Resistance 3: “Full Circle” Dev Diary

We’re excited to bring you the latest dev diary in the Resistance 3 PlayStation Blog Dev Diary series. This one focuses on bringing back some of the classic Resistance: Fall of Man gameplay like the weapon wheel and the great heritage that Ratchet & Clank has provided the Resistance franchise. If you missed out on the previous dev diaries, you can catch up with these two links here and here.

There is a ton of exciting news about Resistance 3 these days. There’s much more to come, with preview build coverage from many outlets coming very soon, and next week, we will be staging a Resistance 3 panel at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday, July 21st at 5 p.m. in Room 7AB.

Go behind the scenes with Marcus Smith (Creative Director), Kevin Grow (Animation Director), Grant Hollis (Art Director), and voice actors Robin Atkin Downes (Joseph Capelli) and Crispin Freeman (Charlie Tent) from the cast and discover the secrets behind Insomniac’s vision of a post-apocalyptic 50’s era. Attendees will be able to ask their burning questions in an exclusive Q&A session and might – just might – get a first look at a brand-new way for you to resist with your friends.

Can’t make it to Comic-Con? Don’t fret, Geoff Keighley and the gang at Gametrailers TV will be bringing you tons of new Resistance 3 content with a full episode shot on location at Insomniac‘s Burbank studio on the night of Thursday, July 21st on Spike TV. We’re stoked to show you brand new single-player gameplay, a brand new multiplayer objective mode, as well as brand new interviews with the team!

That’s all for now – we’ve got tons to come, so to keep up with the latest news, previews and footage on Resistance 3, be sure to follow Insomniac Games on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, or join the conversation on MyResistance.Net.

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k1ll1ng5pr33-NL 12 July, 2011 @ 18:14

Feeling lucky, punk.

Can’t wait to play Resistance 3 :D

somethingatt 12 July, 2011 @ 18:21

“We felt comfortable again to do our own thing, we don’t have to be like every other military shooter out there.”

That was Res2’s biggest downfall I think, and I’m glad you guys turned a blind eye to the market and just made the game you think is awesome because Res1 was and still is one of the most fun FPS games this gen.

Really looking froward to Res3 now, I know I won’t be disappointed.

Game look super sweet. Perfect blend of thing I loved from R1 and R2!

The only reason I kept going back to the carbin/bullseye was because there was barly any ammo for the other guns, this was fine in R1 since you had all the guns so you could save up ammo for weapon of chose. In R2 this was a problem since you could only carry two guns, why bother pick the auger when the game doesnt give you ammo you’d go for the carbin since chances are your not going to run out of ammo


Robin Atkin Downes? Capelli has been recast? That’s a shame, after such a dramatic visual overhaul (albeit one that makes sense within the narrative) I was hoping for the voice to be consistent to lead you back in. He’s a great voice actor though, so hopefully he can capture enough of the feel of the previous performance for Capelli that the character feels the same.

Can’t wait for it!!! & lol at the “Feeling Lucky, Punk” reference. :-D
Keep up the good work guys.

i just hope there is coop at least so good like it was in R2 , is there coop at all ??? i had R2 from beginning but didn’t play competitive neither story , but finished story when PSN was down :-)


Please, PLEASE Insomniac, don’t make it so that people SPONGE in online multiplayer. Thats what ruined R2 for me – The fact that people took WAAAAY too many bullets to kill

I preferred the gameplay of R2 with the 2 weapons at a time system. They really nailed when to introduce a new gun to play so u kept changing tactics all through the game, which was brill. However, the reason R2 wasn’t so good was the setting, the UK has a distinct feel wheres in R2 it felt like u could be playing anywhere. I’m very impressed by the “we want to make our own game” part as that is exactly what developers should do, and even though I don’t like the old system, I would happily use it knowing the designed their game around it, unlike COD copy cats. Just hope that multiplayer doesn’t use the wheel as it would be too hard to use in play, and I hope the singleplayer environments feel more homely, unlike the generic “Video Game USA” of the last.

wardragon989 12 July, 2011 @ 19:25

To be honest this feeling of being its own was what was enjoyable about R1. Isn’t wasn’t COD/Killzone etc it was being different and I think that’s why between R:FoM and R2 R:FoM is much more respected. I play it every now and again :)

Wish you guys would bring trophies to it. So more people could enjoy the game :D

SpeedyRyan-_- 12 July, 2011 @ 20:09

Game of the year!! Will you be releasing a ps move dev diary?

SpeedyRyan-_- 12 July, 2011 @ 20:14

@wardragon989 Resistance 1 has no trophy support? That’s kinda put me off buying the new platinum pack. Just like I was put off downloading AC1 for the same reason, it’s a shame really. Trophy’s add more depth to games in my opinion.


Don’t let lack of trophies put you off playing Resistance 1. I played through it again last week, and it’s an absolutely fantastic game. It deserves to be played, surely fun is still fun even if you don’t get virtual reward for it?
In my opinion trophies would simply hurt the atmosphere, some of the levels are really creepy and having a notice chime up in the corner would diminish that.

I only have a Us account.. but i live in sweden is the online pass region free? Or will i never be able to play online again?

I loved RFOM and hated the R2, this looks good.

sniperhobbit 12 July, 2011 @ 23:58

Cant wait for r3 but its such a shame it comes out in september theres just not alot 2 play this summer :(


still no soul reaver in ps+ and i’m a paid member, also golden axe has gone too but i got that while it was there.


cant wait for this 1

EmperorLawlight 13 July, 2011 @ 03:34

Where is the PS+ content for Australia?

Smoutefretter_BE 13 July, 2011 @ 08:23

Looking forward to play R3.
Glad to see the weapon-wheel is back!
Huge fan of the series and thus pre-ordered the survivor edition :D

SCOTCHmfCHIEF 13 July, 2011 @ 10:40

if its true you will need an online pass for this game id be willing to pay the £7 as it looks like it will be good,but surely these game companies are going to lose more money now.i rented dirt 3 bulletstorm and dead space 2 because i wasn’t sure how good they would be,and im glad i did there is no way id pay £7 to play tthese once or twice online.ive spoken many people who feel the same there has to be better ways than just blocking online play as its both gamer and company loosing out but especially the game company i think itll come back to bite them.


Here is my buyers full circle diary

– No interest in the game
– Live action trailer perks interest
– Details like a weapon wheel and such returning make it a must buy
– Multiplayer reveal, super low player count,looks like a match of CoD, interest dives
– See broken balance with things like the rocket launcher, interest diving faster
– Online pass announced ruining alt accounts or bringing the game to a friends with me, interest hits floor head first
– No interest in the game at all again.

Hope you enjoyed!


Let’s hope this weapon’s test chamber makes it into the game…


y wasn’t the 30min demo not put on ps+ and u had to buy a dvd to get it we pay money 4 exclusive demos and betas

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