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Hey everyone, Fred here once again with your look back at the week’s big news on PlayStation Blog.

While there might not be many too sleeps to go now until Christmas, that’s not the only thing to be getting excited about.

If you haven’t seen it already, then run – don’t walk – to watch the brand new The Last of Us trailer. It’s a beautifully atmospheric snapshot of a world gone wrong and should ramp your anticipation up a couple more notches before the game release next year. When exactly? You can find that out here, too.

Elsewhere, the 12 Deals of Christmas continues apace – we’ve already had big savings on everything from Sleeping Dogs to Tokyo Jungle. What will be next? All will be revealed early Monday morning.

There’s plenty more for you elsewhere too, from an exclusive chat with legendary Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert to previews of some exciting new PlayStation Vita titles.

Finally, don’t forget to vote in our 2012 Game of the Year poll. It’s your chance to tell us which PlayStation titles made your year, and which ones you’re most excited for as we head into 2013.

Enjoy, and see you on Monday for the last week of term!

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  • Weekend Essentials – Batman returns to PlayStation along with Grand Theft Auto and Spyro, as we take you through our picks for a slam-bang weekend of entertainment.
  • Top Tips: LEGO The Lord of the Rings – Want to defeat Sauron once and for all in LEGO The Lord of the Rings on PS3? These hints from Traveller’s Tales may help…
  • 10 of the Best: PS Vita games – Grab the perfect festive gift or add even more quality to your games collection with this selection of top titles for PlayStation Vita.
  • PlayStation Store arrives on computer – Visit on your PC or Mac for an unrivalled selection of games. movies, TV series and more for your PS3, PS Vita or PSP.
  • Trophy Cabinet: Red Dead Redemption – Ride off into a platinum-tinged sunset with this saddlebag full of advice from the official PlayStation Community.

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ryannumber3gamer 15 December, 2012 @ 12:11 pm   1

Hi Fred i got a few questions.

1.Is Umjammer Lammy and the Spyro games playable on Vita?

2.Any news on a Sly Cooper Thieves In Time demo?

    Fred Dutton 17 December, 2012 @ 9:07 am    

    1. Spyro is, but I’d need to check re. Unjammer
    2. No news today I’m afraid

S-o-h-a-i-l 15 December, 2012 @ 12:25 pm   2

Hey Fred, no news on what to expect on the Blog next week ? January’s Plus content perhaps ?

    Fred Dutton 17 December, 2012 @ 9:08 am    

    Sorry! Yes, we’ll have news on the January Plus stuff for sure. It’s Christmas – so things are a bit quiet – but we’ll have some fun posts for you.

nearly the end off the year still no CS:GO or RCR and many more. seems next year will continue the 5 year running fail that is SCEE.
and with ps4 coming it will bring the nextgen fail off SCEE.


hey fred.

finally a weekend im not working woo hoo.
going to get some serious game time in today, currently playing the excellent big sky infinity, which im so glad was free on plus because i would have gave it a miss if not and i would have missed a gem of a game.
after that i fancy another blast of the god of war beta which was good fun and i enjoyed quite a bit last night.
then tonight i either start resident evil 6 or continue sega and sonic all star racing transformed on vita.
to top it all off i bout the alien anthology on bluray for a tenner and im watching aliens tonight……. game over man! game over!!!

anyway is there anything to report with regards to if the xmas period will effect store updates ect?
im guessing you guys will get some time off and i was wondering if the plus refresh will happen on the 2nd of jan as it should or if its going to be the following week?

thanks for listening 😉

    Fred Dutton 17 December, 2012 @ 9:10 am    

    We’ll have news on the January Plus update in a day or two. As for Store updates – there will be a regular update on Wednesday as usual, followed by a mini update on Friday. There won’t be an update on the 26th though. Full details on Wednesday!

markymillertime5 15 December, 2012 @ 12:49 pm   5

Still “discussing” spamstar are they fred?

another_gamer195 15 December, 2012 @ 1:36 pm   6

Hey Fred.
Am looking forwards to the December/Feb games sales figures next month, am curious to see how many copies of that Spyro 1to3 sold, after reading the requests for them for past 4or 5 years or so. I don’t care for any ps1 games myself but each to there own as we say, That is i don’t care for them now, 15 years ago i obviously did. it’s was a little bit confusing for me reading requests for ps1 classics, especially before the vita come out. Still i hope it ended up being worth it. Reading a psm article other day and it kind of suggested there was hopes of reinventing certain ps2 games for vita, that and it making use of the 4g speeds being used by EE atm seems to be a strategy to further support that platform. Hopefully it and other plans will have some success. Also i wanted to buy most of the Sleeping Dogs dlc in Festive Sales, but only two/three items were at their advertised sales price, i heard there was stuff releasing 19th instead, but am guessing this shouldn’t apply to SD stuff. as i don’t think they’d be split up, so can you look into this, thanks.

    Fred Dutton 17 December, 2012 @ 9:11 am    

    Yep – that will be all discounted from the 19th. Really sorry for keeping you waiting on that!

declan__watson 15 December, 2012 @ 1:40 pm   7

Hello Fred
Another fabulous week for the great people of sony corporation and SCE, great new exclusive content and great blog posts this week. I hope you are having a fabulous weekend Fred I certainly am.

It’s my birthday today so happy with the things I got. I got 3 games for my ps3 gran turismo, dead island and 007 legends I’m really happy. I also wanna say a big thanks to SCE for sending me a free birthday cake item for ps home to help celebrate my birthday.

I hear its Mr Hirai President and CEO of Sony corporations birthday next Sunday too I just wanna wish him a great birthday too.
Anyway Fred hope you enjoy the rest of our weekend ill enjoy the rest of my birthday. 🙂 LongLivePlay Sony make.believe


Hello Mr. Dutton,

Can we expect discounts on Vita (not full price) games like Everybody’s Golf, Escape Plan, LBP, Sound Shapes, Super Stardust etc. before Xmas? Cause I’m looking to buy lots of games in one purchase.:)

    Fred Dutton 17 December, 2012 @ 9:15 am    

    There will be some new sales kickign off this week – but I don’t believe any of those titles are included. 🙁

declan__watson 15 December, 2012 @ 1:43 pm   9

Hello Fred
Forgot to mention I also got 2 playstation network £25 cards I now have £50.08 in my wallet. A lot of money. 🙂 LongLivePlay Sony make.believe

another_gamer195 15 December, 2012 @ 2:03 pm   10

i know your not commenting about the singstar issues, but was thinking how bad a mistake it is against how well, or better it could of been, with christmas and new years parties approaching i just imagined how well that icon and a appropriate wallpaper would of gone down, if it was rolled out for these kind of events, sort of like keeping it embedded on the firmware and when certain party or celebration times rolled around, then out pops the icon/wallpaper, but as i said maybe a bit more thought to accompanying wallpaper. like obviously the two wannabe singers would be in christmas attire surrounded by tinsel and such, can think of different ones for other times of year, but hope you get the meaning, Also, to keep the real icon bashers happier still, simply allow the incorrect system date/time prevent it alltogether. bet that sounds a bit mad but it would probably of been a better sales idea than the present forced option. i really do hope all those people will get a reply about their concerns. hope you enjoy your weekend and will be watching for you in GoW beta.

XzSlLENTSNIPERzX 15 December, 2012 @ 6:41 pm   11

Dear Fred,
The new store design has had an atrocious affect upon me. Rather than checking it weekly, downloading Access from it and simply browsing to look for anything I may enjoy, I do not do any of this any more. Due to it’s painfully slow response time, clunky interface and poor organisation I have started using the PS Blog for updates and using Youtube for Access; in addition, the browsing I used to do has stopped completely. I highly suggest you forward this onto the development team in charge of the Playsation Store and suggest emergency changes be made. The old store had an abundance of positives, the new store has non.

XzSlLENTSNIPERzX 15 December, 2012 @ 6:46 pm   12

In addition, get some Vita discounts out! It is downright offensive when A console I bought in August has received no support from it’s creators (in terms of special discounts) in the run up to Christmas. Furthermore, please keep up the classic game discounts – I love them! Thanks to you, I picketed Monster Hunter: FU for a mere £4! Thankyou! In addition to this, I also got Tomb Raider, however, I picked it up the day before the discount so lost money in that area. Anyway, have a great night because I’m going to watch the Christmas film Elf for the first time this year. Finally, have a merry Christmas.

XzSlLENTSNIPERzX 15 December, 2012 @ 6:47 pm   13

Sorry for mistakes, blame my IPod Touch.

declan__watson 15 December, 2012 @ 8:25 pm   14

Hey there again fellow bloggers
Hello Fred been 7 hours after my last post what are you doing this Saturday evening I’m just playing 007 Legends. I have a question regarding 007 the game rights now I know that Metro Goldwyn Meyer are the makers of James Bond and that Sony owns part of this amazon film industry now what I know is that sony shoul buy the gaming rights off activision because sony has more beter reasons to back it up as to why they should own the rights I Jane bond video games 1. They own 20% of the studio that makes the films. 2. Sony are more advance in gaming well everybody knows that. 3. The James Bond bedroom games are better being made by sony and not activision.
Thanks Fred hope you reply back. 🙂 LongLivePlay Sony make.believe

declan__watson 15 December, 2012 @ 8:27 pm   15

Sorry about a few spelling mistakes doing this on my iPod touch and it puts random words in when I put correct words in. Sorry again LongLivePlay Sony make.believe

another_gamer195 15 December, 2012 @ 9:03 pm   16

@ Fred.
been re-reading a few of last months, and weeks blogs, yeah am that bored atm, But i noticed something whilst reading, you do answer a awful lot of comments and reports of broken something or others with, ‘i will look into it and get back to you’, now i’m not saying you don’t (look into faults or even get them resolved.) but i would like it if when you tell someone this in future, if, after you have either sorted it, or not been able to, you could maybe add a footnote afterwards, say a week, 5 day periods, to let all other readers know if the fault was/wasn’t fixed.. am sure it wouldn’t be that much trouble, say bookmark your reply and update it with any and all extra relevant info regards it, just looking at one example, novembers top sellers, from last week, and there are a lot of queries you said you would either flag or look into that I would like to know the outcome of. Hope this is something that’ll be possible for you to implement.

    Fred Dutton 17 December, 2012 @ 9:19 am    

    Sorry if you ever notice this. I pass on lots and lots of feedback to various departments and it’s sometime difficult to remember where the initial query came from! If I say that I’ve chased something, I always have. I do my best to post a response where possible, but often my brain malfunctions. I’ll do my best to be more vocal in 2013!

Project2insanity 15 December, 2012 @ 11:07 pm   17

Since the weekend debate is nearly through for the year, I thought I’d suggest a couple of things for the resurrection. Firstly, limit entries to a single post. I personally don’t care about winning much of the time, genuinely enjoy entering, but this stipulation may help ease the concern that a few have raised that being more articulate pulls points.

Also keeps everyone on even ground, reduces multiple examples to a question that asks for one and it’s much easier to read, especially with as many comments as it normally draws.

Secondly- suggestions: If you could turn a song into a game, what song and what would the game turn out as? Eg, Hit Me Baby, One More Time could be a game about a baby on the rampage, an open-world game (possibly set in a nursery). You can hit other babies but if you can’t escape from your elders, you face a time-out.

On same lines, same question if you could commission a movie to game licence which hasn’t been done before.

Any news about Counter strike:Global offensive?

Any news about CS:GO?


Where exactly can I find WRC3 East Africa Rallye DLC on Czech PS Store, I see said DLC on UK PS Store, but on CZ Store is only Mini Cooper DLC.

hounddog56 16 December, 2012 @ 8:23 am   21

hi fred now tell us about cs go,its been way 2 long,happy xmas

supersmith2500 16 December, 2012 @ 12:25 pm   22

What’s also awesome? The Oddworld HD games which is Munch’s Oddysee and Stranger’s Wrath are both coming out on Wednesday for both PS3 and VITA (even though Stranger’s Wrath is already out on PS3, this is a VITA release) and oh yes it will help the Vita ALOT since both are great games and will keep me occupied. I mean it’s worth it since I never played Munch’s Oddysee and really want to since those games originally released on Xbox

I love you Just Add Water, I just do.

Also, Merry Christmas Fred.

Fred,its not funny anymore.Just say that you have no news about CS:GO if you have no news about it.But answer please!

still have spamstar on my ps3, still having trophy trouble since its been moved, still have a laggy/unfriendly store, still have no CSGO in Store. i want 2 buy walking dead ep5 an possibly BOPS2 season pass, but untill the majority of these problems are fixed. u wont receive a penny from me.

jin_kazama56 16 December, 2012 @ 3:28 pm   25

is there any chance of champions of norrath/return to arms coming to ps store as ps2 classics?. miss these games so much

GANTZn00b 17 December, 2012 @ 9:28 am   26

please when will the annoying singstar wallpaper and icon removed from XMB ? i had to look at it like 5 times yesterday when ejecting a blu ray disk , i would seriously even pay you money to get rid of all that singstar from my consoles , i just want it like it was before without it

supersmith2500 18 December, 2012 @ 4:02 pm   27

Hey Fred, I’m kinda a little concerned, will there be a usual Store update tommorow or has it got shafted to Friday?



tomoro + friday ( = next week 0 update )

supersmith2500 18 December, 2012 @ 4:11 pm   29

Hmm, I’ll wait for the staff to reply and find out. =P



o but them already told ( fred i tink ) in blog post =
Labyrinth Legends launches this week on PSN

if them silent i play fred 😉

supersmith2500 18 December, 2012 @ 4:24 pm   31

I don’t beilive you, you’ll just end up giving me false answers.

supersmith2500 18 December, 2012 @ 4:27 pm   32

Ahhh so that’s two store updates we’re having since there is no update on 26th and it’s Boxing Day next week. So this is why next week’s Store update is shafted to Friday this week I got you now Mon.


i forgive u answord 31
tomoro = normal store update

but jes next week 0 update
so next week update = on friday 21


but not smart , beter on 20 = if u having problems like always .
u are abel to solve friday instead of next monday .