ModNation Racers Euro Preorders

Hi all,

Last week SCEA announced their Preorder plan as well as confirming their release date, while I told you that we are releasing the same week. Well I can finally reveal the European Preorder packs and over the coming weeks I will be able to let you know where you will be able to pick up each pack in your country.

So lets confirm the following:

  • Yes we will have Kratos
  • Yes we will have Drake
  • Yes we will have Ratchet &Clank

ModNation Racers ModNation Racers

But that’s not all we are giving you….

There will be 3 packs in total each of which contain one PlayStation Hero and TWO United Front created character and karts. So that three cool goodies to get you racing round your tracks in minutes.

So which pack do you want?

Kratos ‘God of War‘ Pack

ModNation Racers - God of War pack

Nathan Drake ‘Uncharted‘ Pack

ModNation Racers - Uncharted Pack

Ratchet and Clank Pack

ModNation Racers - Ratchet and Clank pack

Keep checking the blog for where you can pick up each pack in your country.

So that’s one piece of good news now for another…

Anyone fancy a split screen race?

Yep that’s right ModNation will have 4 Player Split Screen. So get your mates round grab Four Dualshocks and Drift, crash, burn rubber to the finish line!

ModNation Racers - Splitscreen

but that’s not all, maybe you just have one mate, one loved one or only 2 controllers… Well why not play against the world in a 2 player splits screen on-line race! that means 10 other foes can feel your wrath as you release that hydra weapon on their butts (we had to censor what I originally had written)

and finally I just wanted to leave you with a awesome trailer showing you the crazy racing fun to come with ModNation

Look out for a blog post from United Front’s Nick Letizia later tonight to tell you more about ModNation’s great weapons

Be good

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great idea but (no offense here) cant I just get the 3 well known characters in one pack? I don’t much care for pre-made characters who I don’t know.

Really looking forward to the game guys, keep up the great work :)

Liam Quigley 26 March, 2010 @ 16:59

Hi AcidCrashX

The other premade character come with unique elements maybe a cool new kart body, new set or decals or even a new style of hair. These aren’t locked to these characters so you can add them to your create a mod collection and remix away. Believe me it’s worth it.

RadioactiveMouse 26 March, 2010 @ 15:08

Does it have multi-user login for those wishing to keep track of their stats whilst playing splitscreen online with their mates? ;)

(like LBP or more so like Resistance 2)

addyjones1234 26 March, 2010 @ 15:10


That’s some awesome MP support there! Kudos.


Those are all tempting offers but I’d have to go with the God of War Pack. That cat character is wicked! X3 Oh and, of course, Kratos’ lovely grin too. XD

Anyway, awesome new trailer! ;3 It really shows a nice blend of close angles and rough action.

I will go with the Uncharted pack because that’s the only game i have of does 3 and soon God of war 3.

I hate Preorder packs! Why not give me, a paying customer, the whole game instead of so called extra´s.
I stopped playing this scam and await the goty package in a year with all the gamecontent in it for a cheaper price.


Man cant i just get Kratos with nathans fwiends?
But the one with most worth to preorder is rachet since its four caracters.

Well Play have the Kratos pre-order bonus have Ratchet & Clank

I’m assuming therefore HMV have Uncharted…

HMV still haven’t even listed the game. Plus there is GAME/GameStation who may get Nate.

According to HMV via Twitter they have no info regarding a pre-order bonus, so the Uncharted pack may well be available from GAME!

Uncharted Pack FTW


Uncharted has good costume and vehicle (the average pack!) =D

Amazon have the Ratchet & Clank Mod Pack – have the Kratos Mod Pack –
No word on Uncharted Pack presumably, GAME!!

Lee_and_Nomi 26 March, 2010 @ 19:31

So is the pre order stuff going to be released as free dlc at a later date? I hate this pre order from a certain store rubbish. Why don’t you thank me for pre ordering your game (which I gladly would have done cause it looks ace) by giving me all this content, instead of making me choose when I really would like both the uncharted and ratchet packs.

Incentives me to pre order, don’t push me away.

GO AUSTRALIA. EBgames in Australia are having it so you get all 3 packs with just the one pre-order!!!!!!

TehPhilosopher 26 March, 2010 @ 20:36

So exactly what guarantee we have that these packs actually work? I got burned buying MAG Collector’s Edition and still don’t have the extra armor promised on the box, and it’s two months after release.

You lucky swine Munty13 :)


I hate this pre order stuff.First it should be on the disk for everyone,your basically saying “hey guys,we cut this content”.just give people the stuff that’s ready for launch without cutting it from the people who will buy the game.

This and the push for download only future is seriously getting on my nerves,what happened to just getting a fully complete game off the shelf.


Will you able to get these any ‘pre-order specials’ via PSN? Even though I don’t have a PSP Go, I’ll buy MNR on PSN as it’s easier, but will I get any of these packs?

You wanna sell this great game?
Than go and sell it as one game with all the content in it and don’t split it into several pieces.
I won’t buy any game if I won’t get the whole package – and therefore it doesn’t matter how good the game might be.

Spirit0fLight 30 March, 2010 @ 00:20

I really hate this mentality of different pre-order bonuses.

I want all the different characters, So you expect me to buy the game 3 times?

What a joke.

I really wanted this game, Now I wont get it unless you change this and sell all of them with all 3 packs.

Peace out.

Secret_Skills 30 March, 2010 @ 11:51

i think this game will be the best online game ever.
i mean.. splitscreen + online. tht is like. waow.. But i hope it doesn’t get boring after 1 month of playing.
And atleast make many characters so u dont see like 5 kratos in a match. I think there should be up to 200 characters.. and maby u could customize ur own. :D put in ur photo and play.. :)

And GAME have Nathan Drake Pre-order bonus pack

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