory card holder” inside box)… I even like memory cards for ps 2… probably because of sentiment I really like swapping game cartridges in Vita… So yeah… I’ve been with them since a long time…

    And right now they are like telling me: you have no right to be fan if you don’t buy digital games… we don’t care about what you want, what only matter is money.

    Project2insanity 20 July, 2014 @ 10:48 pm    

    I think someone better warn Valve about this.

    Archacus 20 July, 2014 @ 11:04 pm    

    But that’s actually the main issue here… consoles =/= PC

    For PC digital industry was kinda result of already existing piracy, whole DRM and steam was invented just to protect industry. And people were already downloading pirate things so they kinda got used to “digital” idea.

    And with consoles…. officially there wasn’t piracy on consoles. Sure you could install some device on PS2… but it was rather something disgraceful for console gamers. We were collectors from the beginining, many of us liked to collect games.. and that was the fun part of being console gamer.

    But than… probably since PS3 they started tempting PC users for good to buy consoles…

    For me nice retails are essence of being console gamer. I never was a big fan of using PC as main platform, sure I have steam with 300+ titles… but those are mainly indies that (that’s why personally I don’t really care about indies on Vita unless those are VN) I got nearly for free and game developer software.

    But yeah… that’s my opinion.

    DJOates 20 July, 2014 @ 11:16 pm    

    A different demographic entirely Project2insanity.

    PC base unit sales do not depend on casual purchasers who can be swayed by a good deal in store on a bundle. The vast majority of 3DS sales are from impulse-buyers, who notice there’s a sale on, see the vast array of boxes in store, play with the store’s demonstration unit and have £150 burning a hole in their pocket. Either that, or they are bought as Christmas gifts from well-meaning relatives who see it as an expensive toy, but who still see it in store.

    Buying a gaming PC is a significant investment that is planned often months in advance, with specs and options being weighed up to justify dropping an entire month’s salary on one. People who invest in a gaming PC almost certainly have two or three titles lined up, probably with a dozen or so mods they want to install. It’s a different type of gamer.

    Hence, Valve/Steam can be digital only for existing PC owners without affecting hardware sales. PSN digital fulfils the same function for people who have already bought a system. My point, and Archacus’s, is that for consoles, there needs to be seen to be titles available in store in a physical form in order to attract the more casual class of gamer to make that impulse system purchase. People who research titles available digitally for consoles and buy on that basis are still only a percentage of the potential customer base.


I LOVE my PS4 😀


    Hopefully it’s a BIG update with a lot of requested stuff. We have not had an update with added cntent since well can’t even remember. Only thing was the streaming improvment and the sharefactor.

Hi Fred,

When do August PS+ games get announced ?
I hope it’s this week 🙂

    KaneTheGoth 21 July, 2014 @ 12:32 am    

    I hope it is too but I highly doubt we’ll find anything out until at least the 30th of this month, with the publish going live on the 6th August.

    Fred Dutton 21 July, 2014 @ 9:40 am    

    No, not this week – it will be the week after. It’s looking like an eclectic list this month – should be something for everyone.

Archacus 20 July, 2014 @ 5:29 pm   15

@Mr. Fred Dutton
Sorry but can you guys stop ignoring us? We won’t go away just because someone is ignoring us, ok? That’s not how it works… it is not kindergarten… and we are not kids or “haters” like you guys try to depict us.

Can we at least know ONE THING:
Are you even still taking into account possibility of releasing Freedom Wars and Oreshika?
Just “yes” or “no”… I’m not asking for more.

Side note:
1. Don’t wait with announcing news, take a look at Square Enix… just 1 month and pretty much only few people still respect SE… don’t make similar mistake
2. You are responsible for whole EU, part of Africa and Asia… you guys keep thinking only from your own little UK perspective… something which will be good for UK usually is not good for whole EU.

    Porcupeth00 20 July, 2014 @ 6:12 pm    

    buy digital

    madmanwithabox12 20 July, 2014 @ 10:54 pm    

    @Porcupeth00: It would be far easier for people to accept this game as digital only if Vita’s memory wasn’t such an issue. Cards only go up to 64GB (and those cost an arm and a leg AND they have to be imported from Japan) and changing memory cards on Vita is a huge hassle and it doesn’t work very well, not like switching cards on PSP. So given the limited amount of memory Vita can hold, it’s kind of hard to justify buying larger games like this digitally and on a regular basis.

    Porcupeth00 20 July, 2014 @ 11:16 pm    

    you don’t need a 64gb card… don’t hoard games that you don’t even play

    Fred Dutton 21 July, 2014 @ 9:48 am    

    Hi. I’m not ignoring you. All feedback is passed on and widely discussed, that I promise. The reason I haven’t responded is I have no new news for you, and it doesn’t help anyone for me to keep repeating that. As soon as I have an update, I will pass it on immediately. Without wanting to make promises I can’t keep, that may be later this week.

    I’ll also add that posts in which either myself or my colleagues are insulted or in which their integrity is called into question are very unlikely to garner any response at all, other than from a moderator. Please, let’s keep the level of discourse here civil. Negative feedback: always welcome. Name calling: never welcome. Many thanks.

    Archacus 21 July, 2014 @ 10:24 am    

    @Mr. Fred Dutton
    Ok thank you for your reply, this is what I/we wanted to hear… I/we just wanted to hear that you as a SCEE will at least respond. We can talk, we can discuss… but please understand that we have right to feel iritated when you guys try to avoid answering (what Ms. Florence Kum did in Freedom Wars thread… was like an insult to many of us) or sneak important information for us by not announcing at all or by dropping the most important information for us as a reply to old thread.

    If we wouldn’t be persistent, and if Mr. Jawad didn’t reply to us… we would probably get information somewhere around September… and probably it would be too late to do anything at all by that time.

    Also please understand that… we don’t really know what to think when we hear the same old “All feedback is passed on and widely discussed” @DjOates explained it perfeclty here:

    We hear this magic phrase…and than… usually we get nothing… so we don’t really know if it is way to silence people or is that actually true. Like I said we are mature people, we can always disscus… we always can hear your reasons… we can try to help… but only if you guys will talk to us.

    We are not your enemies… so don’t treat us like that.

    Today I got my answer, and I’m quite happy with it… I will wait and see what you guys will write.

    Name calling? did that ever happen? Oh yeah some fool tried to insult Ms. Florence Kum… but other than that… hmm… I don’t think so:

    SGTSTEELFACE 21 July, 2014 @ 6:17 pm    

    @Archaus I applaud you for being persistent and standing up against the injustices we often receive sad thing is i can almost guarantee we will be ignored just like plus problems. I feel bad for Fred and Jawad since they are just the messenger but it has to be done.

    I find it incredible that the vita is doing quite well here in comparison and we are still getting the short stick compared to the US.

    honkayjeezus 22 July, 2014 @ 7:23 am    

    @ Fred

    Someone asks a question and you take that as your integrity being called into question? We are paying customers who pay your salary.

    Hatchetforce 22 July, 2014 @ 2:10 pm    

    No honkay you do not pay their salaries. You do not manage employees. You make a purchase of a commercial product from a company that has tens of thousands of workers. And those employees are paid by that company which has a multitude of endeavors from electronics to insurance. They also have a business to run and set windows when they feel it is tactically best to reveal features or products. That means you do not get your way when you want it.

mugglewump 20 July, 2014 @ 6:25 pm   16

I’m curious whether we’ll hear anything this week about further PS4 updates,on the back of the news that the XBox One is getting 3d bluray support? I realise that for some people it’s a minor thing,but I have a few titles,and would prefer to be able to play them. Given the fact that Sony were a key force behind bluray,if like to think they won’t be far behind?


    Logged on to the blog to say exactly the same thing. It would be fantastic if, as others have said above, SCEE treat their customers as grown-ups and share their programme for the release of key updates to the PS4 operating system. Sony would be utterly nuts not to be planning to introduce support for 3D blu-rays (as well as support for media server streaming and other features that existed on the PS3). Uncertainty as to whether these features are coming does not give them any competitive advantage over Microsoft. The only downside to publishing a programme for release of these features is that if dates slip then they will get criticised. Well make sure that the programme makes clear that the dates are subject to change. This is perfectly understandable to everybody. Obviously Sony aren’t going to tell us about new features which competitors may want to steal, but there is no good reason not to say when basic functionality (which should really have been in place at launch) will be available.

    Fred Dutton 21 July, 2014 @ 10:00 am    

    Yes, more news on PS4 firmware updates very soon. Stay tuned.

    ten-bucks 21 July, 2014 @ 11:24 am    

    Hopefully that means 3d and mp3 support.

    mugglewump 21 July, 2014 @ 12:12 pm    

    Thanks Fred, can you be more specific on timing (i.e. this week, next week), or is it still up in the air for now?

    Fred Dutton 21 July, 2014 @ 1:40 pm    

    Alas, not at present. More info to come soon though.

    BLACK13 21 July, 2014 @ 6:36 pm    

    New dictionary definition

    Soony . Adverb , In or after an unspecified time period (Based on a play on the words Sony and soon)

TrueMurton 20 July, 2014 @ 10:06 pm   17

Fred, unrelated question but are there any plans to either bring back the report button or implement an ignore feature on the blog? If not then can we please get some active moderation in here? The amount of spam coming from a small group of persistent posters is getting tiresome, furthermore anyone who engages the spammers is immediately insulted and this is happening with complete impunity.

    Archacus 20 July, 2014 @ 10:41 pm    

    There is “report” button in upper right corner (near the number of the post and flag).

    DJOates 20 July, 2014 @ 10:54 pm    

    There is a report button if you feel a post is offensive – it’s right next to the post number. However, if you wish for a blog that goes beyond this to the point where comments are actively moderated to remove frustrated posters who display any form of criticism, then perhaps you need to think about the potential outcome of that. Check out the situation on some other companies’ blogs, forums and review boards where you find nothing but 5 star reviews and compliments as anything else is strictly forbidden – do you really want Sony to act like that?

    One of the great things about the PlayStation blog is that it has always provided a place for people to sound off and make their views known both when things are going great, and when they’re not happy with the current direction of things. People aren’t posting out of a sense of malice or need to spam, but because they genuinely love their consoles and PlayStation in general, and want it to be the best experience possible. Plus, we invest hundreds or even thousands of pounds into PlayStation, and as such feel entitled to express our opinions to the company receiving that money.

    From what I have seen here, the discussion has been fairly civilised today. Sure, some of the issues are repeats from past weeks, but that’s only because there’s been no response to any of the issues so far. If there were to be a detailed, in depth explanation or debate with participation from a senior figure in response to the things being raised, even if the content of that response was ultimately disappointing, fewer people would be posting. We’d have made our points, and been satisfied that someone from the higher echelons had seen them and taken our views into consideration.

    These are serious issues, discussed for the most part in a reasoned, rational manner, so let us please not go down the route of censorship.

    KaneTheGoth 21 July, 2014 @ 2:16 am    

    Completely agree with TrueMurton on this one, an ignore button would be perfect. While I’m 100% in favour of free speech, reading the same comments from the same people on the same subjects spread across several unrelated Blog topics is fairly tedious and somewhat spammy. While they may or may not have a good plight and it’s important for their voice to be heard, I, personally, don’t need to read about it repeatedly.

    Fred Dutton 21 July, 2014 @ 9:57 am    

    Hey there @TrueMorton. As some have pointed out, there is indeed a ‘Report’ button. Please do use it when you feel it’s necessary – it is monitored constantly.

    As for an ‘Ignore’ feature – it’s something we’ve discussed but there are no plans to implement in the near future. There are so many pros and cons, and we’re just not 100% comfortable with introducing such a feature at present.

    I’ve posted above about the level of discourse on blog. We really welcome all constructive feedback on here – whether negative or positive – and believe it or not, your response absolutely does feed into the decision-making process here at SCEE. See amendments to the Driveclub PS Plus Edition announcement earlier this year, and the increase in the number of monthly PS Plus titles from 5 to 6, for example. So, please, keep it coming.

    However, you’re also correct in pointing out that some do take this too far and into the realms of trolling and maliciousness. This will not be tolerated and I’ll be doubling efforts to crack down on abusive behaviour. It’s great that PS Blog has such lively and passionate discourse. As long as it stays friendly and civil, we’ll not be changing anything in that regard.

Mocha796 21 July, 2014 @ 3:36 am   18

Is there any news about when the summer sale is going to start if there is one this year?

    Fred Dutton 21 July, 2014 @ 9:58 am    

    There will indeed be a summer sale. It should begin next week, with a series of updates over the next month or so. I haven’t seen a full content list yet, so please don’t ask for any clues! Hopefully there should be something for everyone in there.

    ten-bucks 21 July, 2014 @ 11:26 am    

    Hopefully better than last sale as it wasn’t great and hopefully nearer to the US flash sales!!!

    fps_d0minat0r 21 July, 2014 @ 11:28 am    

    Cant wait for the sale!

    supersmith2500 21 July, 2014 @ 3:01 pm    

    Really hope this summer ”sale” will have good bargains and games. Not games that are really old or PSP compatible only or even worse shovelware.


    Include ps4 games please. And not worthless 25% sales.

    stealthstu007 21 July, 2014 @ 8:32 pm    

    Fred, would you be kind enough, that if anything in the summer sale is to be in the Plus games that you could advise us? I know companies have to make money, but I dont want to buy a bargain to find out i’d get it for free a fortnight later!!!

Lyonjak 21 July, 2014 @ 9:41 am   19

It seems a lot of people who post here do not understand what a blog is, a blog is where you go to get information and details on subjects you are interested in. It’s not a venue for constantly moaning about the same old things to people who aren’t interested. That’s what forums are for, go to the forums and have a discussion and let the blog be what it’s designed for. Whenever a developer posts here rather than get the opportunity to answer interesting and relevant questions it’s always drowned out by the constant repetition of long completely unrelated posts. Free speech is great and Sony certainly have a lot to improve but the blog is not the place to air these views.

    madmanwithabox12 21 July, 2014 @ 12:21 pm    

    Do SCEE staff/developers/publishers respond to issues raised on the forums? I wouldn’t know since I don’t really use them. As is, myself, and I’m sure many others, feel that this is the only way to have direct communication with the people up-top and to let our voices be heard; perhaps that is out of ignorance, or perhaps this really is the only way for us to talk to the relevant people.

    Of course people are going to carry on repeating themselves if the issues they raise aren’t being addressed. I appreciate that Fred has given a response, but we’re still none the wiser. It’s not always about having things changed to suit our needs or wants, most of the time it’s just about having a reason. Why did SE say Type 0 was coming to Vita then disappoint millions of people by saying it isn’t? Why is Freedom Wars only getting a digital release in Europe when it’s far and away Vita’s biggest exclusive this year? It’s not necessarily even about changing these things. People just want reasons why these decisions or mistakes have been made.

    I think people have to understand that a large portion of the Vita user-base is currently unhappy with the way Sony is handling the device and that this comes off the back of a very lacklustre E3 and some very distressing interviews with some of the higher-ups at SCE. The fact none of Sony’s first party studios is or has plans to make Vita games (except for Studio Japan) is just depressing… People aren’t happy with these things and they want to make their opinions known. It’s never done out of malice (though some people here get a bit too uncivil when raising their concerns) but out of passion. People are complaining because they care.

    Again, if there is a better outlet for that than I do apologise for being one of the more vocal posters in these matters, but as far as I’m aware this is the most direct way I can make my voice heard.

    Lyonjak 21 July, 2014 @ 1:32 pm    

    Hi madmanwithabox12 and the others who air similar views. Nothing wrong with wanting answers and speaking your mind but the vast majority of these questions have been answered by Fred or someone else on the blog. Asking the same questions time and time again will not change the answer if you didn’t like the answer the first time. Fred, if you are still reading, here is a suggestion. Create a separate blog post which will focus on contentious issues such as EU digital pricing, lack of Vita love and so on. Then everyone can use this to debate the issue leaving the other unconnected blog posts free to discus what the blog post is actually about.

    Project2insanity 21 July, 2014 @ 6:06 pm    

    @madmanwithabox12; The forums are great for help. Just for example, I had an issue with DLC which wasn’t listed here. The thread wasn’t even 2 pages long and it was passed to the store team to fix. It was sorted before I had a response from customer service which itself didn’t take an unreasonable time to receive.

    madmanwithabox12 21 July, 2014 @ 6:36 pm    

    But here’s the thing. Issues like with the store/accounts etc are much easier to get help with. For the problems plaguing the Vita, there’s not really any quick and easy solution but Sony need to be aware that customers are unhappy. I’m going to be quite general here when I say Vita owners…

    -Don’t want Remote Play shoved down our throats
    -Don’t want PS Now shoved down our throats
    -Don’t want overpriced proprietary memory cards
    +Do want more new exclusives like Gravity Rush, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Tearaway etc.
    +Do want more PS1/PSP compatibility
    +Do want more diversity in the Vita library

    Not every Vita owner has/is interested in PS4, so Remote Play should NOT be an excuse to not put games on the system, but for some reason it now is. Myself, I’m looking forward to picking up a PS4 sometime in the future. But I still want my Vita to have it’s own games worth playing. I didn’t buy it so I could stream/rent PS4/PS3 games on it. I bought it because I liked the PSP and wanted to upgrade to what I thought would be a worthy successor.

    It’s issues like this that myself and the rest of the Vita crowd are trying to raise with Sony, but there doesn’t seem to be anywhere bar here where we can honestly know that we’re getting a response or that someone has read our feedback. Bringing these up on the forum isn’t going to get us noticed. When things like the Type 0 fiasco happen here on the PS blog, get somewhere around 1500 comments accumulatively on both the EU and NA blogs yet NOBODY FROM SE OR SONY SAYS ANYTHING ABOUT IT, then you have to question things and where else but here? It’s been months since that incident and yet there has been nothing from Square Enix or Sony Computer Entertainment regarding the matter, in any official capacity (be it here, Facebook, twitter, another blog… NOTHING). It’s an appalling way to treat Vita owners and I think people are worried it’s happening again with regards to Freedom Wars (which is in no way as bad as the Type 0 incident).

This week Sony once again showed us european vita players are not worthy of decent releases, and Shuhei Yoshida taunted us for it. Good times.

    madmanwithabox12 21 July, 2014 @ 6:38 pm    

    You’re over-reacting. Shu didn’t taunt anybody. People complained on his twitter that Freedom Wars wasn’t being released here, he told them it was. Which is the truth. It’s not his fault people aren’t communicating clearly and concisely why they are disappointed.

    I think you have been reading some different tweets, because there are no communication errors here:

    He really should have worded that differently or he might as well just have written “tough luck, losers”.

Lt_Combo 21 July, 2014 @ 12:09 pm   21

WOW … looking at all the comments,… I kinda feel bad complaining about TLOU censorship again haha .. people are giving Fred, Sony and PSblog team a really hard time haha ..

Still … I’m extremely angry and disappointed about TLOU censorship .. I canceled my preorder 🙁 No games to play on my PS4 at the moment, bored of all the games I got .. no other good games for this vacation was really looking forward to TLOU release. But this collective punishment disgusts me.. why censor it for the rest of EU if only germany is the problem? Why do US gamers get the full experience .. I hope you guys release a gore patch for MP … this is a HUGE let down.

    KaneTheGoth 21 July, 2014 @ 4:42 pm    

    Fully agree. Why does the rest of the EU have to have the game censored just because of Germany’s overly-sensitive censors?

    I’ll never buy the game due to this slack decision.

smile_taisou 21 July, 2014 @ 1:13 pm   22

This week at Playstation: European Vita owners get shafted once again with another digital only release of major first party exclusive – Oreshika 2.

This week at EU Vita owners: Money goes towards importing physical Vita games from NA.

    SGTSTEELFACE 21 July, 2014 @ 6:19 pm    

    Playstation are really getting Square Enix Infamy for the mess ups recently

    Project2insanity 21 July, 2014 @ 11:28 pm    

    Who exactly is deciding to call these titles major releases with respect to our market? Seriously? I’m a Vita owner and very much in favour of physical releases but I could easily ask 100 gamers and not one would know this title. I personally see releasing these physically being a massive risk. Isn’t it just a tad too easy to make financial decisions when your money isn’t on the line?

    Archacus 22 July, 2014 @ 8:31 am    

    Go ahead and ask even 1000 gamers… or just read what Shuhei Yoshida is saying.

    There are 3 major first party releases this year:
    -Freedom Wars
    -Murasaki Baby <- just in case… I know for sure someone will think it is Japanese game and call it niche just because of that… that's why I feel like telling that it is game made in Europe

    I'm kinda tired with that trolling…. – I don't know title so most probably no one knows it, right?-

    Project2insanity 22 July, 2014 @ 8:09 pm    

    @Archacus; You couldn’t have missed the point any more than you did. I suspect this will fall on deaf ears since you suggested I was trolling but heck, I’ll give it a bash. I was actually impressed you decided to finally show some initiative by pushing a petition after I made a comment around a month or so back explaining complaining on the blog isn’t enough, that you need greater numbers.

    In my last comment, I clearly said I’m in favour of physical releases. However, I am very well aware what may be a major title in Japan does not mean it will be so here. Do you seriously believe SCEE will choose digital just to wind people up or could it just possibly be very risky to accommodate? No disrespect but your petition isn’t even close to justifiable numbers.

    As for Murasaki Baby- that’s my most anticipated game on any platform currently but I don’t see it as a major release. Major for me personally, sure, but that’s a very different definition. Major releases are the likes of Uncharted and Killzone.

    But hey, what do I know? I’m just trolling, right?

    Project2insanity 22 July, 2014 @ 8:21 pm    

    Thought I’d make a further comment after finding out the good news. Hopefully, it sells well to make this a worthwhile turnaround.

    Archacus 23 July, 2014 @ 8:27 am    

    Huh… sorry… but I really can’t remember what person said what in the past… that is simply not possible… there is simply too many people too remember every post in the past

    And yes you can’t expect me not to treat your comment as something else than attempt of trolling… maybe you it wasn’t your expectation… but it really sounded that way. If you weren’t really meaning to troll than allow me to say sorry.

    But you really are mistaken about two things:
    -Freedom Wars really is the most anticipated game this year -> what you said about asking 100 vita owners was simply not true
    – Both of us said clearly -major first party releases – and there are around 5-6 planned first party releases… out of them only Oreshika and Freedom Wars are AA+

    And that new thread pretty much confirms that you were mistaken… just one day and it is more popular than any Destiny thread… more popular than many sales threads… and it is filled only with comments saying thank you.

windy-m 22 July, 2014 @ 4:18 pm   23

Still waiting to hear any form of news about hardware support for PS3 wheels

atharva2001 24 July, 2014 @ 6:02 am   24

Does anyone know the possibility of having Killzone Shadow Fall on PS Plus in August?

Naza_Monagas 26 July, 2014 @ 1:55 pm   25

Hello, I bought the game “Syphon Filter 3” and two seconds later was free to PSPlus… Another thing, fix the problem of psvita, when you’re playing a game that uses cinematics, the screen goes power saving mode, that can happen in the application “videos” but never in a game, it spoils the moment. Try any game for example Injustice or Metal Gear HD Edition.