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The Last of Us Remastered, PS Plus in August, Rogue Legacy, GT Academy, more

Greetings folks. Time once again for your regular recap of all the week’s PlayStation happenings. This week saw August’s PS Plus games announced, the almost equally brilliant The Last of Us Remastered and Rogue Legacy land on PlayStation Store, and a new set of digital discounts go live. We also had an update from the 2014 GT Academy Race Camp, a new Far Cry 4 video to feast on and brand new features for SHAREfactory.

See the highlights below, and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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  2. The first wave of Summer Sale discounts hit PS Store today
  3. New on PlayStation Store: The Last of Us Remastered, Rogue Legacy, more
  4. The Last of Us Remastered arrives on PS4 tomorrow
  5. Rogue Legacy hits PS4, PS3 and PS Vita tomorrow

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dark_angel69 3 August, 2014 @ 10:04 am   1

Hi Fred, I started to notice the left stick on my PS4 controller is starting to peel a bit. I know over time it’s only going to get worse. Does my warranty cover getting this fixed? As long as I have warranty, I’d rather get it done right.


    I’ve heard different stories, some retailers do, some don’t. I’ve also heard that when you return a controller on warranty with peeled of thumbsticks, they just replace the thumbsticks themselves, not give you a whole new controller, so it varies. I had problems with my thumbsticks just after 2 months of usage, and saw an interesting video how to replace DS4 sticks with Xbox One’s. Well, they are different when used, that’s for sure. At first you notice they are higher, it’s personal preference, but I didn’t like that. What I did notice is thanks to the engraved edges you don’t lose control like with DS ones. When your fingers get sweaty it becomes a problem. On the other hand, it’s harder for your fingers to remain in the middle, since the “hole” on Xbox’s thumbsticks is quite small, but meh. I think it’s worth changing to One’s though, since not losing grip is a really strong virtue for controllers.


    There seemed to be a faulty batch of controllers going around but from what I am hearing the problem is more or less gone from the newer controllers.

    Ask your retailer on an exchange if they don’t do it there are other options like special grips to put over the sticks to protect them. I see them in the Argos catalogue or on Amazon.Co.UK for £4.


    The new batch has merely more endurable thumbsticks, but they still have the peeling thing to them. I bought my PS4 beginning of April, right for Realm Rebornn. It was the newest batch back then, but it still had the problem.

    Lucreto 3 August, 2014 @ 3:18 pm    


    Just out of interest is it happening to the controller that came with the console or did you buy it separately. I hear it happens more with sold separately controllers. My PS4 has heavy use and no problems so far. I bought the thumb grips just in case but no problems yet.

    dark_angel69 3 August, 2014 @ 5:32 pm    

    Thanks for the replies guys. I wrote GAME an email to ask them about it so could be a while till I get a reply from them. Bought mine online which would came from England so hope my local store would be able to do it for me as I’m not going to do that travel. lol. But my controller came with the PS4 and it wasn’t actually used very much. Well a good bit but didn’t abuse it. Spent more time on my PS3 so it would have had long breaks. I noticed it started happening due to sweaty hands from playing The Last of Us too much. Hope some new controllers will have the problem sorted out. Been holding off on buying another controller until they release a better batch with hopefully better battery too.


    They will get worse dark_angel69 🙁 That is the start, it peels a bit then one side(the right side of the left sick for me) came apart. My DS4 pad i got with my PS4(on the 29th Nov 2013) stick broke in April this year then i changed it at Argos & the new one started to peel only a few weeks in & now(August) the right side of the left stick is nearly coming off(like the pad i got with my PS4) + I didn’t treat my DS4 pads badly really just normal use playing FIFA14 erm all the time really 😀

    + Cool TLoU video that is + i watched TLoU:One Night Live & that was excellent to & worth a watch 😉


    It was the default one. For me, it started to peel of from the very middle until it became uncomfortable to touch. Like I said, the best investment would be to manually switch the thumbsticks to Xbox One’s. After 2 months there’s still not a single sight of peeling off or anything, and the grip is really good.


Can you please fix the alpha map pack for dustforce vita, there is no download button on web store ot vita store because we bought with plus discount.
Beta and gamma work, alpha still doesn’t, 2 months since launch.


Hi Fred/Jawad/Chris, Could one of you lovely blog contributors explain to me why, in the US Playstation Plus offering, Dragon’s Crown is available to subscribers on both PS3 and PS Vita (, but in Europe we only have access to the Vita version? Are you keeping it in reserve for us so we can get it in place of an American sport sim like NFL/NHL etc?

Also, could you tease me with what may be coming up in the Summer Sale? I want to spend some money, but nothing has really hit me at an impulse purchase level (Ni No Kuni for £4 springs to mind) yet. Thanks for reading.

    Well, Jawad teased in the Summer Sale blog post that Outlast and Lego Movie Video Game will be on sale next week when the sale gets updated with more PS4 discounts.


Will we hear what the plans for Gamescom are this week?

I am looking forward to it. Only 10 days to go.


Quiet week, but post-E3, pre-Gamescom that’s only to be expected. I would love to see some more information about what we can hope to see there, and perhaps a little more hype than we’re getting at the moment. Gamescom always seems to get treated as E3’s poorer relation in that regard, but it tends to have the more interesting announcements – the big, flashy, console-war stuff gets hyped at E3, while Gamescom has the things gamers are really looking for.

Nothing much in the PS+ releases for me, but that’s the chance you take with the monthly lottery. Nothing in the summer sale either, but there’s a few more weeks to go yet, so here’s hoping. Is there any chance of another “What do you want to see in the IGC poll?”, as all these shooters and Lego games are getting over-represented lately. I have a feeling that if one were run, RPGs would feature pretty heavily as the most requested and yet most under-represented genre – Dragon’s Dogma was a great addition, but we haven’t had a real hardcore RPG experience on PS+ since it left (Muramasa and Dragon’s crown, though great, are side-scrolling action games.)

    Fred Dutton 4 August, 2014 @ 10:12 am    

    As above, we’ll start talking about Gamescom a little later this week. I’m really looking forward to this year’s show 😉

    And I’ll speak to Chris about a new IGC poll, for sure.

    I’m not sure if a new IGC poll would helpful Fred. What we need is that the results are respected.

    And while we got some RPGs soon after the last poll, the support drained all the more 2 or 3 months later. And despite regular requests for a better RPG support, despite Puzzles being the least wanted genre and despite complaints about the mass of LEGO titles and their lack of quality, we get one LEGO after the other, tons of Puzzle games and no RPGs.

    I get that RPGs are rare and you can’t force publishers to share their gems. But it should be possible to achieve better results than in the last 12 months.


Hi Fred, really enjoying playing through tlou again on ps4, such a great game. Also glad that at least it had price parity with most shops of £40. Ea and uni please take note. Looking forward to Diablo 3, jawad said earlier in the week aiming for a digital pre-order for d3. Does this mean there will be no digital version or just there may not be a pre-order? Cheers.

    TrueMurton 3 August, 2014 @ 1:10 pm    

    Not sure if being similar price to bricks and mortar shops should be commended to be honest, and a certain online retailer was selling it 30 quid.

    What would have been good was if it was a similar price to the US PSN. It’s a Sony published game after all, they can set whatever price they want. But it was £40, which is $68 compared their $50 price tag. A 40% price hike without justification.

    Lyonjak 3 August, 2014 @ 1:24 pm    

    I would say that on par with shops for digital pricing is a realistic expectation for digital pricing. You certainly shouldn’t pay more as is the usual. Matching the US price will never happen.

    TrueMurton 3 August, 2014 @ 2:35 pm    

    Digital being roughly the same price as regular stores should be a given and historically Sony have been very good at this with first party games.

    As for price parity with the US, we used to have it years ago and there’s no reason we couldn’t have it again. At E3 last year everyone was expecting a huge increase in game prices and Sony put those fears to rest when they announced a price freeze from last gen to this one. This decision to hold the $60 price point forced third parties and MS to match or risk losing sales to Sony’s first party offerings. That policy only applied to the US however, had it applied here as well we wouldn’t be paying 40% more digital or in store than we here this time last year because we Europeans alone have had to swallow a price hike to keep prices the same for others.

    sem1471 3 August, 2014 @ 2:42 pm    

    Hey TrueMurton.

    By all means attack the ridiculous digital pricing of games (believe me, i’m on your side) but, in this instance, please don’t conflate the argument with poor figures.

    Your £40 includes 20% vat meaning that the base price (pre-tax) for tlou is (roughly) £33. That converts to $55. A discrepancy sure, but not a 40% mark-up.

    Tlou is reasonably priced on the store, but feel free to attack the £55 & £60 prices though. (I’ve got your back!)


    WearingFin 3 August, 2014 @ 6:32 pm    

    Let’s not forget the dollar has been weakening significantly since the start of the year, so everything seems cheaper from there at the moment.

    TrueMurton 4 August, 2014 @ 10:15 am    


    Maybe I didn’t explain my figures but they are accurate. When comparing prices between UK and US there are two methods. You go pre tax as you have done, or you go after tax as I did. Personally, I find after tax better as it compares like with like for the consumer. it should also be pointed out that the US PSN doesn’t charge sales tax in any state.

    So. £40 at approx 1.70 dollars makes 68 compared to their 50, with all appropriate taxes included. I believe that is more or less 40%

    It gets even better when you look at Destiny. 85 quid is near 150 dollars compared to their 99, 50% extra for being a victim of geography. It’s third party so not entirely Sony’s fault, but the new generation was a perfect reason to change terms for the store, an opportunity that was thrown.

    Yes, roughly 16.5% of our price is outside of Sony control, but you have to admit that things were a lot more even last gen, our tax rate didn’t suddenly double, so where is the extra tenner or more in price being added?

    sem1471 4 August, 2014 @ 2:31 pm    

    hi truemurton,

    sadly, i have to disagree with your logic. If one price includes 20% tax and the other no tax (& it’s obviously another topic entirely if there is no tax added for us customers) then by definition the pricing comparison cannot be ‘like for like’.

    I was unaware that no US psn users do not pay sales tax (i’ve never set up a us account) but unfortunately SCEE (in the uk) has to. As much as i’d like cheaper games, i’d be reluctant to advocate tax avoidance on SCEE’s part.

    As I agreed with you on, digital pricing on the store can be infuriating as the conversion approaches £60=$60 but tlou is reasonably priced and indeed harks back to the pricing of last-gen that you (and many others, myself included) would like.

    happy to engage, and like i said previously, i’m on your side (just not in regards to tlou pricing*)

    *disclaimer: i am in no way affiliated to ND or SCEE. lol

    TrueMurton 5 August, 2014 @ 12:12 am    


    Like with like can simply be price paid compared with price paid. Just because the US charges zero tax on download titles doesn’t meant that we shouldn’t compare prices. The whole tax differential is why the price issue has been so successfully ignored for the last four years (price parity actually existed on the PSN until 2010, prior to this we generally saw roughly equal pricing) Sony didn’t need to explain the pricing gap because someone else would always chime and say “that’s our tax” but this gen the difference is so much bigger than can be explained away with UK or EU VAT.

    I’ll grant that Last of Us was probably the best we’ve seen of the retail games so far and I hope to see future first party titles charged at the correct price but I just don’t see it happening.


Hi Fred, hope you are well.

Do you have any idea when the Netflix app is going to be updated on the PS4 for UK/EU? It’s never been updated for us since launch and is still on version 1.00. The US is several updates ahead of us and the updates fix things such as 5.1 sound, which currently only outputs as 2.0 audio on our version.


    Vashetti 3 August, 2014 @ 12:09 pm    

    Also, in the summer sale posted by Jawad the other day, I noted my concern about Guardians of Middle Earth (PS3) going on sale.

    I’m not sure if Jawad saw my comments or not, but I think clarification should be put in the blog post or the game pulled from the sale. The game is online-only and the servers were shut down sometime back — the game does not work.

    I wouldn’t want unsuspecting people to purchase a ‘broken’ game and I think it’s quite shady that the game has been listed on sale.

    JediKnight246 3 August, 2014 @ 2:24 pm    

    If it is online-only and can no longer be played then it really shouldn’t be on the Store at all anyway. People could buy it and not be aware that the servers were down since not everyone follows the latest game-related news. I’d pretty much just be buying a main menu. The same should go for all other online-only games that are no longer playable.

    Fred Dutton 4 August, 2014 @ 10:13 am    

    @Vashetti That’s a question for Netflix really. I’ll see if I can find out anything though…

    madmanwithabox12 4 August, 2014 @ 12:49 pm    

    And the Vita app. It’s been out in NA for a long time but no sign of it in European territories (as well as some other popular apps on other systems).

    Vashetti 5 August, 2014 @ 10:43 am    

    Hey Fred, not sure if you’ll see this now, or whether what you said had anything to do with it, but the Netflix app has been updated now and 5.1 audio works 😀

I have a feeling that we must talk about the “We are always listening to our members to ensure we continually improve the PS Plus service!” part, this week.

The very first contradiction is apparently that Chris only cared to give 2 replies and none of both had anything to do with the plenty of feedback that was given.

But let’s have a quick view on the new content and let that speak for itself:

Road Not Taken – “roguelike puzzle game”
FEZ – “puzzle platform game” 90%
Crysis 3 – “First-person shooter” 77%
Proteus – ” open world exploration video game” 73%
Metrico – “puzzle-platformer”
LEGO Harry Potter 5-7 Years – “Action-adventure” 64%

* The third (or fourth for Germans) LEGO game. As one can easily register from the comment section, we are “jaded” from those. Doesn’t stop Chris from bringing more from those than from any other series.

* Quality:
The only AAA game has a 77% rating, Proteus a weak 73% and LEGO once more fails the 70% target.
This is hardly breathtaking and that we get more and more LEGO games despite all of them failing SCE’s quality promise, is disgraceful.

I know that it’s mean to nail you on those words Fred, but we have to speak about that collection being ‘ecletic’ 😛
Road Not Taken, FEZ, Metrico are all first most puzzle games.
Releasing another LEGO after we already one last month … ah, let’s agree that most of us have a very very different understanding of variety?

And to sum it up how well SCE seems to listen to feedback – does anyone remember the poll we had last year?

See what is ranked as the least wanted content? Correct: puzzle games.
Is that the reason why we get flooded with 3 entries for that genre just in August?

Now look at the other end: RPGs. How many did we get? 1 within 1 year.
If someone really feels the need to argue, yes titles as Dragon’s Crown at least had RPG elements. Changes nothing about the fact we got far more puzzle, fighting or racing games, than RPGs. It is as if Chris does the opposite of what we requested.

I’m sorry but all this suggest that Sony does anything else than to listen to us. I understand that getting content for the IGC is a complicated process and you’ll never satisfy everyone. But this month is different, it is so far off in variety, quality, from what your customers want and from the feedback that you receive … it is practically trolling, at least in hindsight of LEGO.

    Seems that blog didn’t like the link to the image from last year’s poll.

    judgehusler 3 August, 2014 @ 1:28 pm    

    Wasn’t crysis 3 offered as plus content a while back?

    Maybe you confuse that with Crysis 2?

    sem1471 3 August, 2014 @ 2:16 pm    

    hey Golwar.

    But don’t you think we give Chris too much credit (or vitriol)? Does he actually negotiate for these games? I ask because a cursory look shows that US & EU Plus has (this year) generally synchronized. Does Chris also negotiate US Plus? Or is it a huge coincidence? Nowadays, I think he just puts up what he is given.

    Your point about his interaction with the community is bang-on though, although this is across the board (just look at how few replies are given on the blog recently).

    Come to think of it, apart from the ‘no plans at present, but you never know’ reply, the most interaction I’ve ever seen Mr Howe partake in was when he (repeatedly) confirmed that ‘yes, you can stack subscriptions’.

    hmm, funny that.

    I fully expect that, once Sony checks all the algorithms and realises the point at which the most ‘stacked’ subscriptions are nearing their end, a couple of ‘big guns’ + other enticements (notice how there hasn’t been 6months free if you buy a yearly subscription offer for about 18 months?) will be brought out to lure the customers in.

    remember the sacred cows (Golden Abyss & Gravity Rush) enticement to get subscribers to buy a Vita? we all know how that turned out….

    Partly correct. But remember that Chris himself insisted that we shouldn’t compare our IGC with that from the US, because it “is something entirely different”, just some few months ago. 😉

    And: The absolutely worst part, with LEGO that is, is exclusive for Europe. So quite likely Chris’ doing.

    I agree with your reasoning though.
    Besides that I also think one of their motivations is to support indie developers of less popular genres. Thus the swarm of puzzle games, for example.

Seems that blog didn’t like the link to the image from last year’s poll.

fps_d0minat0r 3 August, 2014 @ 12:39 pm   10

I agree with Golwar. The most disappointing part of it is that everyone expected the service to improve with the significant rise in subscribers.

I’m not sure how they interpreted the poll results to think that any of us asked for an indie every month on the PS3 and Vita.

    I should mention that indies being an important part of the IGC isn’t part of my criticism.
    Indies can offer quality, variety and represent genres that we want. If they don’t, not the indie are to blame, but the ones who bundled them together.

    fps_d0minat0r 3 August, 2014 @ 2:13 pm    

    Yes some indie games are special compared to AAA’s but it seems like Sony are using that to bring any old indie game into the IGC and thats what I dont like.

TrueMurton 3 August, 2014 @ 1:06 pm   11

This week at PlayStation, the UK US price gap gets even wider. Last week I asked about the over double price PSTV and you dodged me. This week we have an even bigger price discrepancy.

Injustice God’s Among Us, Vita version. US price $4, UK price £13. Price translation, 22 dollars. That’s over five times the US price after PS+ discount

The discussion about pricing for Europe is long overdue, so are we going to have this discussion or are we gonna carry on as if nothing is wrong?

SquidInvasion 3 August, 2014 @ 3:49 pm   12

So I suppose the blacklash to the horrible lineup for PS+ in August is just glossed over or how about the inflated prices that the EU and by extension AU seem to get when compared to the JP and US stores or the games the EU store seems to be lacking in.

Must be nice to only see the praise and ignore all the valid criticisms that everyone has.

    Fred Dutton 4 August, 2014 @ 10:27 am    

    We absolutely do take valid criticisms on board and do our best to react accordingly – see the recent discussion about a physical Freedom Wars release, changing PS Plus games from 5 titles a month to 6, and tweaking the terms of the Driveclub PS Plus edition a month or two back, for example. Please keep letting us know your thoughts on all of our announcements.

    I’m sorry to hear that some of you aren’t excited about next month’s Plus line-up. Speaking personally, I think it’s the most interesting line-up we’ve had for some time, though I appreciate that not everyone shares my taste in games! Hopefully September’s line-up will be more to your liking – and in the meantime, I’d recommend giving some of August’s titles a fair crack of the whip. You may be pleasantly surprised.

    TrueMurton 4 August, 2014 @ 10:52 am    


    Yes, you responded in those cases, but the criticism over price discrepancy between here and the US continues.

    Do you have an answer to that one?

    Fred Dutton 4 August, 2014 @ 11:40 am    

    Pricing differentiation between US and rest-of-the-world goods (this is common to virtually all commodities, not just videogames) is a massively complex economic discussion, and not one that I’m in any way qualified to go into in the comments section of PlayStation Blog. That said, it’s something we are constantly talking about here and we continue to do our best to offer you the best value possible.

    I mentioned a month or two ago that I was working on a Store FAQ that might offer a bit more clarity on some business realities. I can’t 100% promise it will see the light of day, but it is absolutely something I’m still working on. Let me survive Gamescom and then I’ll be back on the case.

    Archacus 4 August, 2014 @ 12:38 pm    

    @Fred Dutton
    Please don’t take this reply as personal attack, ok?

    It’s not month or two. It’s been nearly 3 months now, first time you mentioned it was in Weekly thread from 11 May. 3 long months that’s a lot of time, that’s 1/4 of year. Sure there were busy days… but you also said that some days were… maybe not lazy… but well… hmm… less tiring? (I can’t remember what exactly you said)

    It might be complicated but for average customer the only thing that matters is final price… and that’s it. If he see that he will save more on importing games from Canada he will do it without thinking twice. It is huge problem for us! Before I started being active on PS blog I wasn’t even aware that some games I’m buying are imported goods. Even my first Vita game -Dragon’s Crown- is imported… and the funny thing I’ve just noticed it few weeks ago (I’m always buying in polish shops).

    You see, shops are usually not informing whether the good are imported or not. I could pre-order Conception 2 and Mind 0 from official partner of SONY… and there wasn’t even single info that those games are imported. That’s why I was suprised to know that Conception 2 was not coming to EU.

    You (SCEE) are making it look like it is too complicated to talk about… but it seems that you are missing one important thing… that you are loosing on this. That people are buying from both digital PSN in USA and from retail shops in Canda/NA. In fact if you will check on ALEXA most of visitors on shops like VGP or Play-Asia are non other than European visitors. That’s the problem you guys are failing to notice, that you are loosing real money here. Are you even aware of % of people having dual account? Every single dual account is loss for you guys.

    I would even check all of it myself if I could, but even your pages for developers are not very infromative. The whole site for unity-for-PSM is one big fat joke. But hey… at least I got there info that publishers set only wholesale price and not retail…

    You see… we don’t really expect that you will draw the supply and demand curve for your own products, neither we expect that you will show mathematic equations for price elasticity of demand… so I don’t think that it should take that long time to write simple FAQ….

    But when you will be finally writing it DO REMEMBER that most of us are adults, each of us has knowledge in various fields.

    TrueMurton 4 August, 2014 @ 1:03 pm    


    Then let’s keep it simple. Prices from last gen were held in US and JP but increased by as much as 50% compared to last gen in Europe. Why did the policy to hold prices not apply to us? That’s not an economic question, that’s purely policy and it keeps being avoided. Sort of gives the impression that a price hike was needed here to fund the freezes each side of the pacific.

    nulenvoid 4 August, 2014 @ 1:21 pm    

    It’s not nearly as complex as it’s made out to be, a factual formula of how pricing is arrived at between the US, Australia and New Zealand economies would be highly interesting to see. It doesn’t adhere to the norm, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many people questioning it.

    Fred Dutton 4 August, 2014 @ 2:04 pm    

    Hey folks. I don’t think it’s very helpful for me to go through exactly how I spend my days and what my various responsibilities are, but I’ll ask you to take my word for it when I say I’m kept very busy and work pretty long hours (cue violins). I’m not sitting around twiddling my thumbs, and doing a proper FAQ for these complex issues isn’t just a matter of me pulling out a pad and pen and jotting a few thoughts down.

    In retrospect, I probably shouldn’t have brought it up in the first place if it’s going to be used as a stick to flog me with, but too late for that now I guess! Learning all the time on this job 😉 As I said, I’m doing my best to get something satisfying together. It may be possible, it may not. Bear with me. Many thanks.

    Archacus 4 August, 2014 @ 2:42 pm    

    @Fred Dutton
    Ok now I’m kinda flabergasted (o.O) it seems as if we wounded you by commenting your reply.

    Huh… come on… It wasn’t meant to be any kind of personal attack!

    And we never ever said that exactly YOU have to write it so please don’t go into details how you are too busy to write it. Most of times when we say -you- it means whole SCEE, ok? (unless the context indicate that we are talking to you as Mr. Fred Dutton) You (as Mr. Fred Dutton) are not responsible for setting prices so it is kinda obvious that when we say -you- it means someone who is making decisions.

    And I won’t believe that in whole SCEE only you (as Mr. Fred Dutton) can write things like this, no offense but I’d rather read something which came from marketing department or from person that deals with all issue of cash. Because just like you said, you have all kind of different kind of work and I RESPECT IT! You don’t have to know economy details because it is not your job. And we understand it.

    And yes we are aware that person who will write it will have to work together with lot of different people, he will have to ask for permission to write all different kind of information. So yes we are aware that it is not just jotting few thoughts… (that’s exactly the thing I personally don’t like – this tone treating the other side like little kids.) But no we won’t believe that it takes over 3 months to write it.

    In retrospect you shouldn’t have write about something which is definitely good for both SCEE and customers? In retrospect IMHO you shouldn’t have write this reply, ok? You misunderstood us. Don’t take everything so personally, ok? We don’t blame you (as Mr. Fred Dutton) for everything that SCEE is doing wrong. So there is no reason for you (as Mr. Fred Dutton) to act all that wounded, you are not victim alright? We don’t blame you, ok? So there is no sense to write all that personal stuff and how you feel bad about our comments. Because that was not the our aim, ok?

    We are grown up people we can discuss everything on higher level, mkay?

    Archacus 4 August, 2014 @ 2:45 pm    

    @Fred Dutton
    … just to be sure…

    I said it not out of malice ok? I respect you (as Mr. Fred Dutton), I won’t force you to like me… but please don’t treat me like some kind of archenemy. 😀


    sem1471 4 August, 2014 @ 4:48 pm    

    interesting response Mr Dutton.

    please don’t play the ‘victim’, no need to ‘cue any violins’, there’s no ‘flogging’ going on…

    “I probably shouldn’t have brought it up in the first place if it’s going to be used as a stick to flog me with, but too late for that now I guess! Learning all the time on this job”

    Although not your decision, wasn’t the time to have learned this lesson last year? When you stated that Vita IGC was changing? I remember you were hung out to dry then.

    I don’t think any contributors were expecting a ‘massively complex economic discussion’ to be organized by the blog manager who ‘jotted them down on a pad & pen’.

    sensitive much?

    oh, and as an avid reader of the blog, can you direct me to the discussion regarding the campaign to raise the plus games from 5 to 6? I remember the discussion about reducing the ps3 games from 3 to 2…

    as you say, many thanks.

    WearingFin 4 August, 2014 @ 5:26 pm    

    There’s certainly a lot of vitriol in this thread… Wow.

supersmith2500 3 August, 2014 @ 4:19 pm   13

And in my opinion, I feel that IGC has WAY too many puzzle platformers. Vessel was one, The Cave was one, Brothers was one, Thomas Was Alone was one, and these other three also count as the same genre. And in speaking to that poll Golwar posted, everyone wanted RPG’s and it only got like a couple. If people think there are too many shooters for Plus, I think there is WAY too many and I mean too many puzzle platformers. They were interesting to play though but it gets old fast. Last year was great but the service needs better games (No, not EA trash).

Porcupeth00 3 August, 2014 @ 6:00 pm   14

Keep the great PS+ titles coming, i’d be happy if it were just indies every month. I didn’t subscribe on the PS3 because either I already had the AAA games offered or they were much better on PC so i didin’t bother
enjoying PS4 PS+ a lot more

WearingFin 3 August, 2014 @ 6:17 pm   15

Sorry, i haven’t had much time to be angry this week, i’ve somehow got horribly addicted to Rogue Legacy. What a game…

Player42791 3 August, 2014 @ 6:49 pm   16

Hey Fred

Any news on littlebigplanet 3 pre-order bonuses?

windy-m 4 August, 2014 @ 9:04 am   17

Any chance of any of the admin answering questions on here? Even just an acknowledgement would suffice. Day-in, day-out, I see people asking very valid questions (including myself) only to be ignored for the most part. I understand that you may not have the answer, but to turn a blind eye and pretend it wasn’t even asked is not very good customer service. Sometimes I think that piece is forgotten, we are actually customers of PlayStation.

If I were to ever just ignore customer requests, I would be out of the door in an instant,

    Fred Dutton 4 August, 2014 @ 10:19 am    

    What exactly is your question? Let me know and I’ll do my best to answer. This post goes live on a Sunday, and I’m not always able to get online at the weekend.


    His questions is to answer the hundreds of questions you guys are always dodging. You stated on Twitter you read every comment on the Blog, so you must have read them. Just didnt feel like replying at least to those ppl i guess.

    And nice try with replying to listening to the feedback. You didnt change PS Plus from 5 to 6 titles, you dropped a lot of yearly AAA titles, a PS3 AAA title and gave us an overload of indies ( which value is only a quarter of the usual retail games we did get ). It didnt get better, it got worse. And yes, please have another IGC poll and ignore the results once more.

    Archacus 4 August, 2014 @ 12:49 pm    

    Sadly I must agree with thing you said about changing in PS PLUS.

    If I remember right people actually were quite angry for removing -evergreen- yearly titles and got upset that on PS3 there will be less games from now on (3->2)

    So I don’t really think that it should be counted as listening.

    The case with DriveClub… many people still consider it as demo of whole game… so probably also shouldn’t be counted.

    Freedom Wars… yes that’s HUUUUGE kudos for SCEE but still it would be far better if they didn’t make mistake in first place.

    To be fair to Fred, I am sure that he reads everything and that he replies, if he can provide any help or new information.

    If you don’t receive a reply there are some few options:
    * Your request is too unrealistic
    * You nailed it, but a quick helpful reply/promise isn’t possible. It requires a process of change.
    * You cover a topic that can’t be covered by Fred (or SCEE in general)
    * You mention the same topic every single week.

    When I write a comment as in posting 8, I don’t really expect an answer. I summarize my point of view as objective, complete and unambiguous as possible. If I don’t get a reply, that is probably even a better sign, as this usually means that there isn’t a cheap and quick evasion or excuse possible. You have to acknowledge and tackle the problem itself, not the person who brought up the topic.

    And by all means, we certainly have achieved a lot together. IGC parity with the US, for example? And once when the PS4 IGC will include AAA titles too, the missing yearly titles will be forgotten. At least they should be if you don’t want to act like a spoiled brat. 😉

    windy-m 4 August, 2014 @ 2:45 pm    

    My question was regarding support for hardware such as the GT Logitech wheels for PS4, is this something that is being looked at by Sony? There are a lot of us who would like to continue to use these peripherals on the likes of Driveclub, but have not yet heard whether these will actively be supported or not. I’ve asked this question a number of times on other posts in this blog, but yet to see a response.

    I appreciate there are a lot of questions on here, but I’m sure you can understand our frustrations when the same questions are repeated without acknowledgement. Thank you, by the way, for taking the time to respond to this.

    Archacus 4 August, 2014 @ 3:24 pm    

    Oh no don’t get me wrong. (it seems that part about IGC was directed to me, mright?)

    They do listen from time to time and Freedom Wars or older Gravity Rush proves that. All I’m saying is that those particular examples are not the best one as a prove for -listening- because when we are talking about those issues there are still many that feel like they were ignored.

    But yeah I agree Fred is usualy reading. Likewise I often write things not directed to SCEE so I’m not angry if I won’t get reply. But if I want reply, I usually get one. So yeah…


    Unfortunately, this just highlights my problem, nearly two days now since asking the question, again, and no response. I don’t particularly want to troll the other blog posts with this, but how else can I go about getting some sort of answer?


    Over a week now and still no further response

windy-m 4 August, 2014 @ 9:29 am   18

Also, just had a look at the summer sale. How is it that Injustice: Gods Among Us is being sold for the PS3 at £10.79 (10% down from £11.99) where as the PS4 version is going for £54.99? I get it’s an upgrade on visuals etc, but that price difference is ridiculous.

Take ‘The Last of Us’, arguably the best game for PS3 ever. PS3 version currently costs £29.99, PS4 version costs £39.99. Where is the consistency in the pricing there?

    TrueMurton 4 August, 2014 @ 9:47 am    

    Those are unfair comparisons.

    Injustice is on sale for Vita and PS3 but isn’t for PS4, hence the price difference.
    Also Last of Us on PS4 includes the maps packs and story DLC, the PS3 one does not.

    SCEE get a lot of things wrong on pricing, but we have to compare like with like if we’re gonna point that out.

    supersmith2500 4 August, 2014 @ 11:19 am    

    The PS4 version of The Last of Us has the ‘Left Behind’ DLC included.

    windy-m 4 August, 2014 @ 2:50 pm    

    I don’t think it is such an unfair comparison, even pre-sale, injustice is £11.99 for PS3, but £54.99 for a port to PS4. My point was, why is there a massive difference for Injustice, nearly 5x the PS3 price pre-sale for the exact same game, when compared to the likes of The Last of Us (£29.99 to £39.99) and getting additional content?

    windy-m 4 August, 2014 @ 3:29 pm    

    I think I didn’t get my point across properly from my first post. Yes, I get that the PS4 versions will cost more, I wasn’t disagreeing with that. My question was why such the large gap for a game like injustice and a relatively small one for the likes of The last of us?

    TrueMurton 4 August, 2014 @ 5:34 pm    

    11.99 is the sale price for Injustice PS3, the 10.79 price is sale price with an extra 10% off for plus. Pre sale price is 40.

    windy-m 4 August, 2014 @ 5:36 pm    

    My bad, didn’t realise it was on sale before the PS Plus discount was taken.

    I take back the original comment

sab_ka_aka 4 August, 2014 @ 9:59 am   19

Any chance of see The Orange Box on the instant game collection?

    fps_d0minat0r 4 August, 2014 @ 11:13 am    

    Thats so old and it was a bad port…. but so is harry potter 5-7 and we get given that. =/

    supersmith2500 4 August, 2014 @ 11:20 am    

    Pfft! A very old game which has Team Fortress 2 which you can play for free on Steam in IGC? In your dreams.

jabawokie 4 August, 2014 @ 1:12 pm   20

When will I be able to dock my usb onto my playstation 4 and watch content like I did on my PS3 (also known as last-gen).

BluSpykz 4 August, 2014 @ 2:22 pm   21

I get that you’ll never appease 100% of subscribers with PS+ offerings in ANY given month; but the service for what it is, is astounding.

Whilst this is for me the weakest month – I’m completely uninterested in every game on offer except for Fez – I still have a back log of 80+ games I AM excited for to play, thanks to Plus!

That said, would it be so bad if the mechanics of PS+ were changed slightly, offering FOUR Games per console, per month (12 in total) and users pick TWO games per console per month (much like the Welcome Back package when Sony were hacked by Anonymous…)

This, to me, seems the best – and only – way to deal with PS+ in the future.

sab_ka_aka 4 August, 2014 @ 4:47 pm   22

Hi Fred, any chance for us to see any of the following games in the instant game collection:

rachet and clank nexus
Xcom enemy within
Diablo 3
Wolves amongst us
Walking dead 2
South park

TrueMurton 4 August, 2014 @ 8:32 pm   23


Sorry if it felt like we were ganging up on you a bit but as you can see this is a hot topic issue that is well overdue for serious discussion.

I’ve been a member of PSN since 2007 and have held accoEnts with both UK and US addresses for that time. There has always been a lack of parity between the two, I created the US account because in 2007 there were literally no demo or trailers on our store, but the price of $10 game was £6.19. This would later increase to £6.29 in 2008 but was still very fair.

Then, in 2009 Ubisoft charged £8 for a $10 game, then EA did it, then Activision, then Sony themselves. £8 was the standard price for the rest of the generation but at least we still had parity at retail.

E3 2013, Sony announced that there would be no increase in RRP of first party titles, digitally or at retail. This was widely assumed to apply globally. Sadly it wasn’t Sony policy but SCEA policy, Sony Japan matched it, SCEE did not. We suddenly saw our game prices rise from £40 to £60 overnight when the PS4 launched while the Americans continued to enjoy $60 prices. We’ve been on this blog questioning since and always been ignored. Three months ago you threw us a bone when you said you were working on an FAQ for pricing but it’s still MIA.

For the record, you were right to point out that SCEE has made some good reversals based on feedback recently and that you do hear what we say. But to post that on the post immediately below a pricing policy criticism was short sighted.


And people wonder why we get so few replys. Fred gives an insight on what he is planning and people use it to bash him over the head. People seem to get hot under the collar over things even blog staff have no control over.

    Archacus 4 August, 2014 @ 10:49 pm    

    huh… what bashing… where? are we still reading the same discussion?

    1. Comment 5 DJOates – Fred Dutton – Golwar
    Golwar made rational point that another poll won’t do much if the result of it won’t be respected.

    2. Comment 12 starting with squidinvasion post
    Ok… maybe first reply of TrueMurton sounded a bit harsh but I wouldn’t call it bashing.
    And no even after second reply of Fred Dutton nobody started bashing him… or did we started bashing him by bringing out facts? (you know that would be weird) Nobody said anything wrong about Mr. Fred Dutton… I was really superised when I was reading his third reply… don’t know maybe he had bad day or something.. I don’t know why Mr. Fred acted like he did… I’m saying it frankly.

    3. Comment 17
    There isn’t anything wrong here either…

    So I really fail to notice where is that -bashing- about which you are talking about. If there is please point it out where exactly, or if you think that I said anything wrong/bad/offensive please tell me where and maybe even press -report- button. Seriously I have no idea where do you see it, but if you will be so kind to point it out and if it is was my mistake I will sincerely apologize because that wasn’t my aim… and I clearly already said that by asking not to take my comment as personal attack.

    And really there is no malice in my words.

    But I won’t ever treat Mr. Fred like a saint or god, ok? (and I don’t think he expect that) I don’t see a reason to fawn all over him. I am grown up man with my own pride and so is he, so I believe that we can discuss on equal terms. I respect him and his job, but that does not mean I will agree with him every time, ok? I have my own opinions, and so do you, and so does he. We all have equal rights to say what we think. And critique does not mean insulting.

    And I am really frankly spekaing… I have no idea why Mr. Fred wrote what he wrote. And really no malice on my side.

    Archacus 4 August, 2014 @ 10:53 pm    

    huh… I wrote nice long reply… but once again it was sent to moderation 🙁 huh…

    the gist of it: we were not bashing…

    Or maybe I should speak on my behalf that it was not my aim to attack him.

    TrueMurton 4 August, 2014 @ 11:54 pm    

    I think that’s a little off. Fred has always been good at giving replies, certainly better than the rest of the EU team. He came out and offered a few responses, was (rightly) challenged to skipping a hot topic issue in favour of a crowing post about all the good stuff that SCEE has done in the last few months.

    The issue of pricing parity has been something mentioned week in and week out since the launch of the PS4. Remember Viryu’s whole “Bound by Price” thing? That went on for months but was not once was the commented on by any of the blog team in all that time. Well finally someone was drawn to comment but rather than engage the topic, they attempted to elevate it something apparently above discussion? I’m sorry, but I don’t think we should accept that.

dark_angel69 4 August, 2014 @ 11:51 pm   25

Hey Fred, on The Last of Us photo mode (and inFamous) who do we talk to to suggest getting another small thing added on? I think it would be nice to have an option to have our username on the picture (like a signature) so everybody knows who that picture has been taken by. Perhaps time and date too (unless these things are on which I’m not aware of?)

dark_angel69 6 August, 2014 @ 12:00 am   26

I just checked my emails and there seems to be a scam going round. It claims to be a free network code from Playstation. Does anybody see what’s wrong with that? I’ll say it again, it says from “Playstation”. It should be PlayStation. Should keep an eye on that and don’t trust it unless it’s spelt correctly.