Weekend Debate: The strangest place you’ve played your PSP/PS Vita (update)

The Weekend Debate

UPDATE: Thanks for your input this week everyone. Some eyebrow-raising locations, to be sure! The following posters snag themselves a copy of The Bureau: XCOM Declassified for PS3: TroubleMaker411, KRadiation, bookofcomic2, xXMop-a-topXx and johnnycide. Congratulations. We’ll get in touch via a PM to your ID on the official forums in the next 24 hours or so.

ORIGINAL POST: If you’re anything like me, you’ll be putting some time aside this weekend to get to grips with Guerrilla Cambridge’s very impressive PS Vita FPS Killzone Mercenary. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had a copy for a couple of days now, but just haven’t found much time to get properly stuck in yet.

Which brings me to this week’s debate topic. In an effort to get some time with the game, I’ve found myself grabbing some unusual opportunities to yank out my PS Vita. The food hall in the London Oxford Street branch of Marks & Spencer proved a pretty good spot for some on-the-fly gaming yesterday; standing up on a packed rush hour tube train – not so much.

So, please let us know the most unusual spot in which you’ve booted up your PS Vita or PSP, and why you were driven to such desperate measures.

The five most entertaining posters win themselves a copy of The Bureau: XCOM Declassified for PS3, courtesy of our good friends at 2K. Good luck!

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when i was 15 i flew to America from the UK on my own, i was interrogated by border control, being bored whilst they reviewed my case, i played locoroco on my psp

In an Old patients ward, lying on a bed after having major bowel re-section. There was about 7 other over 70’s there and me. A young, 25 year gamer lying in bed playing my Vita.

I Bet they could not comprehend the awesome power i held in my hand and why i was so enthralled in playing it.

Uncharted Golden Abyss kept me well entertained that week!


playing a copy of the class. game that is killzone on the ps vita…I found myself sat on the toilet during some bad turbulence on a flight from Manchester to Sanford airport in florida…fun times shooting people bad times experiencing bad turbulence. :-(

I once stayed at abandoned old building over night, so athmosphere would be right while playing Corpse Party. ;)

Showing friends the PSP when it first came out, We met up on the roof of our old primary school with a crate of beer. Great times.

The weirdest place I’ve ever played a PSP or Vita would have to be when I was on the bus going home from town… It’s by no means a long journey, but really wanted to do something – normally I’d have a book or iPod or something, but had left those at home and after looking through my bag found the Vita…

So, like anyone would do in that situation (Okay, that’s probably not true), I got the Vita out of my bag, untangled my pair of headphones and sat and played it (Project Diva f, for those interested. Was good to hear the PS3 version was getting localised, and some of the DLC too, it seems. Still have yet to pick it up, due to owning the Japanese releases of both the Vita and PS3 versions, and it being download only, but will be picking it up in the future!)

Needless to say, it made the time fly(this’d work better if it was a plane I was talking about, but I don’t think there’s a good bus-related alternative), and I didn’t end up missing my stop. Cut it pretty darn close, though.

Not so much my Vita
But when monster hunter freedom unite came out for psp i was totally (still) hooked and, my beauty tech asked me if i had something to take my mind off what was going to happen for the next 30 mins and ended up trying to play a battle while having a Brazilian

It kept my mind off what was going on really well

Apooogies for too much infos for the señors :p

i went to italy with some friends and we were in florence, it was a group of us playing frobisher says, passing my vita around to each other in a small restaurant. the locals were giving us weird looks. it was a very poor part of the city. they probably have never seen such technology

On top of a mountain. After an exhausting trek I needed a break for a while before heading back

In the delivery suit at local hospital why my daughter was being born i managed to start lbp vita an fish it before she arrived :)

TroubleMaker411 06 September, 2013 @ 17:25

I’m not sure it counts as particularly unusual, but 6 weeks ago, my vita kept me sane in the 60 hours that I was with the wife in hospital waiting for our baby daughter to be born.

Ploughing through missions on Unit 13, guiding Aveline through NO in Liberation, and the occasional Vs game of Hustle Kings with the wife made the insane waiting game, more of an actual game.

Years ago my parents took me during summer vacation to the Swiss Alps for a hiking vacation. They wanted to take the gondola’s up to the mountains and then walk down but I’m afraid of heights so they made sure I had my PSP with me and was focused enough playing and that took me trough the ride up the mountains.


Usually during break times at college to calm my myself and to entertain myself abit, I usually play on some nice indie games such as Retro City Rampage and Thomas Was Alone and heck even Velocity Ultra because I thought they are short games and they load very quick and are ideal for killing some time for me.

Carnivius_Prime 06 September, 2013 @ 17:30

Cambridge Railway station’s men’s toilets (I suppose the women’s toilets would be stranger).

Was a few years ago waiting for a train I realised I had sudden case of diarrhea (or however the heck you spell it) likely from that dodgy sandwich I had a couple hours earlier). Had my PSP with me and Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX did it’s best to keep my mind off the pain as I sat on that toilet seat (cos distracting yourself reeeally helps with all that). Somehow it made kicking the butts of Akuma, Bison and co a little more satisfying than normal… Not sure why.

Why am I sharing this information?

It may not be as exotic as some other places, but for me it was the most unordinarry place to play. It was on my uncles wedding. I somehow slept through the initial ceremony, but when the actual “party” started, I had nothing else to do. There was no one of my age and everyone was dancing or talking with someone else. That little device saved me there :) Oh, and by the way, I had birthday on that day too, so I was double upset, because I had to cancel everything I had planed to do with my friends. Now you should be able to imagine my mood on that wedding. So yes, handhelds are real life-savers :D

Played Mercury on the psp during a motion-capture shoot calibration. Sitting there in a rather fetching lycra unitard, covered in white dots playing a psp.

pmf (it was almost kinky)

On a smoking volcano on Maui and then later, in the “Others” camp from Lost on neighbouring Oahu.


I don’t really have a strange place at all. Love my Vita too much to risk having it broken or even stolen so I just play mine in a safe place somewhere alone like home.

Well if you want to count going to work two days after getting the Vita and sitting in the car playing a few games for 20 minutes or so before going in, then that’s the closest I have to a strange place. There is always someone inside watching out the windows so pretended to be looking for important papers and information and things like that when I was actually playing Uncharted. Nearly done that again today with Killzone only was running late.

I’ve been playing with my Vita in one of the strangest places of the universe”PLANET EARTH” which is very different from every other place we can see in the universe because earth has diversity.

The most unusual spot where I used my PS Vita was in a date with my girlfriend. We discovered that she was a fan of Monster Hunter and wanted to play with me but she was using a Nintendo 3DS and she was angry for that but then I suddenly turned my PS Vita on, launched the Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, went to special missions and selected the Rathalos mission. We made a bet on who’d take down a Rathalos faster. I can’t write here what did we do after that or who won but I’ll just say that both where really happy after that night of hunting.

Well, this isn’t a strange place to me … but might be for others.

I love to play games with my PS VITA while I’m having a hot bath !

I know … the VITA isn’t waterproof … I like to live dangerously! lol

Sorry I forgot about the place, was in her house. Didn’t expect to use it there.

This just happened two months ago. Believe it or not on the border from Ghana to Burkina Faso, Which is practically the outskirts of the Sahara Desert. Old Land Cruiser overheated. So we parked under a tree. Refilled some water and let the whole engine cool of.
Mom was arguing with the driver and I just whipped out the vita for some Soul sacrifice. could barely see anything on the screen with the sun intensity , even under the tree.

I used to go to the gym fairly regularly with a mate, one week I wasn’t feeling like a workout but I still went along to give my friend a bit of moral support just by being there. I took my PSP which had MGS:PW UMD in it at the time and sat near the refreshment area because it was the only place I could sit down and not be in the way.

So I’m sitting there playing my PSP and this bold sweaty guy came over to the refreshment bar and got a drink, he decided to sit next to me and ask what I was playng and what was going on, while I was telling him what was going on, he decided to take his vest off, I felt extremely embarrassed because a 50 year old bold dude who was sweating, now with no top on was leaning towards me watching me play a game on a small screen. It was the most unbelievably awkward 5 minutes of my life and I swore to never take a gaming device to another place like that ever again!

I busted out my PSP while waiting in the line to see more Infamous: Second Son stuff at PAX this past weekend. Which isn’t so much a “weird” thing as much as it is a “this is 2013 and you’re still playing games on your PSP” thing.

What can I say, I love my PSP.


I regularly play my Vita in the bath. Spend about 5 mins having a wash and like 45 mins on portable lil love box.

good few years ago i was dragged off to a pink concert with my wife and here friends, at the time i had no mp3 player so loaded the psp with mp3’s for the ride there.

when i got to the show it was dire :( so i left my wife with her mates and made way off to the side of the bar and whipped out my psp and started to grind on disgaea until the end of the show.

i was prob getting some funny looks but i never noticed i just switched off and played the game.

Carnivius_Prime 06 September, 2013 @ 17:58

I only glanced at your post at first and I briefly thought “wait, you whipped out what? Grinding on who? When your wife was where?”

I’ve played it in the cleaning cupboard at work, the toilet at work and at the top of mount Snowdon!
I have a pic of me on it up the mountain I’ll post it soon!

It wasn’t MY psp/vita but,

Last February at the top of kilimanjaro. A group of us went there as part of a charity event. Unfortunately most of the group failed to make it to the peak and when the remaining 5 of us eventually got there, We quickly realised none of us had a camera as they were with the rest of the group making their way back down.

We frantically emptied our backpacks on the off chance, but then our local guide pulled out his PSP vita and said we could use that.


Used my Vita help me stay awake while watching over sick kids who were infected with a stomach virus making them throw up every 30 minutes of the night.

I like to play it at work. I sit inside the cnc machine pretending to program a job while having a quick battle on persona 4 golden. It was a bit awkward when the boss walked in but I managed to quickly hide my vita

ChristopherGore 06 September, 2013 @ 18:10

For me it would have to be while walking through border control in Rome. The guy behind the screen seemed a lot more interested in what I was playing. Rather than my passport.

That game I was playing happened to be Metal Gear Solid 3, I wasn’t turning it off as I was well into the cut scene where big boss hands snake his ass and throws him off the bridge. The border guy seemed impressed with it lol

fab reading the comments cheers

I accidentally locked myself in the toilets at a house party celebrating the end of the uni year. I slid the bolt across to lock the door and the part I gripped snapped off in my hand. I shouted and stomped and banged but the music drowned me out. After 30 mins I gave up thinking someone will need the loo soon and ill be out so I sat down and played on the vita.
I was still there almost 4 hours later when the party and music stopped and my shouts could finally be heard.

Thank god I had my vita!

Well. I bet Senator McCain has played his Vita at an important summit meeting, mid-way through his poker sessions!

But for me, nothing that exciting. I recently took a trip to Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) and took my trusty Vita (With LBP) for company. Took it to the beach one day, and strayed a little further than anticipated. Now the beach doesn’t have a “tide” so I knew I wasn’t in danger if I nodded off, but the chance of theft didn’t occur to me until I got there.

So I’m topping up my tan – playing the Vita – when I decide to go for a stroll in the sea. So I’m stood in the Atlantic whilst playing one of the wonderful arcade games LBP has to offer (IN THE SEA!) when I look up, and notice I’d strayed into a part of the beach my wife hates me for going to haha.

Bosom’s everywhere. And not a single piece of clothing to be found. Even now I plead my innocence – the wife doesn’t believe it was an accident.

while serving in the army, spent a lot of my free time under the bed playing worms on psp on local coop with others xD


Ok, I’ll admit to it. I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Strangest place I’ve played is whilst on the toilet. Peace and quiet and you don’t get hassled by the girlfriend for ignoring her whist playing and she’s trying to ask you something.

I don’t get out much and my ps portable is my precious, so I wouldn’t take it too many places. So I’m gonna go with an obvious answer : the toilet. Either reading ps magazines or playing vita on there, always making sure the hands are clean ofcourse :p

My story isn’t so much about where we played PSP, but the manner of it. We were on a family holiday in France, with another 3 families we knew from home. A few of us had PSPs along with whatever the latest FIFA game was out on them. Each family had a car, but sometimes we’d all visit the same places. I seem to remember PSP having wlan for local multiplayer, so me and a friend from another family decided we’d try and play a game of FIFA between cars, starting in the car park when we knew we’d manage a connection. Needless to say it was a minor disaster, but I think we managed a few minutes of uninterrupted gameplay from time to time.

Lying on a bed playing Loco Roco waiting for the anaesthetist prior to my vasectomy! Too much information???

Skateboard_G_82 06 September, 2013 @ 18:20

While on holiday in Mexico and travelling on the coach on way to the the Chichen Itza ruins I fired up Uncharted Golden Abyss for the first time on my new PS Vita. Was awesome searching the jungle ruins and to be doing it in real life a few minutes later. An experience you can only get with PS Vita portable gaming and one of my favourite ever gaming moments.

@41 Slightly :p

Final fantasy crisis core, my friend had already beat it and said that the ending was one of the best in history. When I was at the ending I was playing it in high school. I hided my self in the janitor’s closet under some mops and towels. The thing is there is also a bathroom in it. The janitor used it when he got out he was still doing his belt. I as crying because the ending was so sad. When I left the closet a teacher noticed me. She saw me tearing up and she saw the janitor doing his belt. So she tought he did something to me. It took me hours to explain that I was crying because of the game. Finaly they believed me.

Under my covers at night. Its like a mini movie theater that way.

Playing Zen pinball 2 whilst looking after my boys at the local play gym, so while they were having big fun in the ball pit, I was having my fun playing the iron man table.


I was playing my vita at a cemetery while walking and I guess I was to caught up in the game that I didn’t see the open grave site standing in front of me where I ended falling in for like 2 hours until my phone got signal

Man, all of these are so much more interesting than mine!

Stragest place would be…. ermm…. I was at the gym. I was doing a leg press and had my Vita out :D

Whilst taking a train out of London I was forced into sitting on the floor right in-front of one of the doors whilst 2-3 more people where stood around and leaning over me. In my discomfort I decided to make make some space for myself by booting up my vita and playing Fireworks. As you might expect people began to notice me rapidly shaking and moving the device around, shortly after the area I was sat in grew larger.


Might not be the strangest place, but a snowy traffic jam. Co-op Monster Hunter with my son while we sat for about an hour and a half. While the motoring world around us was enraged all you could hear was hunter speak and monster roars from our car. It was pretty funny and a good memory for us both…but how we were jealous of the hot drinks in our inventories! :)

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