Valkyria Chronicles II – Coming to PSP Next Summer

I’m incredibly pleased to be able to bring this post over to the European PlayStation Blog. Valkyria Chronicles on the PS3 was one of my favourite games of last year and news that the PSP sequel is heading to the West is definitely very exciting. I’ll be doing my best to get some coverage of the game on the Blog next week at Tokyo Game Show. In the meantime, here’s what Sega of America‘s Valkyria Chronicles Community Lead, Aaron Webber, has to say about the game.

Hey all, and nice to meet you! I’m Aaron Webber, also known as RubyEclipse over on the SEGA Blogs, and I’m the community lead at SEGA of America for all things Valkyria Chronicles.

As of today, SEGA is proud to announce Valkyria Chronicles II – the sequel to the legendary PS3 epic – is coming to the West exclusively on the PSP! Join the battle once more in the next addition to the Valkyria franchise – created by the same team behind the original.

The year is 1937 EC.

Two years later, the ashes of the Second Europan war still glow in Gallia’s history. But even peace is a fragile happiness – and hearts that once fought side by side are not forever friends.

In the midst of this peace appears a group known as the Gallian Revolutionary Army, swearing to topple the current government – in a lightning fast coup, they arm themselves with the best of both Gallian technology and soldiers.

What was once a small but strong unified country is instantly plunged back onto the battlefield. But the day and age of the last war’s heroes is already fading out – with families to protect and children to raise, they are the ones who must now be protected. While numbers split and tensions rise, the spotlight shines to a handful of up-and-coming students at a Gallian Military Academy.

As civil war begins to rage across the country, morality and war clash with passion and ideals. But this time the distinction between blue and red is not so simple – nor will it ever be. Gallia once stood as a defiant beacon of hope against a giant empire… but can the country now defend against its own?

Valkyria Chronicles II will be arriving Summer 2010 – until then, you can follow all news Valkyria on the official Facebook and Twitter pages!

Finally, we’d like to give a special shout out to all the fans – those who put a fantastic game back into the spotlight, and continue to show their dedication and support for the series. This one goes out to all of you.

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Im more of a PS3 guy but I’ll comment any way, it’s my first comment!!!
Jokin = P


Valkyria Chronicles news is good news!

I hope the story for the sequel doesn’t take too many ideas from the anime, as apart from giving more face time to the great villains like Jaeger and Maximilian, the anime has messed around with the original story way too much. Still no romance plot in this game will ever beat Welkin x Alicia. :)


The anime story was created by a different team, and only loosely based on the original VC storyline. The good news is that the people working on VC2 are exactly the same people who made the first game, so I’m personally really excited to see how the storyline plays out.

Good stuff. Lokking forward to VC2 :)


nice, and i’d also like to say how beautiful the EU Blog is compared to the US blog, and the people here are great also, keep up the good work!


I like you. You can come back and comment again.


Steel need to buy first one. And now i need to buy psp go aswell )


If you haven’t played it yet, you’re in for a treat. When you do pick it up, just remember to level your snipers. Marina is awesome.


Doubt I’ll be touching this, the game worked well on the PS3 but without the extra control you get with a proper controller this won’t feel anything like the original.

Also I can see a lot of PS3 owners without PSP’s getting annoyed at this announcement.


So far it seems like most of the fans are really just happy to see the series continue – and, if VCII sells well, it means a much greater chance that the series can pick up again back on a larger console, like the PS3.

I’ll see how the controls play when I get a hands-on with it at TGS next week. The team behind Valkyria is absolutely fantastic, so I have no doubts they’ve found a way to make it work.

YAAAARS. Us loyal Valkyria fans find much delight in this announcement.

Valkyria Chronicles is a great game on PS3 !

Great news, looking forward to the summer release as Valkyria Chronicles is one of only a few games that make the PS3 a worthwhile purchase.

Good story, fab graphics and I can a see third play through before next summer.

Hope we see another sequel in the future on PS3.

I honestly cannot wait for the next installment of the Valkyria Chronicles saga.

The first game was sheer brilliance, definitely my favourite game of the decade.

Thanks for delivering the great news! :D


Well thats nice to hear Aaron, thank you! A civil war storyline should be very interesting, nothing will be black and white (or like you said red and blue) XD

Though there was another thing I liked about the anime, they recognised Marina as the best Sniper in the game (and I see you agree), Marina ftw! :D

Is this definitely coming to Europe? The announcement doesn’t make it clear if it just an American release or not.


We wouldn’t have it on the European blog if it wasn’t relevant to our readers. Yes, the game is coming to Europe. :)

Can’t wait for VC2, I loved the 1st one. I’m also glad to hear that the original team is working on it:)


By the way,is Valkyria Chronicles platinum or not?

Valkyria Chronicles is The Best Game Ever (for PS3). And now it is coming to PSP. Yes! Thank you! You have made old man very happy. :)

Now if only Konami would make sequel to Ring of Red… Or Square Enix a traditional Front Mission instead of that shoot’em up Evolved is going to be… ;)

I really am an old man, so I don’t want to play games that requires lightning fast reflexes and split second timing. :D

Jem explain this please

Why does are blog have a link to the US blog but they don’t have a link to us how rude.

I never got the chance to play the first Valkyria Chronicles because its so hard to find.

i don’t suppose a platinum ver is in the works?

Jem, do you know if the EU blog will be handling out Uncharted beta codes?? :D

sorry for off-topic but this is very important for me to know

Wa Wa What! VC on PSP, that is truly BEYOND! Will be getting this day one, cheers for the info!

almighty-slayer 16 September, 2009 @ 21:43

Should be on the PS3, not the PS3. Dunno if i will buy it on my PSP or not, but if it was on PS3 it would have been an instant buy


I’ll buy it day one, loved the first Valkyria Chronicles, best jrpg at the moment :)

almighty-slayer 16 September, 2009 @ 21:46

Not the PSP*

Any word on more dlc for the original fans of Gallia on PS3? I noticed there is a trailer in japan for dlc that isn’t in the US or EU yet, will we be seeing them released here too?

Please carry on supporting the Valkyria Chronicles franchise on ps3 & psp Sega, best thing I’ve played in years :)

WOO! really happy to hear the news of this coming to Europe! was a massive fan of the 1st game and it was one of the reasons i bought the PS3. i hope you keep making games for this fantastic series!


Great to hear! I’ve said it a few times already, but as long as you guys are out there supporting them, we’ll keep making them.


Sony you tricky S.O.B, trying to lure me into buying a PSP with one of the best PS3 games’ sequel hey?
I MIGHT bite….;)

Oh and SEGA- Yakuza 3 Western release please! Just subtitle it like Yakuza2, surely it can’t take THAT long (it’s better with original voices anyway).
If distribution costs is the worry, put it on PSN! I don’t care if it’s 50GB, I’ll download it (along with many hardcore fans)!
And even if you say “no” to that, give the resources to fans so they can subtitle it themselves…OR something!!


The Yakuza supporters are many, and you guys do not go unnoticed. Those of us here on the SEGA community team are always listening on what the fans want, and we’ll continue to pass on all the Yakuza requests upward for you!

Hey Jem, just so it’s clear, this game IS coming out on PSN right?

DavisTheDarkest 16 September, 2009 @ 22:49

I’m pretty excited about this game. Great news, sir.

Nice news, strongest reason so far to buy a PSP.

Was scared this wasn’t going to get a release here, because of how we don’t have Yakuza 3!
This is great news, was just playing the Edy detactment aswel.
Roll on summer!
Which this announcement, is there hope yet for a EU Yakuza release??

“Valkyria Chronicles is The Best Game Ever (for PS3). And now it is coming to PSP. Yes! Thank you! You have made old man very happy. Now if only Konami would make sequel to Ring of Red… Or Square Enix a traditional Front Mission instead of that shoot’em up Evolved is going to be…”

Are you my long lost twin? Lol. This is exactly how I feel. Ring of Red is one of my favourite games ever, I’d love a proper Front Mission sequel and I also think VC is the best game on PS3. :D

Aaron, is it true that VC is getting some more DLC next year?

A trophy patch would also be nice….

Massive VC fan, but jumping ship from PS3 to PSP already means I won’t be buying this.

Come on…all the support the VC fanbase has given for the game and then THIS happens, cutting us off. Not cool.

“Are you my long lost twin?”

Not unless you were born in 1961 too. :D
But anyway, it is good to know that I am not alone. :)

I would love to know what happened to Masami and Ryoko in Russia…

“Gallia once stood as a defiant beacon of hope against a giant empire… but can the country now defend against its own?”

I bet i know the plot, jann the gay lancer goes on a rampage after largo gets with the captain, in a jealous rage he murders all the happy couples in squad 7 declaring war on peace and love

Sweet, I think this game could work very well on the PSP. This is definitely going on my list of games to look forward to.

…and I just have to, since some people already mentioned them: It would be awesome if the Ryuu Ga Gotoku (Yakuza) games got English subtitles and menus. Maybe you can make it happen for the upcoming Ryuu Ga Gotoku 4? ;)

I’m currently playing Kenzan with a guide, but especially things having to do with items and some of the menus are very difficult.

^^ win


I’m dying to get my hands on this game. I love VC, it proves that Sega still have what it takes to make a classic game, worthy of sitting next to nights, shining force, panzer dragoon saga etc. Speaking of which, can we have shining force 3 (all 3 parts in english) and panzer dragoon saga released on the psn? pretty please? oh and burning rangers too.

i second that yakuza 3 comment, dying for it to come out in english. i played the japanese demo to death, despite not knowing what the hell was going on :-)


This is great news, i abosolutely loved the first Valkyria for the Ps3…maybe,just maybe, it’s time to get my hands on a PsP…:-p

PS for Aaron: count me in as well for Yakuza3….we WANT THAT GAME IN EU…it’s a shame Sega is not translating it,i want it so bad :(


And me, you can count me in with the requests for Yakuza 3 over here too :P


Looks like a day one buy for me, loved Valkyria Chronicles, favourite game on PS3. Hopefully there’ll be some returning characters, particularly Vyse :D

Also, Yakuza 3 please Sega!

Looking forward to it but i feel a bit disappointed.

Sega ripped the unique “sketchy” drawing style that made the first Valkyria game so special to me and turned the game into a generic anime

Valkyria Chronicles is one of the BEST Ps3 games!! Maybe the best… absolutely fantastic… I love this game. A sequel is great news, but to tell the truth, I prefer a Ps3 game instead a Psp. Anyway, I own a Psp and I’ll preorder VC2 as soon as posible :)

What about adding trophies to Valkyria Chronicles? A great reason to replay VC one more time, before placing our hands on the sequel :D

Pity this wasnt on PS3…

Hope the story will be better than the first one

Count me in for Yakuza 3 as well :p


I am a massive fan of the first game. Bought it near release and it was my 2008 Game Of The Year! The game was perfect, and it’s great to hear that the same team are working on gameplay. Hope the storyline (most important) is just as brilliant also!
I think I’ll have to hold off buying a PSP/ GO until this is released!

Keep up the top notch work guys and girls!

Valkyria still is the game that made me keep my ps3 :D. Anyone with a intrest in srpg’s needs to seek out an play the first.

Nice to see a continuation of the game. Would have liked to have seen it on ps3 though.

VC is one of the most underrated games ever – I feel a bit sad whenever I see it going at a silly low price, and there’s still loads of copies on the shelf.. maybe the devs could add trophies, as it seems to be most peoples main reason for buying games these days. :|

I hope VC2 gets better exposure – its form of action would certainly fit a PSP really well!! Also, please release it on UMD – I can’t stand having my games stashed on a tiny, flimsy, easy-to-lose memory stick. It might be OK for PSP Go users, with their built-in memory, but I’ve got 4 memory sticks now!


I’m a super fan of Yakuza as well, even if you bring Yakuza 3 untranslated, my english is nice, and japanese dub is better :), liked the way Shenmue 2 and Yakuza 2 were released in europe.


Absolutely loved VC. I really hope this is just a temporary detour to the PSP.

VC belongs on the PS3! Who’s with me?!

@ 48 Agreed, who ever said “Lets make it for psp” should be fired (or at least be smacked hard on the head with a massive phone book)

@ 4 What illegal narcotics have you taken and where can I get them? The EU crew could be replaced with monkeys and no one would notice.

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