House of the Dead: OVERKILL – Naked Terror Revealed

Following on from my previous House of the Dead: OVERKILL post, I’m pleased to be able to reveal some more exclusive news for you right here on the PlayStation Blog; this time in the form of a new level reveal. We’re proud to announce the details for the first of two exclusive levels from the Extended Cut; Naked Terror.

Naked Terror_poster

Naked Terror sees you fighting your way through a strip club (a real hardship I know), the streets of Bayou City and a bar, and not only do you have new environments to battle your way through, you also have new stripper and biker mutants to contend with. The other cool aspect to this new level is who you play as, for this level G and Wash are elsewhere, leaving you to take control of Varla (previously an NPC in the original Overkill) and her stripper friend Candy.

Candy seems to have the required staples for any standard stripper: she has a heart of gold, is wholesome, innocent, yet can be naïve to the world. There is one big difference though between her and her stripper brethren; our heroine is pretty handy with a hand cannon, and skilfully adept at taking down enemies. Sounds like my kind of woman really.

Naked Terror_06

Naked Terror_05Naked Terror_04

There are connections between her and Jasper (the boss at the end of the Plantation level). It was as a hospital volunteer that she first met Jasper and there a romance developed. Now she works alongside Varla, hoping to one day save up enough money for her and Jasper to leave Bayou City for good. To complicate things further Jasper is Varla’s brother. How does this ultimately all fit together? Well, you’ll have to wait and see when the game releases.

Naked Terror_03

Naked Terror_02Naked Terror_01

These two exclusive levels cover a new side story that reveals additional details to help you understand the main storyline. That’s your lot for the moment, I’ll be back in due course to reveal the details of the second exclusive level.

For the moment enjoy these new screenshots, and make sure you set that level poster as your PC desktop; as I’ve found in the office it’s a real head-turner.

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zombies in New Orleans again – and let me guess as the strip clubs are primarily located in one area – cough sputter ahem – takes place on Bourbon Street


Ah, but you’ve never been able to brandish the Move controller to dispatch of them before have you? ;)

Hiya Mike great game day 1 buy for me that zombie gal got no nips how comes. :o

oh yes Ross did us proud do you remember i keep asking for Jap/SCEA imports will Ross did & you didn’t.

for the Last time Mike gives us the bloody jap/SCEA imports lol ;)


Must have fallen off ;)

I did have a little chuckle when I saw that post today, Ross has been hard at work it seems.

Shou_Kobayashi 01 August, 2011 @ 17:24

Hey Mike,

Can you please convice SEGA to publish this title in Germany? I don’t want to go the import route, if not necessary… but news told me “not coming to Germany”, which quite saddens me.


I’d really love to say this was possible, but I’m afraid I’m not going to be to turn that frown upside down, sorry Shou :(


Sophie! Sophie…. =D

Looking forward to this one, a good ol’ House of the Dead was among the first things I thought about when first holding a Move. =D


Same here, and I was at SCEE at the time! Funny how things turn out :P


Great news Mike! I’m looking forward to this.

Do you know if we’ll be getting more Mega Drive games after Altered Beast? I would love the Phantasy Star games with some trophies.


Glad to hear it, I haven’t played enough of it yet, but what I have absolutely rocked!

As for more MD games, it’s not on the cards at the moment. However, we’ve got many other titles coming to the digital space down the line, so keep your eyes peeled.


yeah cool now just release it already before the other games get my cash


Just put that cash in a hidey-hole for now, and then when HotD: Overkill does release you’re all prepared ;)

almighty-slayer 01 August, 2011 @ 18:21

Sounds pretty cool :)


Great name that bar :P

Shou_Kobayashi 01 August, 2011 @ 19:05

Well, at least I have a great import shop (Mortal Kombat & Catherine on my way) and the PS3 is not region locked. This was one of many reason I choose this system… it was so great visiting my friends in Japan, going with them to Akihabara and buy No More Heroes and I will import this little game, too and buy me a set of moves :D

Awesome, I loved HotD2 back on the DC and 3 in the arcade, I hope this one’s just as fun and has the same quality of terrible voice acting!


Nice stuff, can’t wait to get this!

Looks pretty cool. Off topic I was wondering if you guys are localising Yakuza of the End or the Black Panther PSP game, Yakuza 3 and 4 are awesome games.

day one. i love zombies :]

funnydude6556 01 August, 2011 @ 22:21

Harsh, Mike Kebby comes back and one of the first things he sees is “We preferred Ross” well eventually Ross will tell them he can’t give them something they want on the PSN Store…

The PS Move has really put me off getting any Wii titles, what is really the point when I can get the same game on the PS3 with trophies and in HD? Plus I don’t have to put up with the idiot PC crowds view that every Wii title needs to be bubblewrapped and censored.

I pity any adult gamer without a PS3 or 360. How do they live with the crappy censored versions of No More Heroes and HOTD: Overkill?

Really, a zombie strip club? That’s the best they could come up with?


@ Bovrillor
Really, your complaining? thats the best negative comment you could come up with?

Whilst I have no problem with the images displayed, isn’t it a bit inappropriate towards your younger audience?

funnydude6556 02 August, 2011 @ 01:01


Really, your complaining about complaining? That the best negative comment you could come up with?

(I don’t care either way. I just thought it sounded funny, proberbly sounds funnier in my head)

Looking good. Cant wait.

Can’t wait for this game. Now just need another move controller.


what would be the estimated price for the game in australia?


After being surprisingly addicted to The Shoot after I’d bought the gun attachment, I’m definitly going to pick this up :)

God knows how many pounds I poured into House of the Dead cabinets while waiting for my film to start at Cineworld :)

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