6 big new PlayStation Store releases you need to check out this week

Including Innerspace, Kingdom: New Lands, and Monster Hunter: World’s open beta…

This week, PlayStation Store welcomes an eclectic selection of games, including the airborne exploration of Innerspace, cryptic strategy with Kingdom: New Lands, space expedition in Kerbal Space Program, and cyberpunk adventuring with Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth.

But if you’d rather scratch that hunting itch, it’s your last chance to try out Monster Hunter: World ahead of the game’s impending release via this week’s open beta. So gather your arsenal and prepare for hunting season!

1. Monster Hunter: World (open beta)

Hunters, get ready! Monster Hunter: World’s open beta launches this Friday. Try your hands at the latest instalment in Capcom’s hit franchise a week before its release and use everything at your disposal to battle gigantic monsters in a new world teeming with surprises and excitement.

2. Metal Gear Survive (open beta)

Set seconds after the destruction of Mother Base in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, Metal Gear Survive opens with Big Boss’ Militaires Sans Frontières transported to an alternate reality. Within this new world, you will have to scavenge enemies for resources, craft weapons and traps, and fight solo or team up with friends in intense four-player co-op battles against waves of enemies.

  • Why you should play it: Try out Metal Gear Solid’s awesome combat in the multiplayer arena ahead of the game’s launch.
  • Beta opens: 18th-21st January

3. Innerspace

Embark on a serene journey with InnerSpace, an exploration-centric flying game set in the Inverse. Explore this ethereal world of inside-out planets and soar through ancient skies and abandoned oceans.

4. Kingdom: New Lands

Easy to play, difficult to master. With its gorgeous pixel art style, Kingdom: New Lands puts you in the shoes of a monarch who must conquer new grounds while ruling their Kingdom. Explore far off isles and discover their mysteries.

Kingdom: New Lands

  • Why you should play it: Kingdom: New Lands successfully iterates on the award-winning gameplay of its predecessor, Kingdom.
  • Releases: 16th January

5. Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition

Who said rocket science wasn’t fun? Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition is a brand new version of Kerbal Space Program built from the ground up for consoles. Help the Kerbals launch their space expedition with this realistic simulator featuring accurate orbital physics.

Kerbal Space Program: Enhanced Edition

  • Why you should play it: Learn more about the iconic Kerbals and their brave expeditions into space.
  • Releases: 16th January

6. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory

Hack your way to the truth! Set in the near future, this turn-based action-RPG based on the classic Digimon TV series lets you play as Keisuke Amazawa, a Digimon tamer falsely accused of wrongdoings. To prove your innocence, you’ll need to dive into the digital world and fight alongside and against hundreds of Digimons.

  • Why you should play it: Train and fight over 300 unique Digimon in a digital, cyberpunk world and battle other players online.
  • Releases: 19th January
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Carnivius_Prime 15 January, 2018 @ 15:56

Street Fighter V Arcade Edition patch for me… which doesn’t cost money but if I’m happy with it I may buy the Season 3 pass to express my gratitude…

Also Sakura will be on a free trial for everyone to try out a couple days after the release.



Yeah. Finally!!! Over 1,5 year since orignal release date and silence. Really excited about this and looking forward when I get home from work. (game purchased and downloaded at morning). All the remains is start it and enjoy.

Not happy with serivce since where hell is Atari flashbacks Volume 3 since meant be on store in uk last week. But you couldn’t bother to put on store what’s happening with it because want buy it .

I thought AO tennis was just australia/new zeeland ? With rest of the world later … or am i mistaken.

Once again *sigh*, what is happening with PS4 Psycho Pass for PS+ members? Even though the store has it listed as a PS+ exclusive there is no way to actually download the game. Please sort this out. Thanks.


Blog post said it was for Vita, not PS4…might explain it


@nexusdroid It doesn’t explain it. Psycho Pass PS4 is free for NA Plus users, Sony staff even confirmed this by stating despite the game not being cross-buy, it’s still free.


That’s the old Digimon game, you even linked to a YouTube video from 2016.


So it wasn’t just me that saw a flashback when I saw that vid.. I was expecting that at least the “highlights” of the week would be done accurately..

Not interested in buying something that I already own on ps4 and vita.. maybe if the trailer was right, I would be inclined to buy the new game.. or maybe it’s irrelevant, since I gether info on other places.

MiseryPrincess 15 January, 2018 @ 23:26

You should add a note that (like the last one) the Monster Hunter Beta doesn’t require PS plus at all, other than to play online.

Oh thank god Hackers Memory is getting a Vita digital release! I’ve been so worried not seeing it on the store thinking I’d be tied to my lounge room and not being able to play on my Morning commute!

AO Tennis will launch on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in Australia and New Zealand on January 16, 2018, just in time for the Australian Open. The game will be released globally in the first half of 2018, but specific dates for other territories are yet to be confirmed.

its ok playstation blog staff, I’ll do your job for you.

Robinworldwide 16 January, 2018 @ 14:48

Thanks for this. Wanted to pick up this game on a whim, but I guess not. This info really should have been in the OP.

I’m sorry but how has a game called Inner Space been released that has nothing to do with the genius Dennis Quaid movie of the 80’s? Come on developers, you’ve really missed a trick there!


Is Madden NFL 18 the full game? For £20?


where is stardrone VR?

Looks like the blog got it wrong and it’s not coming out in EU & UK till the 24th.It released in the US this week.

“Stardrone VR is released on PlayStation Store on 24th January. You can get more information on and make sure to follow us on Twitter @beatshapers and Facebook Page. We have a number of PS VR games coming this year…”

The above quote is taken from this Blog post


another error wth release dates like with AO tennis. StarDrone VR releases on the 24th in Europe and 19th 8n USA.

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