The Last of Us – Celebrate #OutbreakDay2016 with exclusive offers (update)

Mark the anniversary of the fictional Cordyceps outbreak with a limited edition poster from Mondo, PS Store discounts, and more

UPDATE: Our Outbreak Day celebrations continue! From today until midnight on Tuesday 4th October, The Last Of Us Remastered is Deal Of The Week. Head on over to PlayStation Store to get up to 70% off Naughty Dog’s masterpiece.

ORIGINAL POST: In the lore of The Last of Us, 26th September represents the day the Cordyceps virus reached critical mass. A grim day for the inhabitants of that world, perhaps, but for Naughty Dog and The Last of Us community, it’s Outbreak Day—an annual fan celebration featuring deals on the game, DLC, and merch, as well as the debut of new collectibles, and more.

This year, we wanted to create something special, so we teamed up with Mondo to create a limited edition poster inspired by The Last of Us. Illustrated by Kevin Tong and developed in close collaboration with the studio, this incredible design is part of a small volume production and each will be individually hand numbered and signed by the artist.


So, how can you get one? The poster is slated to go on-sale today, Monday, 26 September, at 6:00pm BST on Again, quantities will be limited, so when the time comes, you’ll want to act fast.

Alongside the poster, we’ve worked with PlayStation to coordinate a global Outbreak Day sale at PlayStation Store.

The sale will run for the next week and includes significant discounts. Fire up your PS4 or check the PlayStation Store to check out the deals in your region.


We also want to hear from you. Share your The Last of Us memories, gameplay videos, screenshots, and original art with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and use the hashtag #OutbreakDay2016. You can also submit original creations to us directly via the Naughty Dog Tumblr.

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Mondo shipping to the UK is verrrrrrry expensive for posters.

Huh, they have a cheaper option now. Nevermind.

Maybe I’d be interested if they weren’t getting posted from the US. The shipping costs don’t exactly look cheap.

This is the European blog, it’s pretty poor form to expect us to pay those shipping fees (and potentially import duty).

The Last of Us Remastered is currently $9.99 on the US store. Make an alt account and grab it, it’ll still work on your main account.
For us it’s £39.99 lol

beautifuldedgirl 26 September, 2016 @ 17:18

This is mental!! The stuff included in the sale in the UK appears to just be hats.

Yikes, any chance of a discount for us non-American peasants?


the outbreak day dynamic theme is also free in the us and only 50% off here

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beautifuldedgirl 26 September, 2016 @ 16:55

Outbreak Day Sale doesn’t appear to be up yet, all the Last of Us software is still full price. Boo.


…and keep in mind, the MP is censored in EU (Germany/Australian censors were very upset and offended(!) ), so some of the purchasable items may not even be “as intended”.

Great. The poster was immediately gone.


Same here, too bad =(

So the US Sale for TLoU Remastered is 9,99$ instead of 19,99$. Our sale is 44,99€ instead of 44,99€. I think you forgot something…

Nice, the game is on sale as deal of the week and the price is ok. But we are still missing much from that US sale, particular the FREE theme :/

Us gets sales on Playstation gear we dont, because you guys closed it for EU i regret being a Playstation supporter

Outbreak Day Theme is FREE at US PSN store, but costs 1 euro at EU PSN store. Yes, what a global sale ;)


lol. That’s… ridiculous. And Sony wonder why we keep talking about disparity between regions.


Very sad about the `sale`. Was there really any point posting? This is the European blog.

No sale on the actual game?

Yea nice discounts on useless in-game tat.


In the Swedish store, there are 7 items on sale. 6 are DLCs that require the main game. The seventh isn’t the game.

There must be an error here. The sale price is 49,95 (was 49,99). I refuse to believe anyone would even bother putting up a sale of 0,04 euros. Please fix this asap.

I don’t have the game yet (i’m new to PS4) and it isn’t even on discount.. still 49€!


This sucks monkey balls. In EU no free theme and no sale on the actual game. No love for EU :(


Time to make a US account!!! There is al the love going!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Okay, this was the final straw for me. From now on I only use US Store. I mean, this has to be a joke. We only got in-game purchases on sale. US has that full game for $9,99. Oh, and thank you Sony Europe for being so nice and giving us 50% off for a theme that US customers get for free! So nice of you. Hahahahahaha! Yeah, bye bye EU Store.


BUT US PS+ cost more, don’t forget that.

Oooooh it’s that time Again?!

And good to see people are making a US account. The answer to many many repeated questions was just to make a US account to grab nice things.


always have us and canadian account :)

It has got to be tough for the people who work for PlayStation Europe who have to report to whomever makes these decisions all the time.

“but sir it’s free on the US store, seems a little unfair and the community will be u..”


*takes huge bite out of a chicken leg and leaves half the skin hanging from his lip*


*has a mouthful of wine and nearly chokes on the chicken skin he tries to swallow at the same time*


Haha! I can picture that the happening.

If you really want the poster, you could just right-click and save………..

checkered_knight 27 September, 2016 @ 11:17

$9.99 for full game in the US. £39.99 here in the UK? :( :(

It’s a crap sale! :D

How easy is it to buy stuff after making USA account ?Because am sick off being treated as a poorhouse customer and fed crap.

It’s easy. You just need to buy pre-paid cards for US. Redeem them with your US account and buy games of your choice. You can’t use PayPal or Credit Card.


soooo will there be a discount for the full game or what?
I know i could just buy the US version for $10 but i’d rather have all of my games into 1 account.

Ha! Game just went on sale.

15€?! 10$ its 8,9€… Shame on you sony

I think that price is okay. You can’t expect it to be 9,99€ or less if you consider taxes. Maybe 12 or 13€ would’ve been cool, but 15€ is okay (for me). Hey, and we have a 66% sale! US just got a 50% sale… :P


@bioz Don’t be one of those marks who get suckered into marketing waffle with faux-% discounts; the only relevant information is this:

Last of Us Remastered:
US price: $9.99
UK price: £11.99
German price: it’s not listed for my store but check yours, I guarantee it’ll be higher than $9.99

Defending is good where it’s deserved, but don’t bend over and say “thanks” because trying to champion the EU store for having a “better % off” when we STILL pay more, is frankly ridiculous.

Pretty twisted logic, to say the least. Regions is different – salary is different – pricing is different.

And I thought the irony was obvious. Still the € price is totally ok in my opinion.

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